Alexandre de Meyer Bio: Ex-wife, Danielle Colby, Age, & Net Worth

Many people pursue careers, trying to go to the universities, earning certificates and at the same time, they forget to pursue their passions and embark on what their heart yearns for during the process of accumulating certificates and degrees. One’s talent and passion can bring change to the entire generation.

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Alexandre de Meyer, was a man that invested in his passion and talent which led him to be what he is today. No passion is too small to yield result and no talent is little to embark in. so my advice to you is this while pursuing that degree and that certificate, pursue your passion and talent as well.

Alexandra De Meyer Wiki Facts

Full NameAlexandre de Meyer
Height5 feet 11 inches
Net Worth$2 million
Profession Graphic designer
Date of BirthNot Stated
Birth PlaceFrance
Nationalityvirion, France
Children/ Kids2
Weight170 to 180lbs

Alexandra De Meyer Bio

Alexandre de Meyer is a citizen of virion of France. His date birth hasn’t been disclosed or we might say unknown for the meantime but if it would be disclosed, we will make an update.

He is a very renowned graphic designer, however, he is popularly known to be the former husband of one of the very known television personalities known as Danielle Colby.

Alexandre de Meyer’s former wife, Danielle Colby is best known for her role in the television series titled “American Pickers”.

In the television series, she is seen as an employee working inside the office in the shop named Antique Archeology owned by Mike Wolfe.

Alexandre De Meyer Career

Alexandre de Mayer had is a childhood background in France. He lived with his entire family there before he relocated alone to the United States. His first job was in a printing and design shop named Going Blind.

There he was fortunate to learn and got acquainted with the comprehensive attachments with design and business. Not long, he decided to let go of the company to start his own company named Neuf Vies. Certainly, I must say that there are times in life where you got to make a drastic choice that can either change your life for good or teach you the incentives of life.

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While making such decisions, be wise, articulate, and be honest in taking a risk for a change because it doesn’t come handy…mind you…But it is good to take a huge decision for better change just like Alexandre did.

Getting back to Alexandre and his newly founded company, He started by getting his hands on designing t-shirts, logos, posters, and more. we can say that in a business, there is a point we hit the jackpot and that is the point immeasurable accomplishment starts to overwhelm the business.

At this point, in Alexandre’s business, he hit the jackpot by getting his hands on designing the blueprint of L’Aventure Michelin which is located in Clermont-Ferrand, Frances. Isn’t that Impressive?

In his company, he sells and distributes t-shirts, logos, stickers, covers artwork, and continually showcase his artwork on his website.

I can tell you for sure that he did not end there but submerge further in designing the logo of 4 Miles 2 Memphis which is exactly one of Danielle’s Colby business at the time she was worked on Antique Archaeology. These two got very close while working on the business and eventually started dating each other, although they kept it more to themselves.

Alexandre de Meyer Age, Height, and Body Measurements

Alexandre de Meyer estimated height is approximately 5 feet 11 inches and weighs between 170 to 180 pounds. Further, we know that he has a dark brown eye color, light brown hair, and has lots of tattoos on his body.

Alexandre De Meyer Relationship, Marriage, Wife And Girlfriend

Alexandre de Meyer and Danielle Colby got married in 2015 although he wasn’t the first husband she got married. Colby previously married Robert Strong and she gave birth to two children in that marriage. Alexandre got very close with her children during the times they were in a relationship.

A picture of Danielle kids
Danielle kids

The two influencers were married for two years before they divorced. Their relationship ended quietly without much attention given. Alexandre has not been seen or spotted with any lady since then or perhaps he tends to keep it a secret. However, Colby has been reported dating an artist called Jeremy Scheuch.

Alexendra Ex-Wife Danielle Colby

In this section, we are going to walk through pieces of information gathered on Alexandre de Meyers’s ex-wife named Danielle Colby. Danielle had her background in Davenport and at her young age, she developed an unquenchable interest in performing arts. She joined a female roller derby team called the Big Mouth Mickies. She sustained injuries while playing as a roller derby skater which moved her into retirement from the sport after three years into the game.

Later, she moved to Chicago with her family and then had a passion for Burlesque dancing. In no short distance, Colby formed her troupe of nine dancers named Burlesque Le Moustache. She was called Dannie Diesel by the group and during a performance that they toured around their vicinity.

Additionally, in Chicago, she started a burlesque academy which she named Dannie Diesel’s Bump ‘n’ Grind Academy. Irrespective of the fact she created that, she decided to own a clothing company which she called 4 Miles 2 Memphis. Thus, she focused on retro clothing which started as an online company to a physical store located in the Chicago Wicker Park area.

An Image of Danielle

Despite the push through, the business was unsuccessful and closed within a year.

During those times that Colby was creating her business, she was opportune to be on television. She got along with her friend Mike Wolfe who developed a script and brought it into reality called American Pickers and that was how Danielle started her film career.

Her breakthrough paved her into being a producer of the Hollywood film called the Tempest Storm which summarized a lifestyle of a Burlesque performer.

Alexandra De Meyer Net Worth

Alexandre de Meyer net worth is estimated to be more than $2 million. He successfully earned this through his well-known achievement directed to his arts and design. Alexandre, he has his own company which focuses on the design and has moved forward into collaborating with top-notch institutions. Further, while he was married to Danielle Colby, he might have benefitted from her based on her popularity. Her net worth estimates over $1.5 million.

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