Beverly D’Angelo Net Worth & Achievements

What is Beverly D’Angelo Net Worth

Net Worth:$20 million
Source of Wealth:Actress and Singer
Date of Birth:November 15th, 1951
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Beverly D’Angelo Net Worth: Beverly D’Angelo is an American actress and singer with an estimated net worth of $20 million. She has graced both the big and small screens with her versatile performances. Over the years, D’Angelo has become best known for her role as Ellen Griswold in the National Lampoon’s Vacation series.

Beverly D’Angelo’s net worth is a reflection of her enduring career in the entertainment industry, her ability to adapt to various roles, and her continuous work in both film and television.

Early Life

Beverly Heather D’Angelo was born on November 15, 1951, in Upper Arlington, Ohio, to parents Eugene Constantino D’Angelo, a bass player and television station manager, and Priscilla Ruth, a violinist.

Growing up in a home filled with music and creativity, Beverly was naturally inclined toward the arts from a young age. Her familial connections extended to notable figures, as she was the granddaughter of architect Howard Dwight Smith, who designed the Ohio Stadium at Ohio State University.

Beverly’s early life was marked by a rich exposure to various forms of art and music, which played a significant role in shaping her career interests.

Despite being the only girl among her siblings, with three brothers named Jeff, Tim, and Tony, Beverly’s unique talents in music and acting were nurtured and encouraged, setting the stage for her eventual pursuit of a career in entertainment​​.


Beverly D’Angelo’s career trajectory took her from working as an animator and cartoonist at Hanna-Barbera Productions to pursuing a rock singing career in Canada.

Her early ambitions in music saw her performing in coffeehouses and bars, which led to an invitation to join up with rockabilly legend Ronnie Hawkins and the band ‘The Hawks,’ later known as ‘The Band.’

Her acting career commenced with a role in “Kronborg: 1582,” a rock musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” which eventually evolved into “Rockabye Hamlet” and made its way to Broadway in 1976.

This marked the beginning of D’Angelo’s transition from music to acting, a move that would soon pay off with her introduction to Woody Allen and a subsequent role in the 1977 film “Annie Hall.”

D’Angelo’s career soared with her portrayal of Patsy Cline in “Coal Miner’s Daughter” (1980), earning her a Golden Globe nomination. She became widely known for her role as Ellen Griswold in the “National Lampoon’s Vacation” series, appearing in four sequels and a short film from 1983 to 2015.

Her diverse career also included a Theatre World Award for her performance in “Simpatico,” an Emmy nomination for “A Streetcar Named Desire,” and roles in independent films and television, including a recurring role in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and the HBO series “Entourage.” D’Angelo’s voice acting includes appearances in “The Simpsons” and work in animation​​​​​​.

Beverly D’Angelo net worth is estimated to be $20 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 1980: Nominated for a Golden Globe Award.
  • 1983-2015: Portrayed Ellen Griswold in the “National Lampoon’s Vacation” series.
  • 1984: Received an Emmy Award nomination.
  • 1994: Won a Theatre World Award.
  • 2005-2011: Played Barbara “Babs” Miller in the HBO series “Entourage.”

Personal Life

Beverly D’Angelo’s personal life has been as eventful as her career. She was romantically involved with director Milos Forman and married Italian Don Lorenzo Salviati, the heir of the Salviati noble family, from 1981 to 1995, though they had no children together.

Later, she entered a relationship with production designer Anton Furst, who tragically died by suicide in 1991. Beverly’s most notable relationship was with actor Al Pacino, with whom she was involved from 1997 until 2003, and with whom she shares twins born in 2001 through in vitro fertilization.

Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Beverly and Al Pacino maintain a shared family life for the sake of their children. Over the years, D’Angelo’s personal experiences have undoubtedly influenced her performances and her approach to her career and life​.

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Awards and Achievements

Beverly D’Angelo is a highly acclaimed actress and singer whose career spans several decades, marked by a variety of memorable roles in film and television. She has been recognized for her talent with nominations for prestigious awards.

D’Angelo earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Patsy Cline in “Coal Miner’s Daughter” in 1980, showcasing her exceptional acting skills and vocal talents. Additionally, her portrayal of Stella Kowalski in the TV film adaptation of “A Streetcar Named Desire” in 1984 earned her an Emmy nomination.

These nominations highlight D’Angelo’s versatility and dedication to her craft. Throughout her career, D’Angelo has continued to captivate audiences with her performances in a wide range of roles, making significant contributions to the entertainment industry​.

Beverly D’Angelo Net Worth

Beverly D’Angelo’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million. Her net worth a testament to her diverse talents and successful career in both acting and music.

Best known for her iconic role as Ellen Griswold in the “Vacation” film series, her career has extended beyond comedy into a wide range of roles in films and television shows, establishing her as a versatile and sought-after actress in Hollywood. This steady stream of diverse roles has been a significant contributor to her income and financial stability over the years.

Apart from acting, D’Angelo has capitalized on her musical talents, including her early work as a backup singer for The Hawks, which later became The Band.

While her music career might not have reached the heights of her acting endeavors, it nonetheless contributed to her overall net worth.

Additionally, royalties from her extensive film and television work, especially the enduring popularity of the “Vacation” series, have ensured a continuous income through residuals, further enhancing her net worth

Real Estate

Beverly D’Angelo’s Beverly Hills home is a testament to classic architecture and luxury, built in 1929 and acquired by her in 2005. Spanning over 4,045 square feet, the house features five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and boasts details such as arched doorways, wrought iron accents, and hardwood floors.

A sunken living room with ceiling beams and a fireplace adds to its charm, while the outdoor area includes a pool and patio, perfect for entertaining. This residence reflects the elegance and sophistication often associated with Beverly Hills​.

Beverly D’Angelo net worth is estimated to be about $20 million, this is inclusive of her wealth in real estate.


Beverly D’Angelo’s charitable activities and philanthropic efforts are not widely publicized. Like many celebrities, she may choose to keep her charitable work private or engage in philanthropy through personal contributions or support for various causes.

The entertainment industry often sees stars contributing to charities related to health, education, arts, and social justice, and D’Angelo may well participate in these or other causes close to her heart.

Notable Beverly D’Angelo’s Quotes

It’s not that we didn’t get along, it’s just that my mother-in-law is very objective. She objected to everything I did.- Beverly D’Angelo

I don’t know what to say, except it’s Christmas and we’re all in misery.- Beverly D’Angelo

I think personal growth has much to do with acting ability.- Beverly D’Angelo

Life Lessons to Learn From Beverly D’Angelo’s Success

1. Embrace Personal Growth

The significance of evolving as a person and an artist. Beverly D’Angelo believes that personal growth is crucial for improving one’s acting ability. This lesson teaches us the importance of continuous self-improvement and learning. Whether in our professional careers or personal lives, embracing growth can lead to unparalleled success and fulfillment.

2. The Double-Edged Sword of Fame

Understanding the complexities of success. Beverly D’Angelo’s perspective on fame as the beginning of the end offers a critical lesson on the nature of success. Fame can often lead to being typecast or losing one’s true self to a public persona. It’s a reminder to strive for success while maintaining authenticity and remembering the values that are truly important.

3. Find Joy in the Simple Things

The importance of maintaining perspective. Through her candid expression of holiday stress, Beverly D’Angelo highlights the importance of finding joy in the midst of chaos. Life, especially in times of success, can become overwhelming, but it’s crucial to find happiness in simple moments and maintain a sense of humor through life’s challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions – Beverly D’Angelo Net Worth

Who did Beverly D’Angelo have a child with?

Beverly D’Angelo has two children with actor Al Pacino. The couple has twins, a son and a daughter, born in 2001.

What is Beverly D’Angelo’s real name?

Beverly D’Angelo’s real name is Beverly Heather D’Angelo. She has used her given name throughout her career in entertainment.

Where did Beverly D’Angelo go to school?

Beverly D’Angelo attended the American School in Florence, Italy.

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Final Thoughts

Beverly D’Angelo’s net worth is the culmination of years of dedication to her craft, showcasing her talent across a variety of genres. Her financial success is not just a testament to her acting abilities but also to her resilience and longevity in the competitive world of Hollywood.

As she continues to take on new projects and roles, her net worth is a reminder of her significant impact on the entertainment industry and her enduring appeal to audiences around the world.

As of 2024, Beverly D’Angelo net worth is estimated to be $20 million

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