Bridget Moynahan Husband Andrew Frankel Net Worth: Bio, Age, Social Media, Wiki

Andrew Franklin a famous successful American businessman. Just like many other people who acquired fame from their relationship, Andrew Franklin’s fame is owed to his intimacy and relationship with an American actress called Bridget Moynahan.

The co-president of a New York co-operation (Stuart Frankel & Co) Andrew Frankel came into the limelight after getting married to Bridget Moynahan a famous American actress. Both spouses being wealthy, their net worth is influenced enormously.

Andrew Frankel

In this article, we will look at the Andrew Frankel bio, his net worth and some interesting fact about him.

Have you been asking who is Bridget Moynahan married too?, here you got a full biography of him,  Andrew Frankel Wikipedia page is not yet available, if you are in a rush, these are some quick highlights about him.

Wiki Facts Andrew Frankel

Full NameAndrew Frankel
Date of BirthAugust 20, 1974
Place of Birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Net worth$70m
Wife Bridget Moynahan
Height 6ft
Weight75 Kg
Zodiac signLeo

Height & Body Measurements

American businessman Andrew Frankel has a bodyweight of 75kg, he is 6 feet tall, 42inches chest size, his waist is 32 inches, bicep size 14 inches, and his shoe size is 10US.

He has a healthy body, light brown hair and eyes and a fitted look. He achieved his fitness by keeping healthy habits, following his regular workout schedule, and his diet making him strong, healthy and efficient in his business activities, Andrew Frankel age is 45.

Early Life and Education

Sharyn Frankel and Stuart Frankel are the parents of Andrew Frankel (Sharyn Frankel his mother and Stuart Frankel his father), Stuart Frankel net worth is about $4.5Billion.

He was born into the family in the year 1974 in the city of Philadelphia, United States. He is a Christian by religion, a businessman by profession and a full citizen of America by nationality.

He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania where he studied and got a degree in economics. His business life is owed to his father as he was influenced greatly in his early stage of life by his father’s business and this played a very vital role in his business life today.

Career: Carrying Out His Father’s Legacy

It’s a fact that where and how a person grows up plays a role in determining his/her being later in life, Andrew Frankel is no different.

Andrew grew up in a business environment given the fact that he was born into a business family. He followed his father’s footsteps by indulging in the business world.

His interest in business started from his childhood when he picked interest in his father’s ideals, he went ahead to pursue a career in the field of business and he is one of the most successful businessmen in the history of America.

At the age of 16, Andrew Frankel made his first move into the business world, he managed the production of “Alien space Avenger” a wonderful comic book at that time and he did this partnering with his cousin brother.

Andrew Frankel went ahead in chasing his business career after graduation from high school by working as a co-president in his father’s company where he learned different types of business strategies which helped him in the world of business, thereby preparing himself to take after his father.

andrew frankel new york


Andrew Frankel now a businessman, worked at different companies in his university days to diversify his business talents.

Andrew Frankel worked as an assistant in Kenner Toy Company, he has served at Demaine Vickers Advertising Agency also as an assistant.

He also took a job at UTV 13 News Digest where he worked as an editor, newscaster, writer, anchor and audio operator. In all the companies Andrew Frankel worked, he showed great talents and performed very well.

His outstanding performance attracted the attention of Hasbro Toy Company who later offered him a job.

Later on, Andrew Frankel became a co-founder of the Staurt Frankel and Co. Inc and adding to this, he manages the company’s research and executive department.

Being a multi-talented and skilled man, Andrew Frankel has also tried out the movie industry. In 1984, he started as an actor in the movie “Alien Space Avenger” where he played the role of a plant technician.

He has also made appearances in some popularly known movies like Godzilla and tomorrow never dies. Adding to his contribution to the movie industry, he also invented graphics for popular movies like GI Joe, Dragons: Fire and Ice, Jurassic Park, Transformers and Star Wars.

The husband of Bridget Moynahan Andrew Frankel is a well-known successful businessman who is also successful in many niches he put his hands to do.

Andrew Frankel Net Worth

His enormous success in business enabled him to achieve this wealth. Aside from managing his father’s company, (Stuart Frankel and Co net worth is about $4.5Billion), using his expertise in Organizational development has also served in different companies and this added to Andrew Frankel net worth.

Andrew Frankel net worth is estimated to be approximately $70 million, He is considered one of America’s millionaire.

How much is Bridget Moynahan worth?

Bridget Moynahan net worth is about 25 million dollars, Andrew Frankel Bridget Moynahan together has a combined net worth of $95m.

His financial achievements and wealth is attributed to his technical skill and success in most of his businesses.

Personal Life

Andrew Frankel is happily wedded to an American actress and model, Bridget Moynahan who was born on 28 April 1971.

Andrew Frankel relationship with his wife Bridget Moynahan goes a long way. They started up by being just friends after meeting through a common mutual friend.

They stayed at being good friends for a long while before they had the spark of love between each other. They started dating after falling in love and after a while, as they felt comfortable with each other (being deeply in love) they decided to get married.

The marriage ceremony of Andrew Frankel and Bridget Moynahan was held at the Hamptons with an audience of just close family and friends.

Being so kind-hearted and generous these wonderful couples refused to collect present on their wedding day but rather the asked those willing to give them present to use the items to donate to young people struggling with cancer and other blood diseases.

This gesture was appreciated by many and it was a way they used to show love and appreciation on their wedding day.

Bridget Moynahan featured in Blue Bloods, a CBS’s series as a character who goes by the name Erin Reagan a model and actress.

Andrew Frankel was divorced and had three sons with his first wife which he brought into their union, uniting them with Bridget Moynahan who gave birth to a son, Andrew Frankel son John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born on 22 August 2007. This couple and children were happy to be united.

Social Media Appearance

Andrew Frankel is absent from the social media world and to date no verified account of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that belongs to him have been found telling quite a busy businessman.

Andrew Frankel bio is absent from Wikipedia but can be found in some other wiki sites.
His wife Bridget Moynahan however, is active on social media and her Instagram has lots of followers, you can also check out at Bridget Moynahan Wikipedia page for more about her.

Now we can wrap it up with some interesting facts about Andrew Frankel.

Interesting Facts about Andrew Frankel

  • Bridget Moynahan husband Andrew Frankel is a prosperous business tycoon who is the president of his father’s company Stuart Frankel & Co Inc.
  • He grew up in the United States, Philadelphia where he was given birth to.
  • He met his wife Bridget Moynahan through a mutual friend.
  • They got married in Hamptons with a company of just family and close friends in the
  • year 2015 and have been living happily ever since.
  • Andrew Frankel had three sons from his first wife before getting married to Bridget Moynahan who also gave him a son.

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