Blue Ivy Carter Net Worth & Achievements

What is Blue Ivy Carter Net Worth?

Net Worth:$800 million
Source of Wealth:Singer
Date of Birth:January 7th, 2012
Country of Origin:United States

Last Updated:2024

Blue Ivy Carter Net Worth: Blue Ivy Carter is an American singer with an estimated net worth of $800 million. Blue Ivy Carter is the first child and daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce, two music legends. She has consistently grabbed the attention of the entire world through her talent, and confidence.

She has grown from being a child celebrity to a highly talented entertainer and entrepreneur which reminisces her outstanding skills and dedication.

Early Life

Ivy was born in New York City on January 7, 2012, right from the day of her birth she has always been in the limelight becoming the youngest person ever to be on a Billboard Chart after her father announced her birth on his song “Glory”..

She literally grew up enveloped by music, art, and creativity finding a natural attraction for performance


Blue Ivy’s career exceeds just singing because of the versatility of her artistic talent and her confidence to display them.

Over time, she has starred in numerous films and videos as well as Lemonade(2016) and (2020) Brown Skin Girl. Her incredible producing and writing skills has earned her a Grammy Award for “Brown Skin Girl” For Best Music Video when she was only nine.

Blue Ivy Carter net worth is estimated to be $800 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2012 – She became the youngest person to appear on a Billboard chart with “Glory”.
  • 2013 – Ivy Featured in “Blue”, Beyoncé’s music video.
  • 2016 – She earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Music Video for “Beyoncé: Lemonade”.
  • 2020 – She narrated the audiobook version of the children’s book “Hair Love.”
  • She wanted a Grammy Award for Best Music Video for “Brown Skin Girl”
  • She also became the youngest winner of a BET Award for “Brown Skin Girl,”.

Personal Life

Blue Ivy is the firstborn of two music icons, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Being in the limelight right from when she was little gave her the opportunity to grasp the love of the viewers with her unwavering confidence and talent.

Aside from being the child of two great musicians, she has been able to set a landmark for herself in the entertainment industry.

Her personal life is relatively kept private but she has been spotted at different events with her family. It is no secret she has an intimate relationship with her family.

Despite being a celebrity, Blue Ivy is still a minor whose private life and scandals are strongly protected by her high-profile family.

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Awards and Achievements:

Even as a child, Ivy has recorded significant achievements starting from breaking the world record of being the youngest person to appear on a Billboard chart with “Glory” in 2012.

Ivy was featured in “Blue”, Beyoncé’s music video in 2013, and in 2016, she earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Music Video for “Beyoncé: Lemonade”.

In 2020, She narrated the audiobook version of the children’s book “Hair Love”, including winning a Grammy Award for “Brown Skin Girl” and becoming the youngest winner of a BET Award for “Brown Skin Girl”.

Blue Ivy Carter Net Worth

Blue Ivy Carter net worth is estimated to be $800 million, this report has brought lots of reactions and attention from the public. She dwells in Los Angeles, California with her parents and siblings in a grand mansion and her various income streams include:

Trust Funds: it was reported that her parents created significant trust funds for their kids in order to provide financial security and resources for the future.

Music Royalties: Blue Ivy has been involved in her parents’ musical careers one way or the other including acknowledged contributions to music videos and albums, increasing her fame and income.

Fashion and Modeling: She has bagged a good number of huge deals with different brands such as Ivy Park where she graced the runway in fashion shows promoting her style and relatively setting a path for her in the fashion industry.

Voice Acting: Blue Ivy’s voice has been behind different animated projects such as “The Lion King” and “Hairspray Live” exhibiting her vocal capabilities.

Endorsements: With her current stats, name, and influence in the entertainment industry the possibility of sealing high-profile endorsement deals is quite high.


Blue Ivy has been involved in the act of giving back participating in charitable initiatives along with her parents.

Hurricane Harvey Relief: She reportedly donated part of her earnings from “Lemonade” to support the less fortunate after Hurricane Harvey.

Education and Youth Development: Her parents founded Shawn Carter and BeyGOOD Foundation focused on facilitating educational programs and youth empowerment which she has participated in.

Real Estate

Blue Ivy’s ownership of any asset is unknown to the public but considering her parents’ wealth, it’s safe to say she has access to her family’s properties.

Blue Ivy Carter net worth is estimated to be about $800 million, this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate.

Notable Blue Ivy Carter’s Quotes

I love to sing and dance, just like my mommy and daddy. Blue Ivy Carter.

I’m proud of my family and everything they do. Blue Ivy Carter.

I believe in you and your dreams. Never give up. Blue Ivy Carter.

Life Lessons to Learn From Blue Ivy Carter’s Success

1. The Importance of a Supportive Family Environment

Blue Ivy has grown up in a nurturing environment with parents who are industry icons. This demonstrates the importance of a supportive family in nurturing talent and confidence from a young age. Children often thrive when their interests and talents are encouraged by their family.

2. The Value of Early Exposure to Creative Arts

Being exposed to the creative arts and entertainment industry from a young age has likely played a significant role in Blue Ivy’s development. This underscores the value of introducing children to various forms of art, music, and culture early in their lives, which can foster creativity, self-expression, and a broader understanding of the world.

3. Balancing Public and Private Life

Despite her parents’ fame, there has been a conscious effort to balance Blue Ivy’s public appearances with a private life. This balance is crucial for young individuals in the spotlight, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a normal childhood and protecting privacy, which is vital for healthy psychological development.

Frequently Asked Questions – Blue Ivy Carter’s Net Worth

Why is Blue Ivy so rich?

Blue Ivy’s net worth is estimated to be $500 to $800 million placing her on the list of the top richest celebrity youngsters in the globe. She earns more than $37 million annually through her music career.

What does Blue Ivy Carter do for a living?

Aside from singing, walking on fashion shows, lending her voice for animated projects, joining her mother Beyonce on her tours, and showing up to dance, she has been working on improving her make-up skills.  Her grandmother, Tina Knowles made this known through her recent Instagram post.

Is Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy?

Blue Ivy is the first child of Jay-Z and Beyonce who has already become a reckoning force in the entertainment industry before the age of 12.

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Final Thoughts

Blue Ivy has grown from being a star-studded kid to a highly talented entertainer and entrepreneur which reflects her outstanding skills and dedication.

She has become a symbol of motivation to young girls all over the world through her commitment and hard work.

As of 2024, Blue Ivy Carter net worth was estimated to be $800 million.

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