Debby Ryan Net Worth

What is Debby Ryan Net Worth?

Net Worth:$4 million
Source of Wealth:Actress
Date of Birth:May 13, 1993
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Debby Ryan Net Worth: Debby Ryan is a famous American actress with an estimated net worth of $4 million. She has lent her voice and platform to support various causes and philanthropic organizations. She discovered her passion for acting as early as age seven and has since then featured in several movies, shows, and music videos. 

She was nominated for the Kids’ Choice Awards in 2011 after she won the Teens Choice Awards in 2010. 

Early Life 

Deborah Ann Ryan was constantly bullied in middle school due to her membership in the chess club and her service to the school mascot. She was born to John Ryan, a nonmilitary advisor to the USA army, and Missy Ryan, her mother. Debby and her elder brother, Chase, grew up in an American military base located in Germany for three years, but the family eventually relocated to Texas city of America in 2003. 

At age 7, Debby discovered an innate passion for performing and started pursuing her dreams. She attended high school at Fossil Ridge and was born on the 13th of May 1993 in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. 


In 2006, she got a repetitive role on “Barney and Friends,” a PSB series, and in 2007, she was again featured in a Barney series titled “Barney: Let’s Go to the Firehouse.” In 2008, she appeared in 71 episodes of the top-rated scripted television Teen show in 2008 and 2009 titled “The Suite Life on Deck” as Bailey Pickett. The series was a sequel to the movie “The Suite of Zack and Cody.” That same year, she shared the screen with Keke Palmer and Ice Cube for the movie “The Longshots” and was invited as a guest star on the show “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream.” 

In 2009, she recreated her role in the movies “Hannah Montana” and “Wizards of Waverly Place,” in 2010, she emceeded The Tween Summit Music Festival. She appeared on screen for “16 Wishes”, a Disney Channel production, and the movie “What If.” In 2011, she was cast as Jessie Prescott in the movie “Jessie,” which had 98 episodes under four seasons. That same year, she starred in the Suite Life Movie, engaged in a competition for “Disney’s Friends for Change Games,” was featured in “The Hangover Hollywood,” a short film, dropped her debut solo single titled “We Ended Right” through her record label studio, Ryan River Studio and was a guest star on “PrankStars,” “Private Practice” and “R. L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series. 

In the year 2012, Ryan dropped a cover for the song” We Got the Best, was featured in the movie “Secret of Wings,” “Radio Rebel,” a Disney Channel film, voiced the animated titled “Disney Fairies,” and appeared as a guest on “Austin and Ally,” “The Glades” and “Zeke and Luther.” In 2013, Debby produced a scene from “Muppets Most Wanted,” which didn’t make the movie cut but was added to the Blu-ray release in 2014. That same year, she was a guest star in the movie “Good Luck Charlie” and featured in “Kristin’s Christmas Past”. 

She voiced the 2014 and 2015 movies “Ultimate Spider-Man” and” Goldie and Bear, respectively, and made a guest appearance in the 2014 movie “Mighty Med” and “Girl Meets World”, a 2015 movie. She acted in the 2016 YouTube Red Show “Sing It” and played the role of a distressed step-sister to Debra Messing Laura in the NBC show “The Mysteries of Laura,” taking on the character of Lucy Diamond. 

In the year 2017, Debby was featured in “Rip Tide,” an Australian movie, emceed the show “The Talk,” and guest starred in the movie “Daytime Divas.” She started playing the role of Patricia Bladell in the movie “Insatiable” and shared the screen with Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy for the movie “Life of the Party” in 2018. In 2018, she was featured on the comedy show “The Opening Act” and was featured in “Horse Girl,” a Netflix film production. 

Debby Ryan started her career in acting at a very young age, featuring in different television commercials. 

Debby Ryan net worth is estimated to be $4 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights 

Throughout her career, Debby has used her platform and voice to advocate for several causes, especially creating mental health awareness. Other highlights include:

  • 2006 – Minor roles in different TV shows. 
  • 2008 – 2011 – The Suite Life on Deck (Disney Channel show) 
  • 2010 – 16 Wishes (fantasy movie) 
  • 2011 – 2015 – Jessie (Disney Channel production). 
  • 2013 – Grace, Unplugged (movie) won her the Grace Award. 
  • 2018 – 2019 – Insatiable (Netflix series). 
  • 2019 – The Netflix show “Insatiable” was produced with Debby as the executive producer. 
  • 2020 – When the Dark Falls (music) 
  • 2020 – She worked on stage as a movie director for an episode of “Jessie,” a television series. 

Personal Life

In 2012, Debby took a trip to India to assist the Mary Kay/Love Foundation in establishing a school in the city of Lai Gow. In an interview with “Teen Vogue” in 2015, she revealed that she got interested in the “Don’t Look Away” campaign against domestic violence due to her experience in an abusive relationship. 

According to her, ” She instructed him to exit her life. In response, he angrily hurled a phone at her, causing it to shatter. He began shouting, striking the wall, and using profane words. Afterward, he broke down in tears, apologized, and professed his love for her. He grabbed my wrist, pulled me into a bathroom, and locked the door.

Debby Ryan was arrested in 2016 for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) after bashing a vehicle. The alcohol level in her blood was supposedly high; therefore, she was charged with DUI felony but was released at a 100,000 dollar bail charge, reducing her offense to 2 misdemeanors. She was sentenced to 3 years in probation, including community service, and was instructed to participate in a DUI 3-month program. 

Debby Ryan is a dedicated Christian and a talented guitar and piano instrumentalist. Her boyfriend, Josh Dun, a Twenty One Pilot music brand member, engaged her in December 2018, and they married on 31st December 2019 in Austin, Texas. 

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Awards & Achievements

Debby Ryan has several awards to her name. The first was the 2010 Teen Choice Award, where she bagged the Choice Television Actress Comedy Award. This honored her role in “The Suite Life on Deck,” a Disney Channel show as Bailey Pickett. In 2011, she was nominated for the Kids Choice Award as Favorite Television Actress in honor of her role in the movie “The Suite Life on Deck.” 

Her music career earned her a Radio Disney Music Award for Best Acoustic Performance in honor of her performance in her music titled “We Got the Beat.” In 2013, she won two awards. The first was the Shorty Award nomination for the Actress category in honor of her performances in different television shows. Then, the J-14 Teen Icon Award honored her with the Iconic Female Star award. 

In 2018, Debby’s exceptional performance in the movie “Grace, Unplugged” earned her the Grace Award. She received two awards in the year 2019. She was nominated for the Saturn Awards as the Best Supporting Actress for an exceptional performance in “Insatiable,” a Netflix series, and the Streamy Awards honored her and other casts in the movie “Insatiable” with an Ensemble Cast nomination. 

Debby Ryan’s Net Worth

Debby Ryan net worth is estimated to be $4 million. Deborah Ryan is a famous actress featured in various movies, television series, and music videos. Some of these TV series are the 2008 – 2011 Disney Channel show titled “The Suite Life on Deck,” the 2010 movie “What If,” the 2011 – 2015 series titled “Jessie, the 2018 movie” Life of the Party,” a major role in the Netflix show “Insatiable” which aired from 2018 – 2019 as well as in the 2020 movie “Horse Girl.” 

Debby has directed several music videos, including the 2012 Debby Ryan: We Got the Beat” and the 2016 “The Never Ending: Santa Baby.” Four (4) episodes of the movie “She also directed Jessie. 

She has been featured in countless Disney albums, namely The 2010″ Disneymania 7″, the 2012 “Disney Channel Holiday Playlist, and the 2014″ Disney Channel Play It Loud.” Debby and The Never Ending, her band, dropped the EP “One” in 2014.

The talented American singer and actress boasts over 45 acting credits and 4 million dollars in net worth.

Notable Debby Ryan’s Quotes

You know you’re on the right track when you have no interest in looking back. – Debby Ryan.

I’d rather be honest and authentic and disappoint some people than to exhaust myself trying to keep up the façade of perfection. – Debby Ryan.

It’s not about where you are, it’s about who you’re with. – Debby Ryan.

Life Lessons to Learn From Debby Ryan’s Success

1. Diversity in Skill

Debby is a multi-talented actress who can fit into any character in a movie. She is also diversified in her finances as she is not just an actress but also a fashion designer and singer. 

2. Career Passion

Debby Ryan’s career passion is seen in the level of dedication, hard work, and professionalism with which she has handled her career over the years. This is evident in the number of awards she has received. 

3. Social Impact

Debby is big on using her platform to create change and lends her voice to causes of utmost importance. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Debby Ryan’s Net Worth

What is the name of Debby Ryan’s partner? 

Debby has been married to Josh Dun, a musician, since 2019.

What is Debby Ryan’s height? 

The rich, famous American singer and actress born on the 13th of May 1993 weighs 130 pounds (59kg) and stands 5 feet 5 inches (165cm) tall. 

What was Debby Ryan’s age when the series “Jessie” ended? 

Ryan has been featured on numerous television series and movies such as “16 Wishes” and “The Suite Life on Deck” but was 22 years old when the final episode of Jessie was aired on 16th October 2015.

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Final Thoughts

Debby Ryan’s abilities, talents, and skills have gotten her countless roles on television shows and movies, thus bringing her into the limelight. Her diversity is seen in her adaptability to different roles. The famous American singer and actress recently started her clothing line business, thus breaking into the fashion design industry. 

Throughout her career, she has acquired millions of fans and followers with worldwide recognition. 

As of 2024, Debby Ryan net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

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