Al Michaels Net Worth & Achievements

What is Al Michael’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$45 million
Source of Wealth:Television Celebrity and a Broadcaster
Date of Birth:November 12th, 1944
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Al Michaels Net Worth: Al Michaels is a well-known television celebrity and broadcaster with an estimated net worth of $45 million.

He has worked for industries like Chuck Barris Production, State Press, ABC Sports, and NBC Sports. He also has a stadium named after him.

Al Michaels is well known for his time on television programs. The television programs, broadcasting, advertising, and brand promotion.

Early Life

Al Michaels belongs to the Sigma Nu fraternity. He has worked as a sports journalist (sports writer), during which he worked for some firms like The State Press, ASU’s independent student newspaper, and he also called Sun Devils baseball, basketball, and football games for the radio station of the college. Michaels was a huge fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

In 1962 Al Michaels graduated from Alexander Hamilton High School. It was in 1958 that Al Michaels and his family were located in (L.A.) Los Angeles, which is coincidently the year Dodgers left Brooklyn. Brooklyn, New York, is the birthplace of Al Michaels. His parents are Lila Roginsky/Ross and Jay Leonard Michaels; they are Jews.


Now let’s talk about the career history of Al Michael and how he got his popularity.

In 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016, Al Michaels worked as the official NBC Olympics Daytime Host. However, it was on 1st February 2009 that Al Michaels called his first Super Bowl telecast for NBC.

All these were possible because of the fame he acquired in some of the outstanding calls he made during some important events. Some of these were; During the Miracle on Ice in the 1980 Olympics, he shouted, “do you believe in miracles?!?!”.

Another event that he is well known for is that of the 1989 world series, which was interrupted by an earthquake during Game 3.

The earthquake struck San Francisco on 17th October 1989 at exactly 5:04 p.m., during which Al Michaels exclaimed, “I’ll tell you what, we’re having an earth—,” immediately the network feed went off. About 15 seconds later, ABC was able to restore the audio via telephone; Michaels then said, “Well folks, that’s the greatest open in the history of television, bar none!”.

In 1971, Michaels located to Cincinnati, which was where the MLB team Cincinnati Reds made him their play-by-play announcer. The Reds won the World Series the next year, and as fate would have it, Al Michaels was able to assist NBC Sports in covering the Fall Classic. Things kept picking up for his career as he also covered hockey at the Winter Olympics that was held in Sapporo, Japan, in 1972.

Michaels was hired to fill in for Bill Enis when the NBC announcer passed away from a heart attack two days prior to the day he was scheduled to pronounce the regular-season National Football League finale in 1973. Michaels ended his career at the Reds in 1974 to work for the San Francisco Giants.

He also announced the basketball for UCLA at the same time. In 1975, he started announcing regional games for CBS Sports. He got a contract with ABC Sports in January 1977. He continued to work for ABC until 2006, at which point he switched to NBC. It’s safe to say he had an excellent run within those years. Let’s back up a little to the year it all began.

Chuck Barris Productions hired Michaels as a television producer to select the women who would appear on “The Dating Game.” In 1964, when he was hired to handle public relations for the L.A. Lakers, he landed his first position in sportscasting. He was, however, let go after just four games.

He relocated to Honolulu in 1968, where he continued his career in broadcasting and worked as a sports anchor for KHVT-TV while also calling play-by-play for the Hawaii Islanders baseball team.

In 1969, he received the Hawaii Sportscaster of the Year award. Michaels made a guest appearance on “Hawaii Five-O” in 1970; Christopher Walken was also featured in the episode.

Al Michaels net worth is estimated to be $45 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2010- 2016 – NBC Olympics Daytime Host
  • 1989 – World Series.
  • 1980 – Winter Olympics
  • 1972 – Winter Olympics in Sapporo, Japan.
  • 1969 – Hawaii’s Sportscaster of the Year
  • 1964 – Public relations (PR) LA Lakers

Personal Life

Moving on to the personal life of Al Michaels. Al Michaels got married to a beautiful woman called Linda in the year 1966 within the month of August. They live in LA. They had two children, Steven and Jennifer Michaels. Steven Michaels works in Los Angeles as the president & CEO of the independent film company Asylum.

On the 21st of April, 2013, Michaels was driving drunk and was caught by the police. He was arrested & charged with driving drunk. But luckily, he was allowed to leave after about 5 hours and was given Eighty hours of community service in addition to probation after entering a no-contest plea to a lesser offense of careless driving.

Awards & Achievements


Al Michaels won the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism in 2002. He also won the Sportscaster of the Year –from the American Sportscasters Association (ASA)

He won the Pacific Pioneer “Art Gilmore Career Achievement Award” on 16th June 2017, ASA Top 50 Sportscasters of All Time, the Sportscaster of the Year – Washington Journalism Review, Three-time NSMA National Sportscaster of the Year

He also won the Five-time Sports Emmy Award winner – Outstanding Sports Personality, Play-by-Play.

Halls of Fame

  • 2021 – Ford C. Frick Award winner
  • 2013 – Pete Rozelle Radio & Television Award
  • 2013 – Television Academy Hall of Fame inductee (class of 2013)
  • 1998 – NSMA Hall of Fame inductee


Al Michaels attended Alexander Hamilton High School and the school took the liberty to name their football stadium Al Michaels Field.

Al Michaels Net Worth

Al Michaels net worth is estimated to be $45 millions, He annual salary is $3 million as of 2022. The majority of his revenue comes from broadcasting, advertising, & brand promotions.

He is well-known for hosting the television program “Sunday night football,” in which he interviews well-known NFL players. Michaels is a well-known broadcaster and television celebrity who lives in Americs.

Notable Al Michaels Quotes

People know me from a hockey game, from an earthquake, from the O.J case. Al Michaels

I will never repeat something verbatim on the air unless I know it’s accurate. And when you go to the source, sometimes there’s a better story beyond the original story. That happens all the time. – Al Michaels

It’s funny, but when there are dominant teams, there are a number of people who rail about the fact that they’re always seeing the Dallas Cowboys or the San Francisco 49ers or the Green Bay either in the playoffs or in the Super Bowl.  – Al Michaels

Living here in southern California, I’ll miss hearing Rocky Top for an entire week at the end of December. I was actually looking forward to it. Tennessee has a better fight song than Nebraska.  Al Michaels

Nobody wants to see teams out of contention showcased in December and January. I’m sure this is something that will be discussed again this off-season. – Al Michaels

Life Notable Lessons to Learn From Al Michael’s Success

We have been able to discuss in detail the life, career, and personal life of Al Michaels; hence we have been able to deduce some notable lessons that will help you and your career.

1. Education

Education is crucial to your development, regardless of how talented you are. The majority of people will argue that it isn’t, but just consider Al Michaels’ life. If his parents had prevented him from receiving a quality education, it’s likely that we would not be discussing him or his incredible professional journey.

Broadcasting is a profession that requires one to speak fluently and audibly, which wouldn’t have been possible if he didn’t learn to speak well in school.

2. Get the job done right

If you really examine Al Michaels’ career, you’ll discover something important: Michaels does his job so brilliantly that he always knows the right thing to say in every given circumstance to liven things up and prevent panic.

Frequently Asked Questions – Al Michael’s Net Worth

What’s Al Michael’s annual income?

Michaels will be among the NFL’s highest-paid sportscasters in 2022. His yearly compensation is thought to be between $15 and $ 16 million on average. His contract with Amazon is thought to be worth $1 million each game.

How much does Al Michaels currently make per month?

Michaels was the Monday Night Football play-by-play announcer while working at ABC. After that, from 2006 to 2021, he covered Sunday Night Football for NBC Sports. He went on to agree to a 3-year deal with Amazon in 2022 to call Thursday Night Football play-by-play.

What is Michaels well-known for?

For many years, Michaels served as the play-by-play announcer for NFL games on NBC Sunday Night Football from 2006 to 2021 and ABC Monday Night Football from 1986 to 2005.

What’s Al Michaels’ most well-known line?

“Do you believe in miracles?” What Michaels said in the United States Olympic lore 40 years ago is the well-known statement he made. It is maybe the most well-known phrase in sports history.

Is a private plane a part of Al Michaels’s assets?

Ever since Dennis Miller boarded in 2000, Al Michaels has been blessed with access to a private plane for travel. Even after Dennis Miller was fired, the jet still remained.

Final Thoughts

Al Michaels is a well-known television celebrity & broadcaster who lives in America. He is well-known for hosting the television program “Sunday night football,” in which he interviews well-known NFL players.

As of 2024, Al Michaels net worth is estimated to be $45 million.

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