Chamillionaire Net Worth & Achievements

Chamillionaire is a renowned music rapper from Houston with a net worth of approximately $50 million from his music label, Color Changin Click, which was established in 2002.

Releasing his first single in 2005 with titles, ‘Turn It Up’ and ‘Ridin’ made him a universally recognized rapper and record label producer.

In 2023, Chamillionaire’s net worth increased greatly to about $50 million.

Early Life

Teenagers are inspired by their emotions, what stimulates their intellect, and what makes their hearts beat faster. Chamillionaire was a teenager with so much love for music and rap. He went to download some with his close friend, Paul, against his parents’ rules. Rap songs by musicians like Geto Boys, UGK, NWA, and a host of others. He desired to be like them as he had a little book where he wrote them for memory’s sake.

His parents were from different continents and religions; his father was a Muslim of the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, while his mother was an American Christian woman. It was a difficult marriage for the couple as they had conflicting beliefs and cultures. Though they had two lovely sons, Chamillionaire and his younger brother, Rasiq, they both could not endure their falling relationship and had to file for divorce.

Fast forward to later years, Chamillionaire relocated from Washington D.C, where he had his studies with his brother at Jenkins high school to northwest Houston in the Acres hometown.


Seriki and his friend, Paul, had developed themselves indoors and wanted to come to light.

Years after they had graduated and were looking out for opportunities to prove their rap versatility, they both attended a concert where they luckily met 5000 Watts, who was, at the time, a radio presenter, a DJ, and the founder of Swishahouse.

At the time, Seriki had not gotten a stage name, but after the meeting, he coined the name “Chamillionaire” from two words Paul had exclaimed to him ‘millionaire’ and ‘chameleon.’

After meeting with 5000 Watts, they both pleaded with him to prove themselves by rapping a freestyle of one of their songs. This paved the way for them as they became popular throughout the whole of America.

Following this, they worked hand-in-hand to release an album titled “Get ya mind correct’ in 2002. This was only a break to their career as Chamillionaire went ahead to release his rap song titled “The Sound of Revenge” in 2005 and “Ultimate Victory” (2007), which came Tops on American billboards.

Chamilllionaire and his friend Paul Walls both started the Color Changin’ Click in 2004 and performed in several shows and festivals around the world.

The Chamillitary entertainment and universal awards fetched them greater recognition in the world from releasing their song ‘Ultimate victory,’ where they received an award in the 2007 Grammy as the best duo rap song of the year.

Following his popularity in the United States and to the entire world, he became friends with most rappers like Lil Wayne, Lloyd, Devin the Dude, UGK, and a host of others with who he sang along with in his second album in 2007. However, in March 2012, he already had plans to release another album with the increasing love for rap songs in the world but had taken a step back due to the issues he had with the recording company, which caused a breach in his career. Though, he compensated his fans with the release of ‘Ammunition’ that same year.

During the startup of his career, Chamillionaire produced a good number of audios, CDs, and mixtapes with his mind-blowing release, the “Mixtape Messiah.” As the name states, it had been a messiah to his career in the rap field. He increased greatly after this from 2004 to early 2010 when he added new and refreshing mixtapes, “Badazz Freemixes,” “Badazz Freemixes 2,” and “Badazz Slow Mixes.” these hitting mixtapes were part of the highlights of rap in Texas, breaking records in the United States and in the world. The mixtapes had over 60 tracks and 4 CDs; this was not done by any rapper at the early break in the 21st century.

Career Highlights

2005 – Ridin’ (Song)

2006 – Get Up (Song)

2007 – Hip Hop Police (Song)

2007 – Pimp Mood (Song)

2007 – Ultimate Victory (Album)

2009 – Good Morning (Song)

2011 – This Is My World (Song)

Personal Life

Just like everyone else, Chamillionaire had made some bad decisions in life. He had a dispute with the bank in Texas over a house worth $2 million he had purchased in the mid-year of 2010. It was a false transaction that led to the retrieval of the property by the bank. In an interview, he denied engaging in such acts when the question was asked.

Chamillionaire is a lover of basketball and would always point out his loyalty as a fan of the Laker’s American team. Though from popular talks, people believe he loved them as a great team, he has been a fan since childhood. The rapper had a son Xavier with one of his girlfriends on March 24, 2010.

Awards & Achievements

Chamillionaire is the Winner of the 2007 Teens choice award for Rap/Hip- hop; he was Nominated for the Teens choice award for Summer songs in 2007; he was Awarded favorite Hip-hop song for the People’s choice in 2006; he is the Winner of the best video in the Ozone awards, 2006.

Chamillionaire has Nominated the best video at the Ozone awards in 2007, Won the best video at the Ozone awards in 2008, he was Awarded Best Mixtape/Street Album in 2008.

At the Music Awards at MTV was awarded best Rap video in 2006, he was the Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group award at Grammys in 2007, and Nominated for Best Rap Song (Nominated) Grammys in 2007; also Nominated at the Hip Hop Track of the Year in the BET Hip hop awards in 2006

He Won Rookie of the Year in the BET Hip hop awards in 2006, was Nominated as Hip Hop MVP of the Year in the BET Hip hop awards in 2006, was Nominated as Best Collaboration in the 2006 BET Hip Hop Awards, and Won the Wireless People’s Champ in the BET awards in 2006

He was also nominated the Best Hip-Hop Video at the BET Hip Hop awards in 2007, Nominated the Best New Artist at the 2006 BET Hip Hop Awards, and Nominated the favorite Breakthrough Artist at the 2006 American Music Awards.

Net Worth

The Chamillitary entertainment and universal records label as stated earlier in his career has been a source of great wealth to the rapper. He has been a successful man with his tentacles spread abroad. He has invested in a diverse money dripping establishment that increases his net-worth.

Currently, Chamillionaire has a net worth of $50 million with the CEO of a company attached to his name.


When I decided to collaborate with people, I wanted to collaborate more with the underdogs, the street people, messing with the people like Jae Millz and Papoose. When I went to New York, they were all over the mixtapes, so I wanted to get down with those guys instead of trying to go safe with all the super-big names. – Chamillionaire

Slim Thug and Z-Ro can make a record together, and even Flip and T.I. can make a record together, but there’s a difference between that and Flip and T.I. holding hands and being friends. People say they want these records, they mean that they want us all to be friends. – Chamillionaire

As an artist, we’d go to the record labels and try to beg them for an advance, and they’d try to get us in a 360 deal and try to take all the ownership. You go to the tech world, and the money is unlimited. Apple and Google are throwing so much money into tech, and a tech company is attached to everything we know. I’m trying to be on the side of that. – Chamillionaire.

Notable Lessons to Learn

1. Passion

Don’t be discouraged nor allow the discouraging noise of the world to kill your passion, especially when you believe in what you are doing and love doing it. Your passion is what will fuel your road to success just like it can be seen in the life of Chamillionaire.

2. Friends:

Make the right set of friends, friends that share the same objective and share the same passion. Expose yourself to the right environment with the right people because they will be a helping hand that will take you to the right destination. Chamillionaire had a friend that was always there for him.

Final Thoughts

Following the new year and first month, Chamillionaire has a net worth of $50 million. He founded and established the ‘The Color Changin’ Click,’ which was a stepping stone.

The onset of his rap career with Paul Walls and with the release of their album in the early years of the 21st century. His top achievement was being the Grammy award winner for many remarkable nominations from 2005 to 2010. Starting his rap career solely started in 2002, and this was years after he had met Michael, 5000 Watts in 1998.

On the top of his career charts are his single releases under universal records in 2005 titled, ‘Turn It Up’ and ‘Ridin’ which made him more popular in all areas of the world.

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