Eric Church Net Worth & Achievements

What is Eric Church Net Worth?

Molly Ephraim $15 million
Source of Wealth:Songwriter and Singer
Date of Birth:May 3rd, 1977
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Eric Church Net Worth: Eric Church is a famous American songwriter and singer with an estimated net worth of $15 million.

He started his career at age 13. Born on the 3rd of May 1977, Church had a passion and chose to pursue it after his college degree. Eric Church has a great work-life balance, as he prioritizes his family despite his busy career.

Eric Church’s successful career is seen in the numerous awards and recognitions he has received.

Early Life

Church is a graduate of Appalachian State University, where he studied marketing. While in school, he didn’t stop performing and perfecting his songwriting craft. With his brother, fellow guitarist, and college roommate, he established the music band “Mountain Boys” and continually played Jimmy Buffett’s cover with his composition.

Regardless of his burning passion for music, Church nearly veered from his music career as he tried following his father’s guidance and advice to pursue a corporate job after college. However, he bravely decided to pursue his career as a country musician and moved in 2001 to Nashville, Tennessee, to bring his dreams to life.

He was born on the 3rd of May 1977 and grew up with a passion for country music, greatly influenced by musicians such as George Strait, Merle Haggard, and Hank Williams. At age 13, he started writing songs, bought his first guitar, and sharpened his skills in clubs and local bars. He gained a love for music and learned much about work ethics from his father, a furniture company president.


Eric Church’s music is known to be relatable, with raw emotions and a blend of genres. His authenticity in music has set him apart, and he has partnered with several artists from different music backgrounds, such as Chick Corea, a Jazz pianist, Metallica, and The Doobie Brothers, growing his audience and pushing beyond the country music boundaries.

Church has won countless awards throughout his career, such as the Country Music Association Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards, and Grammy nominations, with about 30 million singles and 16 million albums ranking him top amongst his generation’s successful country musicians.

His career began in 2005 after he bagged a Capitol Records deal, thus kickstarting his music career. In 2006, he launched his first album, “Sinners Like Me”, which blended traditional and contemporary edge. The album made a lot of waves with critical acclaim. It led to the introduction of hits like Lighting and Caught Up in the Moment, with further albums being the 2009 Carolina, 2011 Chief, and 2014 The Outsiders. In 2015, he released Mr Misunderstood, making him a leading country musician of his time.

Before all this, Church tried pursuing a corporate career as advised by his father but relocated to Nashville after determining to pursue his passion. He faced numerous challenges as an upcoming star and worked tirelessly in bars and local shows to break even. His songs resonate with his unique storytelling ability and country roots. In 2005, his consistency eventually paid off as he got signed by Capitol Records.

Eric Church net worth is estimated to be $15 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2012 – Winner of the Best Country Music Grammy Award for the song “Chief”.
  • 2015 – Won the Entertainer of the Year Award of the Country Music Association.
  • Church has released over six studio albums and reached the top 5 charts on Billboard 200, selling about 10 million albums in the US with several sold-out tours.

Personal Life

Katherine Blasingame, Eric Church’s wife, has continued to be a support pillar throughout his career. The couple married in 2008 and has two sons, Bonne McCoy Church and Tennessee Hawkins Church, who have instilled the same great values that formed Eric’s life. He met his wife in college, and she has been a source of strength and inspiration.

Eric’s family life has been a source of inspiration and admiration to many as he has balanced his family life with his career life. He often integrates his family into his songs, making them relatable and authentic. His family has greatly supported his career, constantly bringing to memory the true definition of success and the essence of work-life balance.

Eric Church was born on the 3rd of May 1977 in Granite Falls, a town located in North Carolina. Details about his early life and his parents are unknown to the public, as despite having a successful music career, he can maintain a private personal life.

Awards and Achievements

In 2012, Eric Church received two awards. First was the Best Country Music Album Grammy Award and then the Academy of Country Music Album of the Year Award. In 2013, he won the Male Vocalist of the Year Award from the Academy of Country.

2015 was another double award year as he won the Entertainer of the Year Award from the Country Music Association and the Favorite Male Country Artist by American Music Award.

Eric Church Net Worth

Eric Church net worth is estimated to be $15 million. Eric Church has significantly impacted the music world as a songwriter and singer who has contributed greatly to the industry.

Discovering his love for music at a tender age, he started honing his talent by producing successful albums and songs. His earnings and income sources are mostly from the service fee charge from his song release, singing deals tours, and live performances.


Eric is a famous musician who has made a significant impact in supporting charity organizations, thus demonstrating his dedication to creating a better world. He actively invests in society and gives beyond his achievements.

His family and music enjoy his compassionate heart of giving, and organizations such as the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, the USO, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation also appreciate his active support. In addition to financially assisting these organizations, he has created awareness for diverse causes, motivating others to make positive strides.

Real Estate

Eric Church lives a very private life; as such, his property values and real estate investments are unknown to the public. He doesn’t expose his real estate ventures to chase clout or gain undue attention, which helps him create a healthy boundary between his personal and public life.

Eric Church net worth is estimated to be about $15 million, this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate

Notable Eric Church’s Quotes

Politically, the most powerful people in this country are mayors. If you took all the mayors of the 25 biggest cities and got them together, you could do more on that level than you ever could through the bureaucracy in Washington. – Eric Church

When cutting a tree, if I’m thinking about anything other than that 40-foot oak tree… I’m a dead man. It’s a therapy thing for me. – Eric Church

Right now, you’ve seen these artists pop up over the last decade who’ve flirted with branching together a lot of different kinds of music. Some of them have been huge and sold millions of records. And over time, it’s become a little bit of what the industry can be. – Eric Church

Life Lessons To Learn From Eric Church’s Success

1. Prioritize Family

Eric Church’s commitment to his wife, children, and family denotes making your family your top priority despite a busy professional life.

2. Hard work and Consistency

Through his life journey, we can learn the importance of hard work and persistence despite challenges. He started as a teen and kept pushing until he reached the top of his career.

3. Generosity

Through Eric’s story, we understand that our success is meant to imprint society, not just enrich our pockets positively.

Frequently Asked Questions – Eric Church’s Net Worth

Which awards does Eric Church have to his name?

Eric Church has won several awards, including the Country Music Association Awards, the Academy of Country Music Awards, and the Grammy nomination.

Which music genre is Eric Church known for?

As much as he integrates blues, southern rock, and rock into his music, Eric Church is a Country Musician.

What song is Eric Church popularly known for?

Some of the most popular songs he is known for are Springsteen, Drink in My Hand, and Smoke Rings.

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Final Thoughts

Church has released about four additional studio albums, with two at #1 on the Billboard charts and has several awards, including two CMAs, a CMT Music Award, an American Country Award, and 5 ACM Awards.

He released his first single, “How Bout You”, which got to number 16 on the charts after relocating to Nashville to build his music career. Eventually, Capitol Nashville took note of him through producer Jay Joyce. Soon after, he launched his debut album. Before this, he played in clubs and bars throughout college and high school and established a band called “Mountain Boys”.

The famous songwriter and singer has an estimated financial worth of 14 million dollars and started writing songs and playing guitars at age 13. Granite Falls town in North Carolina was his birthplace.

As of 2024, Eric Church net worth is estimated to be $15 million.

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