Jason Biggs Net Worth & Achievements

What is Jason Biggs Net Worth?

Net Worth:$20 million
Source of Wealth:Actor
Date of Birth:May 12th, 1978
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Jason Biggs Net Worth: Jason Biggs is an actor with an estimated net worth of $20 million. Over the years, he has accumulated wealth through his various roles in television shows, movies, and stage performances.

Whether starring in hit comedies or engaging in dramatic roles, Jason Biggs has demonstrated his versatility as an actor, which has played a crucial role in his financial success.

Early Life

Jason Matthew Biggs’ early life in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, set the foundation for his diverse and dynamic career in acting. Born on May 12, 1978, into a Roman Catholic family, Jason’s upbringing was steeped in a mix of cultural influences, reflective of his English, Italian, and Sicilian descent.

His parents, Angela, a nurse, and Gary, a shipping company manager, provided a stable and nurturing environment for him and his two sisters, Heather and Chiara.

From a very young age, Jason displayed a keen interest in the performing arts. His venture into acting at the age of five was more than just child’s play; it was the beginning of a lifelong passion. This early exposure to the entertainment industry was pivotal, marking the start of his journey in acting, a path that would eventually lead him to national and international acclaim.

His academic life at Hasbrouck Heights High School further demonstrated his multifaceted talents. Beyond his achievements in the classroom, Jason excelled in tennis, a sport that perhaps taught him discipline and perseverance—qualities essential to his future career in acting.

Despite his athletic and academic pursuits, his passion for acting continued to grow, leading him to participate in various local and school productions, honing his skills on and off the stage.


Jason Biggs’ acting journey is a testament to his early start in the industry, beginning his career at the tender age of five. This early introduction to acting paved the way for his entry into the entertainment world, culminating in his acquisition of a Screen Actors Guild card by the time he was just twelve.

His early career was marked by diverse roles, from commercials to his big-screen debut in “The Boy Who Cried Bitch” and a noteworthy performance in the Broadway production “Conversations with My Father.”

The trajectory of his career took a significant turn with his involvement in the television series “As the World Turns,” where he honed his craft further. His role in “American Pie” marked a watershed moment, catapulting him into the limelight and establishing him as a notable figure in the entertainment industry.

This role not only showcased his comedic talent but also underscored his ability to connect with a wide audience, earning him critical and commercial success.

Following this, Biggs continued to explore various facets of acting, transitioning between film, television, and theater with ease. His performances in “Boys and Girls,” “Loser,” and “Saving Silverman,” among others, demonstrated his range and versatility as an actor.

His return to the stage in productions like “The Graduate” and “Modern Orthodox” highlighted his theatrical prowess, reinforcing his status as a multifaceted actor.

Jason Biggs net worth is estimated to be $20 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 1999: Starred in the international hit “American Pie.”
  • 2002: Co-starred in a Broadway production of “The Graduate.”
  • 2013: Began playing Larry Bloom in “Orange Is the New Black.”
  • 2015: Returned to Broadway in “The Heidi Chronicles.”
  • 2020-2021: Starred in “Outmatched” and began hosting “Cherries Wild.”

Personal Life

Jason Biggs married Jenny Mollen, his co-star from “My Best Friend’s Girl,” on April 23, 2008. They have two sons, Sid and Lazlo. Biggs has been open about his life, including his sometimes controversial use of social media.

Despite the challenges, he maintains a significant presence online, engaging with fans and sharing aspects of his personal life.

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Awards and Achievements

Jason Biggs has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry with his performances, earning him several nominations and awards over the years. He received a Daytime Emmy nomination in 1995 for his role in the soap opera “As the World Turns.”

Biggs’ portrayal in “American Pie” led to multiple MTV Movie Award nominations in 2000 and 2002, and he won the Best Kiss award in 2002 for “American Pie 2.” His contribution to the ensemble cast of “Orange Is the New Black” was recognized with a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2015.

Additionally, Biggs has been acknowledged at the Teen Choice Awards with several nominations across various categories for his roles in “American Pie,” “American Wedding,” and “American Reunion.”

Jason Biggs Net Worth

Jason Biggs net worth is estimated to be $20 million. His salary from the “American Pie” franchise alone contributed significantly to this figure, earning $1 million for the first movie, $2 million for the second, and $5 million each for the third and fourth installments.

Aside from his earnings from the film series, Biggs has diversified his income through various roles in television, movies, stage performances, and even voice acting.

Biggs’ acting career extends beyond “American Pie,” with roles in television series like “Orange Is the New Black,” films like “Saving Silverman” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” and Broadway productions such as “The Graduate.” His venture into producing films like “The Subject” also adds to his income streams, showcasing his versatility in the entertainment industry.

Real Estate

Jason Biggs has made notable real estate investments, reflecting his status in Hollywood. He and his wife, Jenny Mollen, sold their Los Angeles home located near the Sunset Strip in 2015 and relocated to Manhattan, New York City.

The couple resides in the West Village, indicating their preference for the vibrant cultural scene and the bustling lifestyle of New York City.

Jason Biggs net worth is estimated to be about $20 million, this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate.

Life Struggles

Jason Biggs has faced his share of challenges both professionally and personally. One aspect of his life where he has been open is his mental health.

Biggs has advocated for mental health awareness, using his platform to share his own experiences with anxiety. This openness about his struggles is important in an industry where mental health often goes unspoken. His advocacy work not only highlights his personal journey but also helps to destigmatize mental health issues among his fans and the wider public.

Biggs’ engagement with social media has also been a double-edged sword. While it has allowed him to connect with fans, it has also been a source of controversy. From 2012 to 2014, he faced backlash for several tweets, which led to public apologies and, in some cases, deletions of his posts.

Notable Jason Biggs Quotes

I’m a big fan of shock value humor and I find myself being most comfortable when I make other people uncomfortable. Is that sick of me? I really like it.- Jason Biggs

The truth is that, after 30 years old, men still masturbate. There are still sexual problems that arise for guys.- Jason Biggs

I’ve always felt most comfortable in the hopeless romantic, underdog kind of roles who always gets the girl in the end.- Jason Biggs

Life Lessons to Learn From Jason Biggs’ Success

1. Embrace Your Unique Comedy

Jason Biggs has always embraced his unique sense of humor, even when it pushes boundaries or makes others uncomfortable. This shows the importance of staying true to your artistic vision and personality, even in the face of criticism or controversy.

2. Versatility Is Key

While known predominantly for his comedic roles, Biggs has expressed a desire to take on more dramatic parts without abandoning his comedic roots. This highlights the value of versatility in your career, showcasing the importance of exploring diverse interests and talents.

3. Stay True to Yourself

Biggs’ comfort in playing roles that resonate with him personally, such as the “hopeless romantic, underdog” characters, teaches the importance of authenticity. Pursuing what feels natural and right to you can lead to fulfilling and successful outcomes in your professional and personal life.

Frequently Asked Questions – Jason Biggs Net Worth

How did Jason Biggs start his acting career?

Jason Biggs began acting at the young age of 5 and earned his Screen Actors Guild card by the age of 12. His early career involved television and stage performances, including a role on Broadway in “Conversations with My Father”.

What are some notable roles Jason Biggs has played?

Aside from Jim Levenstein in the “American Pie” series, Biggs has had significant roles in “Orange Is the New Black,” “Saving Silverman,” “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” and on Broadway in “The Graduate”​​​​.

Has Jason Biggs won any awards for his acting?

While Jason Biggs has received various nominations throughout his career, one notable win is his part in the ensemble cast of “Orange Is the New Black,” which won a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

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Final Thoughts

Jason Biggs has built a substantial net worth of $20 million through a diversified career in acting, voice work, producing, and strategic real estate investments. His memorable role in the “American Pie” series laid the foundation for his financial success.

Biggs’ ability to navigate the complexities of Hollywood while maintaining a strong presence in both film and television showcases not only his talent but also his acumen in managing and expanding his financial portfolio.

As of 2024, Jason Biggs net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

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