Emily Fernandez Net Worth – How Rich is She?

What is Emily Fernandez Net Worth?

Net Worth:$500,000
Source of Wealth:Actress, Fashion Designer, Media Personality
Age:26 years old
Last Updated:2020

Emily Fernandez Net Worth: Emily Fernandez is an American actress and a reality show star with a net worth of about $500 thousand.

She is popularly known for her small height and also for featuring alongside Bri Barlap and other casts in the popular American reality TV series which debuted in 2016 titled “Little women”.

Early Life

The famous American actress Emily Fernandez was born on the 30th of June 1992 in Pennsylvania, United States.

Emily was brought into the world with a rear health condition which often causes many medical issues called Achondroplasia dwarfism. Immediately after birth, Emily was given up for adoption by her biological parents

However, Emily was adopted by a dwarf couple. As the saying goes, “The real pain of a person in a difficult situation is can only be understood by people who have gone through similar or the same situation”, this was definitely what happened in the case of Emily.

Brought into the family of the kind dwarf couple, Emily had an adoptive sister by the name Sara who also had the same health condition.

Emily was perfectly welcomed and accepted into her adoptive family with open arms, but sadly, when Emily was 16 years of age, she lost her adoptive mother.


As mentioned earlier, Emily Fernandez is an actress and a reality show star who featured in the popular reality TV series “Little Women”.

Before featuring in “Little Women”, Emily had participated in the rap duo called “The Cheeks” and was giving the nickname Right cheek alongside her partner Bri Barlup who was given the nickname Left cheek.

As of the time Emily was enlisted in the cast of the American reality show “Little Women: Atlanta” she was not all that famous.

However, her fascinating relationship with Lontel and the constant heartbreak and pain they faced brought her further into the limelight.

Where did Emily Fernandez get her money?

Emily Fernandez wealth and progress today is as a result of two major reality shows she has featured in which are ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ and ‘Little Women: Dallas’ where she is being paid for each episode and features in.

Aside Acting, Emily Fernandez worth also come from her YouTube channel which is called ‘OFFICIALCRC.’

In 2017 Emily recorded about three songs with her friend Bri Barlup titled ‘Poppin Bottles’, ‘HD’, and ‘Gettin’ Rich’ respectively, after having released a song with a partner Dreadz 448 earlier that year.

As of 2020 Emily Fernandez Net Worth is estimated to be about $500,000.

Personal Life

Emily Fernandez has had a fascinating personal life, especially in her relationship. she has had several split up and get back together venture with her relationship partner by name Lontel.

While in a relationship with Lontel, Emily longed for children although having a daughter by the name Eva from her former relationship.

They both finally had a son named Lontel “JJ” Johnson, Jr. who inherited his Emily’s dwarfism unlike her daughter Eva who has an average height.

The journey to getting Emily getting another child after Eva wasn’t an easy one. Her pregnancy for her second child was kind of difficult, she had announced her baby JJ having a seizure in the womb.

Also, she had revealed having a problem with her placenta, and sadly three months after successfully giving birth to the baby, he passed away.

After the death of his second child, Emily’s relationship with Lontel went through a rough patch on the counts of having more babies.

Emily Fernandez was Eagar to have another baby but Lontel on the other hand who is not a dwarf was not ready to deal with the possibility of having another dead baby.

However, after some time of contemplating and disagreements, Lontel agreed to have another baby with Emily.

Two years later after the death of Emily second son JJ, she gave birth to another son who they called Zayne. Unfortunately, the couple later split although having a healthy baby boy.

Also, Emily Fernandez most popular relationship ever since was with the rapper Dreadz 448.

She started her relationship with Dreadz 448 in the year 2017 and later on the couple released a song together with they titled “Lifetime”.

Emily Fernandez Net Worth & Salary 2020

Emily Fernandez net worth is estimated to be about $500 thousand as of 2020. Though this might look a little bit small for a celebrity, she was able to acquire this much for featuring in reality shows and also from live performances around the world.

Interesting Facts About Emily Fernandez Wealth

  • Among other interesting facts about Emily, she is known to be a lover of dog having about three dogs which she loves so much and one of them is a Doberman Pinscher.
  • Another interesting thing about Emily is the fact that she has a trust fund. While she was featuring in the reality series Little Women: Dallas, a castmate of her suggested she should use the money from her trust fund to invest in a bar but she bluntly refused.
  • She refused on the counts that she doesn’t think that her castmate had a favorable business plan.
  • The death of Emily’s adoptive mother was not the first tragedy had to face since birth, she had lost her mother also when she was little due to surgery complications.

Favorite Emily Fernandez Quotes

Emily Fernandez quotes

It’s just — the days I choose to suppress my feelings, I act like I’m okay and the days that I choose to talk about it are a little bit harder. – Emily Fernandez

Emily Fernandez quotes

He would panic every time a nurse would come to change his diaper because he couldn’t hear or see them. Not to mention all the surgeries he had to undergo in that state of constant fear.” – Emily Fernandez

Emily Fernandez quotes

In the beginning, obviously the second someone said his name, I would burst into tears,” she said. And it wasn’t their fault; they were just being a supportive fan wondering what was going on.” – Emily Fernandez

Notable Lessons From Emily Fernandez Wealth

After a thorough review of Emily Fernandez net worth and all that is to know about her career so far, below is some notable lesson that can be learned from her and her story.

The Situation Of Your Birth

How you were born and unfortunate circumstances that surround your birth does not necessarily determine your future.

After Emily’s birth, she was put away for adoption by her birth parents and this act brought her into a family that welcomed and loved her for who she is no matter what.

Don’t give up no matter the tragedy you’re facing

Despite all the tragedy and sad times Emily got to face ranging from the death of her beloved adoptive mother to the death of his son, Emily did not let any of this stop her, she kept moving forward and achieving great success in both her career and personal life.

So, no matter how painful and heartbreaking the tragedy you face might be, do not let them stop you. Keep motivating yourself and stay encouraged.


Emily Fernandez is an American actress and a reality show presenter who is popularly known for featuring in the popular reality television series ‘Little Women’. She has gone through a lot of tragedy ever since birth but kept soaring higher and achieving her dreams not minding the pains.

Emily Fernandez net worth has been estimated to be about $1.2 million as of 2020.

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