George Floyd Net Worth & Achievements

What is George Floyd Net Worth?

Net Worth:$5 million
Source of Wealth:Athlete
Date of Birth: October 14, 1973
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Last Updated:2024

George Floyd Net Worth: George Perry Floyd Jr, otherwise known as George Floyd, was an athlete with an estimated net worth of $5 million. He fancied basketball and American football; he played both pretty well, too, from high school to college.

Before Covid-19 I am pretty sure you had no inkling as to who George Floyd was. The unfortunate incident that led to his demise, sadly, is what gave him wide recognition and spurred the famous #Black Lives Matter movement.

Unknown to a lot of people, George was a talented rapper. He was an active and pretty famous member of a rap gang, “Screwed Up Click,” he amassed some of his wealth from his performances with this gang. However, he joined another gang later.

Early Life

George Perry Floyd Jr. was born to his father, who he is named after, on October 14, 1973, in North Carolina, United States. George spent most of his early childhood moving from one state to the other within the U.S. to further his education.

In the early 1990s, shortly after leaving college, George joined and became a member of two distinct rap gangs, the first one was named “Screwed Up Click.” While the name of the second is not yet disclosed. He gained some of his wealth from the former; however, his fame and career as a rapper met an abrupt end.

Unknown to many, George has a criminal record. George was convicted and incarcerated on drug charges; there, she spent eight years for the crime he was caught in.

George moved to Minneapolis in 2014 to get a fresh start. He worked as a truck driver and bodyguard until he faced police brutality and met his demise.


George kicked off his career as a rapper in 1994. He joined the legendary Screwed up Click but left for another gang after a while. He was jailed afterward for peddling drugs.

He suffered great losses and had to move and work two jobs in Minneapolis just to support his family. Up until May 25, 2020, George worked hard before losing his life at the hands of Officer Chauvin at 46.

The viral video of his death caused an uproar in black communities and spearheaded the movement #Black Lives Matter which lasted for months.

George Floyd net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of 2024.

Career Highlight

Below are their career highlights of George until the time of his death.

  • 1994 Joined Screwed Up Click (Rap gang)
  • 1995 Worked with Legendary DJ crew
  • 1996 Joined another rap crew
  • 1997 Did time in prison for several crimes ( till 2007)
  • 1998 Worked as a truck driver and bodyguard (till 2020)

Personal Life

George Floyd was married to Roxie Washington. They had five children until their marriage fell apart. George and Roxie got divorced and remained so until the time of his death.

George was also a grandfather to two adorable kids. He was the first and oldest of five siblings in the Floyd family.

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Awards and Achievements

George Floyd’s achievements began when he joined the Screwed Up Clicks; there, he worked closely with the DJ crew and amassed most of his wealth.

In a twist of fate, his most pronounced achievement is his death which rippled into a mass protest. He was a reputed African American rapper, ambitious driver, and bodyguard.

George Floyd Net Worth

George Floyd net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Until his death, he built a successful career, made a name for himself, and worked tirelessly to gain the aforementioned net worth.

His death got so much buzz due to the nature of his death, till today Georg Floyd remains in the heart of many, most especially the African-American communities in the United States.

Notable George Floyd’s Quotes

Ignorance does not make you fireproof when the world is burning.- George Floyd

Let our stand be together, shoulder to shoulder, hold hands with every human of every color, because together we rise and we shall stand with justice & power forever so we can breathe in peace.- George Floyd.

They’re Going to Kill Me.- George Floyd

Life Lessons to Learn From George Floyd’s Success

We have been able to discuss in detail the life, career, achievement and Net worth of George Flod, hence we have been able to deduce some notable lessons that will help you and your career.

1. Great things can come from you

Perhaps the most important lesson to learn from George Floyd’s life is that great things can be birthed from anyone, even in their absence. We all have something special hidden deep within that we can leave behind to make the world a better and more tolerable place to live in.

2. Prison is not the End

The life of George Floyd gives us that hope that we can be who will want to be regardless of the stereotype that comes with ex-convicts. Floyd was able to rise again and do what he loves doing.

3. Be a Better Police Officer

The life of George Floyd was cut short because of the recklessness and inhumane act of a police officer. Such act has been consist with the US police officers, especially towards Black folks. If you are an officer, let the death of Floyd be a call to be better, to serve and carry out your service with human dignity and not with hatred and racism.

Frequently Asked Questions – George Floyd Net Worth

What were George Floyd’s final words?

George Floyd’s final words, which have become a mantra of some sort for expressing a demeaning situation, were, “I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.”

What did George Floyd do?

George’s early life began in Fayetteville, North Carolina, while part of his adult years was spent in Houston, Texas. Between 1997 to 2005, he was charged and imprisoned for several crimes. He accepted a plea bargain in 2007 and served four years in prison.

What happened to George Floyd?

George died of cardiopulmonary arrest due to neck compression on May 25, 2020, when a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, and other accomplices knelt on George’s neck for nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds. George was allegedly being restrained so that he could be arrested for using a fake $20 bill to make a purchase in a store.

How much did George Floyd get awarded?

George’s family, through their Lawyer, Ben Crump, got a settlement of $27 million.

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Final Thoughts

46-year-old George Floyd was a victim of police brutality that led to his grotesque murder. George died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by his assaulters. The harsh and inhumane nature of his death and his last words sparked a worldwide revolution.

As of 2024, George Floyd net worth was estimated to be $5 million.

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