Dianna Fuemana Bio; Networth, Age, Children,Relationship With Jack Ryan, Facts

Dianna Fueman is an actress, playwright, screenplay writer, and director from New Zealand.

She is popularly known for her relationship with a famous New Zealand actor who has featured in several best selling movies whose name is Jack Ryan.

She is also popularly known for her works on ‘Mapaki’. She happened to stand out, despite being surrounded by the male specie, she made a difference, creating her one-woman show in 1999 titled ‘Mapaki’.

She later happened to get a lot of credits on her works on ‘Mapaki’ and it also got her nominated for the Chapman Theater Awards.

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Dianna Fuemana Wiki Facts

Full NameDianna Fuemana
Net worth$500 Thousand
Age (As of 2020)36 years
Date of Birth1984.
Birthplace/HometownNew Zealand.
ProfessionActress, Director, Playwright, and Screenwriter.
Famous forGirlfriend of Jay Ryan (New Zealand actor).
Marital StatusDivorced.
Height1.8 m.

Dianna Fuemana Bio, Early Life and Education

Dianna Fuemana was born in the year 1984 into a Canadian family who had recently immigrated to New Zealand to live. She was born in New Zealand before her family’s relocation.

Her nationality is New Zealand due to her birthplace and she is also a Christian by religion.

Dianna Fuemana is kind of secretive when it comes to information regarding her birth family. She has not yet disclosed any information about her parents or siblings and whether she is the only child or not is still something of Wonder.

Concerning Dianna Fuemana’s education, she had attended Henderson High School while growing up and after she was through with high school, she decided to further her education to the university level.

Thereafter, She studied and acquired a master degree for Creativity and Performing Arts at the University of Auckland.

Nevertheless, before going into pursuing a degree in Creativity and Performing Arts she had already had a passion for acting.

She had got into acting from a tender age by participating in church plays where she always played the role of Satan in the play.

At the age of 14, Dianna Fuemana had already gotten used to acting. She was selected to participate in soap operas which include ‘Dynasty’ and ‘The Young and Restless’.

Career Start

Like stated earlier, Dianna Fuemana had started her career from an early age. She had stared in church plays in a childhood days playing the role of the character Satan.

She took a liking into acting from then discovering she was indeed good at it, she decided to pursue a career in acting.

Though interested I’m acting from a little age, Dianna Fuemana officially started in her late 20s much before she graduated from the University of Auckland.

She started working for the New Zealand theatre scene just before graduating from the University of Auckland and went to make her debut act.

dianna fuemana with partner-jay-ryan-and daughter eve at a event

Dianna had her official debut in acting with the play “Mapaki”, which she orchestrated and wrote the script herself. She also featured in the playmaking a wonderful performance.

The title of the play “Mapaki” was derived from Niuean language and it happens to be the native translation of the English word “Broken”.

Dianna Fuemana’s first play was highly rated and later acquired her a nomination in the category of Outstanding New Writer and Best Upcoming Actress of the Year for the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards.

After her debut play, Dianna Fuemana went ahead to travel across countries alongside her crew to perform in theaters. Places she performed at include the United States and Athens, Greece.

In 2001, she made her third play which was a noted play titled “Jingle Bells”. The play was very intriguing and was performed in several countries including New Zealand, Australia, and also in the Edinburgh Fringe Festiva.

After her writing the play “Jingle Bells” Dianna Fuemana went ahead to write her fourth play which was also top-rated titled “My Mother Dreaming”. It premiered in Auckland in the year 2005.

Dianna kept soaring in her course of career and in 2006, she released another titled “Falemalama” which was premiered at the Pangea World Theater.

It was attributed to being in the tour to several events including the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts in Pago Pago 2008, the Planet Indigenous Festival, and the Niue Arts Festival 2009.

As an outstanding scriptwriter, Dianna Fuemana has gotten invitations as a guest to several events. She was invited to the Writers festivals, the Tahiti writers festival, and the Auckland Readers.

She was into the limelight when Fuemana received the Pacific Innovation and Excellence Award in 2008. Further, she got the victory over the Creative New Zealand Pasifika Arts Award.

In the year 2008, Dianna was awarded the Pacific Innovation and Excellence Award, this however got her furthermore into the limelight. She was also awarded victory over the Creative New Zealand Pasifika Arts Award later on.

Also, Dianna Fuemana on-screen contributions include episodes of the TV series “Interrogation” and “Good Hands”.

Dianna Fuemana Net Worth

Dianna Fuemana net worth is estimated to be above $4 million in collaboration with that of her partner Jack Ryan.

She was able to acquire that much through the success in her career by writing scripts and also featuring in plays and movies as an actress.

Her script write-ups and plays have gone across countries and become popular all over in places like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Greece, and more.

Dianna Fuemana’s Married, Husband

Dianna Fuemana and her family

Dianna Fuemana first got married when she was a teenager. She left school at the age of 16 and got married then sometime later she gave birth to a son whom she called Solomon Long.

Four years later after the birth of Solomon, Dianna had another child, a girl this time which was named Reid.

Dianna Fuemana got divorced later on and became a single mother of two. She was single when she was recognized for her works in ’ Mapaki’ as a playwright in 1999 then she was 27 years old.

Then she happened to meet Jay Ryan who she developed a connection with and they became friends.

After Dianna participated in stage plays at Auckland in New Zeland, they spent more time together, in a little while their connection grew stronger they became relationship partners.

Jay Ryan usually refers to Dianna as his wife during interviews and public speaking, though they haven’t tied the knot yet. In 2013, he called to hand over the Logie Awards to Dianna himself then he described her as his. best friend.

He had also mentioned that the most intriguing part of their relationship is working together to produce plays that Dianna Fuemana has written. For example, they worked together in the production of a world wild recognized movie titled “The packer”.

Furthermore, in an interview with Jack Ryan in “TV Week Australia” in June 2013, Ryan had revealed that he had gotten a beautiful baby girl with Dianna Fuemana who they gave the name “Eve”.

Their daughter was born during the period Jack was filming the first season of his hit show Beauty and the Beast in Canada.

Jack Ryan further said that they were marveled by the sudden arrival of their beautiful daughter and jokingly said they were about to lose sleep in the next five years.

Dianna Fuemana tries as much as possible to keep herself and her daughter Eve away from the spotlight. Nevertheless, pictures of her and her daughter often surfaces in the media.

Dianna Fuemana’s partner, Jay Rayn

an im,age of Jay Rayn

Jay Ryne Is an actor who was born on the 29th of August 1981 in New Zealand.

He had an interest in acting right from when he was a kid. In the year 1998, Jay had featured in the TV series Young Hercules as the character Cadet.

He had also made appearances in other past well-known TV series. He had featured in the epic series “Xena: warrior” in 2000 though as a minor role.

He was formally named Bunyan but because Bunyan almost sounds the same as Bunion, he changed his name to Ryne in his early twenties.

Also, Jack Ryan had performed in “Neighbours ” an Australian TV soap opera and he played a lead role which led to him getting nominated for the Logie Awards in 2000 for the category of most popular New Male Talent.

Furthermore, Jay Ryan played the role of the Detective in a 2017 Canadian Drama series titled “Mary Kills Police”. In June 2018 he also featured in “Fighting Season” a min series. Jay Ryan has made appearances in all this and many other films.

Body Measurements

Dianna Fuemana is 36 years old at the moment. She stands 6 feet 1 inch tall with a wonderful body structure. She has been able to maintain a fit and healthy body through constant workout and planned nutritional and diet plans.

Social media presence

Dianna Fuemana does not have an active social media life. She is absent from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, she prefers to keep her personal life to herself.

Her partner Jay Ryan on the other hand, is active on social media. He has an Instagram account(@jayryanworld) and a twitter account(@JayRyan

Take home facts about Dianna Fuemana

  • Dianna Fuemana is an actress, playwright, screenplay writer and director.
  • She was born in the year 1984 in New Zealand.
  • She was married at the age of 17, got divorced later on and has two children with her ex-husband(name unknown).
  • Dianna is currently in a long term relationship with a famous New Zealand actor by name Jay Ryan.
  • Her and Ryan had a daughter in 2013 and they have been living happily together till date

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