Bandman Kevo Net Worth & Achievements

What is Bandman Kevo Net Worth?

Net Worth:$5 million
Source of Wealth:Rapper and Hip-hop MC
Date of Birth:February 16th, 1990
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Bandman Kevo Net Worth: Bandman Kevo was born Kevin Ford to African American parents in Chicago, United States. He is a famous rapper and hip-hop MC turned financial advisor with an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Bandman Kevo’s initial ideology about school being a waste of time and his sentence helped him turn a new leaf and rescue himself from the streets. Kevo combines his music and e-commerce as a financial advisor to educate people on attaining financial stability.

He is one of the few celebrities that uses his social media platforms, especially OnlyFans, to share his tested and trusted financial hacks for overcoming poverty and becoming rich.

Early Life

Kevin Ford, popularly known as Bandman Kevo, was born in Chicago, Illinois, on February 16, 1990. The famous rapper and entrepreneur was made from humble beginnings.

Although the genre of music remains unknown, he started making music when he was seven. Kevo was never really an academic child from the start; he used to be a scram rapper who faked his educational qualifications. He faked his high school diploma and college degree and dropped out in 10th grade until an eye-opening experience forever changed his mind about school.

His 22-month prison sentence served as a learning experience for him, and he believes he could have avoided doing time in prison if he had the proper knowledge about finance and other things.


Kevo started his career in music as a hobby; however, as he turned 17, he decided to turn his hobby into a career. His upbringing in a low-income family and quest for wealth and fame fueled his success as a lone rapper before being signed onto any record label.

Kevo’s first song, titled “How We Do It,” was released in 2012, and although it didn’t have an encouraging start, it became a fan’s favorite after his second song, “All Foreign,” was released in 2013, which kept fans spellbound and attracted a lot of attention to himself.

All Foreign was a huge hit and gave an overwhelming response via massive views on his YouTube channel and career as a rapper. Ensuring the release of All Foreign, Kevo released a hit single, Who Is Dat; the song received over a million views when the official music video was released on YouTube.

He kept producing back-to-back hit singles like “Tor Browser” and “Baller in Me,” which earned him a spot in Universal Records and won him collaborations with other famous rappers. After being signed onto Universal Records, Kevo debuted his first mixtape, “Fast Life Mixtape,” and released many highly successful songs from 2014 until 2022.

Apart from being an icon in the music industry Kevo is also a leading figure in the entrepreneurial space. Kevo leverages his financial advisor and investor skills to help others in both industries. He is known for his investment in numerous projects, including NFTs.

Bandman Kevo net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

Hereunder are the career highlights of Bandman Kevo

  • 2012 – Released first song titled “How We Do It.”
  • 2013 – Released hit single “All Foreign.”
  • 2014 – Got signed onto Universal Records and released first Mixtape
  • 2016 – Released the second mixtape, “I Just Wanna Know.”

Personal Life

Kevo is a true ladies’ man and has made headlines over his romantic entanglement with a married YouTuber and a model. He also has a secret relationship with a side chick. Recently, in an interview with SayCheeseTv, Kevo spoke about his affair with famous YouTuber Kayla Nicole. He has a girlfriend whom he is dating, Mercedes Hatcher, but very little is known about their relationship.

Kevo has his first child with model Dyme Kevo, whom they named Chicago. The marital status of the duo remains unclear, but Kevo’s reaction toward her shows that he doesn’t want her around him.

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Awards and Achievements

Kevo’s awards and achievements include The Chicago Hip Hop Awards for Emerging Artist of the Year. A year later, he won the Most Popular Artist Award.

Kevo has been conferred the YouTube Certified Plague for reaching over 100,000 subscribers on his channel.

He has been streamed millions of times on Spotify and Apple Music and has enjoyed record-breaking success with his album, Life of a Demon, reaching the top Charts in the United States and Canada.

Bandman Kevos Net Worth

Bandman Kevo net worth is estimated to be $5 million. The famous hip hop MC often seen on social media showing off his assets and has a known obsession for branded clothes, luxurious cars, and shiny accessories.

Notable Bandman Kevo’s Quotes

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in life is to always keep pushing, no matter what. –¬†Bandman Kevo

I don’t want to just be remembered as a rapper; I want to be remembered as a legend. – Bandman Kevo.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and chase your dreams, because that’s what life is all about. – Bandman Kevo

I want to inspire others to never give up on their dreams, no matter how big or small they may seem. – Bandman Kevo.

Life Lessons to Learn From Bandman Kevo’s Success

1. Your Past doesn’t define You

Kevo managed to turn his poor life choices around with the right knowledge and get himself off the streets and the grip of poverty. He didn’t let his experiences define him, and neither should you.

2. Don’t give up on Your Dreams

The path to success is daunting, and there are various challenges, some of which seem almost impossible to beat. Even so, you shouldn’t give up on your dreams. The only way to unlock your next chapter is to keep pushing. This statement is the words of Bandman Kevo, and they aren’t just bold declarations; they are true reflections of his life.

3. Leverage your Skills and Help Others

Kevo is leveraging his skills in the music industry and entrepreneurial space to help people lead happy and wealthy lives. This is his way of giving back to the community. He assists artists in leveraging their credit to market their music and generate streams, potentially growing their brands without needing record labels. He is also helping entrepreneurs to start and scale their ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions – Bandman Kevo’s Net Worth

What did Bandman Kevo get done?

Bandman Kevo went under the knife to get liposuction done. His decision to get plastic surgery on his physique was due to his experience of being cheated on.

What does Bandman Kevo post on OnlyFans?

He uses his OnlyFans account to share his foolproof hacks to overcome poverty and become rich through sustaining proper finance management and income building.

How much is Bandman Kevo worth?

The Chicago hip hop MC and entrepreneur is worth 5 million USD.

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Final Thoughts

Bandman Kevo is a famous rapper and hip-hop artist from the United States. Kevo has recorded gobs of music videos and singles. He has collaborated with many popular artists and record labels. He is also a lover of tattoos, and his whole hand and back are covered with different designs of tattoos.

As of 2024, Bandman Kevo net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

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