David Foster Net Worth & Achievements

What is David Foster’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$180 million
Source of Wealth:Musician, Producer, and Composer
Date of Birth:1st, November 1949
Country of Origin:Canada
Last Updated:2024

David Foster Net Worth: David Walter Foster is a renowned Canadian musician, producer, and composer with an estimated net worth of $180 million.

David Foster has worked with the world’s best musicians known for their craft, such as the great Michael Jackson, Tony Braxton, Bryan Adam, and many more.

David has many other sources of income that have helped him reach a whooping net worth of $180 million.

Early Life

The birthplace of David Foster was in British Columbia, Canada, on the 1st of November 1949. He was privileged to be born into a family of hardworking parents.

His father’s name is Maurice Foster, and he was a maintenance yard superintendent, while his mum, a homemaker, is known as Eleanor May.

Foster was a gifted kid with a special talent and a love for music, his talent helped him secure a music program at Washington University when he was just 13yrs old, and later he became a nightclub band leader.

Foster music genius drew the attention of Tommy Banks, who is the owner of the night club and a well-known Jazz musician; Tommy later became foster Mentor and helped shape him into a better Musician and businessman. Later on, in 1974, Foster relocated to Los Angeles; however, before then, he worked with the likes of Chuck Berry and Ronnie Hawkins.


Foster became very popular after his band song “Wildflower” went viral in 1973; this single song gave him lots of reconciliations, and over 500 million copies of the song were sold worldwide.

He grew so well in his career that he became a top music producer, producing songs for top musicians like Bryan Adam, Mary J. Blige, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and a whole lot of other top artists.

Forster’s great work in music has earned him lots of nominations and awards. He has 16 Grammy Awards to his name, Oscar nominations, and also an Emmy award.

Foster had a boutique label he signed with Warner Brothers; the business was operated as a joint venture, but later on, Foster left and sold all his rights to the company to Warner Brothers. However, he still worked with them for some time and was the senior Vice President.

In 2012 he chaired the verve records and worked with them for four years, resigning in 2016. He has also been on TV shows such as The View, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Asia Got Talent, and whole lots of others.

David Foster net worth is estimated to be $180 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 1983 – The Best of Me
  • 1986 – David Foster
  • 1991 – David Foster Recordings
  • 1993 – The Christmas Album
  • 1994 – Love Lights the World
  • 1996 – A Touch of China
  • 2002 – Love Stories
  • 2008 – Hit Man: David Foster & Friends
  • 2010 – David Foster Presents Love, Again

Personal Life

David Foster is a gifted man who developed a strong passion for music right when he was still a kid.

His gift for music grew so fast and well that by 13, he was already part of Washington University as a music student.

He was fortunate to meet the great Jazz Musician Tommy Bank, who took a keen interest in him and later made him his mentee.

However, later on, he met Ronnie Harkwins, who influenced him to move to Toronto, where they worked together.

Foster didn’t have stable marriages, which is why he’s known to have married five times. Although his fifth marriage to Katharine McPhee, who’s an actress and also a songwriter, seems to be working.

Regardless of how Foster’s marriage has turned out to be, he is a proud father of six children, a boy, and five girls. He also has about seven grandchildren.

Awards & Achievements

David Foster has been nominated 47 times for the Grammy Awards, and he got 16 Awards out of the 47. He has also won other notable awards, like the Golden Globe Award in 1998.

Foster’s other achievement includes the Hollywood Walk of fame, where he has a star, the Canadian Songwriter Hall of Fame, and the Canadian Hall of Fame.

He was given Officer of Oder Of Canada in 2006, while as of 1995, he already has The Order of British Colombia.

David Foster Net Worth

David Foster net worth is estimated to be $180 million. He has different sources of income, music being his main source of income, with an annual earning of $25 million.

Its significant to note that he achieved such a huge net worth from different sources of income.


David Foster has a foundation named after him. His foundation has been helping in raising funds for kids’ medical treatment and transplants. The report has it that he helps in raising funds for Israel Military, but he doesn’t openly support them.

Real Estate

David has a huge estate worth $7.1 million in the city of Los Angeles, somewhere within Brentwood. He shares the same neighborhood with Prince Harry and Meghan, Duke, and Duchess of Sussex, and it’s believed he’s a close friend of the royal couple.

David Foster net worth is estimated to be $180 million as of 2024, this includes his wealth in real estate.

Popular David Foster Quotes

The really important kind of freedom involves attention and awareness and discipline, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them over and over in myriad petty, unsexy ways every day. That is real freedom. That is being educated, and understanding how to think. The alternative is unconsciousness, the default setting, the rat race, the constant gnawing sense of having had, and lost, some infinite thing

Don’t be too precious about your craft… there’s only 26 letters and 12 notes, and Shakespeare and Beethoven said it all better than any of us ever will.

We all suffer alone in the real world; true empathy’s impossible.

Notable Lessons to Learn from David Foster’s Wealth

We have learned about the life, career, personal life, and achievement of David Foster. Here are some notable lessons to learn from his wealth.

1. Having supporting parents will boost your growth

If you are destined to go far in your career you will go far but having the support of your parents can make things easier and more fulfilling.

2. Mentors will sharpen and nourish your skills

Mentors and essential in your career growth because they have loads of experiences that will guide you.

3. Family is everything

At most difficult moments when things do not move as planned, your family will always come to your rescue and support you.

Frequently Asked Questions – David Foster Net Worth

What is the Net Worth of David Foster?

David Foster has an estimated net worth of $180 million.

What is the annual earning of David Foster?

David Foster has an annual earning of $1 million.

How tall is David Foster?

David Foster is about 1.78 m tall.

How old is David Foster?

On Nov 1, 2023, David Foster will be 74 years old.

Final Thoughts

David Foster is a renowned Canadian Musician with lots of awards, bagging over 40 Grammy awards and nominations.

David Foster is a lover luxury as he has lost of luxury cars and estates. David Foster net worth is estimated to be $180 million as of 2024

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