Joe Fournier Net Worth & Achievements

What is Joe Fournier Net Worth?

songwriter, singer, and rapper$5 million
Source of Wealth:Businessman and Boxer
Date of Birth:January 23rd, 1983
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Joe Fournier Net Worth: Joe Fournier is an English businessman and professional boxer with an estimated net worth of $5 million. On the 23rd of January 1983, a Millionaire entrepreneur and professional boxer was born. At 40 years of age, Joe Fournier has achieved a proper amount of success for himself, having dabbled in here and there in his quest.

His success began as an entrepreneur in the nightclub industry, from which he would venture into other businesses and establish his brand, “The Fournier Group.” He would then venture into professional boxing, gaining massive fame for his sports achievements.

Early Life

Joe attended the Lycée Français Charles De Gaulle de Londres, the American Community School, and the Ashton House Primary School. Eventually, he changed schools and continued at Isleworth and Syon School due to his parent’s divorce. 

Moving on, he attended St. Mary’s University, where he majored in Human Biology and Sports Science. His stay there would also feature his alleged captaining of the school’s English Basketball Team 43 times, but given that Fourier’s captainship of the team was in no way recorded, the fact is still up for debate.

He had to stop playing Basketball due to an unfortunate shoulder injury, but it did not stop him, as he went ahead to start a gym, where he trained people personally. He saw the frequent change of schools as an opportunity to learn about lifestyle and culture. Hence, it had a rather positive impact on his development.

Joe is currently 40 years old and was born on the 23rd of January 1983 in London, the United Kingdom.


Joe has led a successful career path in boxing, and he stands out for his numerous philanthropic activities, including his work with a handful of organizations and charities to positively impact other persons’ lives. Such organizations include The Make-A-Wish Foundation, spreading goodwill to all.

He began with Nightclubs, where he started as an entrepreneur, and the business grew quite spontaneously, allowing him to expand and move into fitness and real estate. All ventures proved to be great successes, and he leveraged that success to start “The Fournier Group,” a brand that deals with Luxury Lifestyles.

The successes of his businesses gave room for his pursuit of his boxing passion. And beginning at 34, he has competed in a handful of High-Profile bouts and matches. He is undefeated and has won many titles, of which the WBA International Light Heavyweight Championship stands out.

Joe Fournier net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2009 – Ventured into professional boxing in 2013: He won an eight-round fight against Ivan Jukic, his first eight-round fight. Winning by unanimous decision.
  • 2016 – He moved on to win a ten-round fight against Julio Cesar Dos Santos by unanimous decision.
  • 2017 – Won the rematch with Julio Cesar Dos Santos by unanimous decision.
  • 2019 – Won Jorge Rodriguez Olivera in just the 2nd round. He won by TKO, gaining him the WBA International Light Heavyweight title.
  • 2021 – He won his match against Reykon, a music artist, again by unanimous decision, which happened during the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren event in an exhibition boxing match.

Personal Life

The attractive entrepreneur has never been short of beautiful women, having dated his share of celebrities, such as Chloe Smith, Paris Hilton, and Nicole Scherzinger. Although at the moment, he is unattached to any and single.

He once dated Paris Hilton and Chloe Smith simultaneously, committed to Chloe, and was romantically involved with the singer, Paris. Chloe found out and admitted to Joe, completely breaking her heart.

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Awards and Achievements

Joe has a fair share of recognition, which began while he was young. He succeeded in the nightclub industry and as a great entrepreneur. Professionally, he has accolades as a boxer and is still undefeated. He has won the WBA International Light Heavyweight Championships.

He is a philanthropist and the CEO and Founder of the Fournier group. He has other businesses in the Fitness, Nightclub, and real estate industries.

Joe Fournier’s Net Worth

Joe Fournier net worth is estimated to be $5 million. He also founded and owns a foundation, The Joe Fournier Foundation, geared toward after-school programs and coaches in the London Borough of Hounslow.


Joe has a notable series of charitable events attached to his person. He started a boxing event in 2016 for a charity tagged “Boxing With The Stars” in London. It was aimed at the Teenage Cancer Trust to raise money. The event saw over One Hundred Thousand Euros raised for the charity in the first year.

In 2017, he organized a charity gala to benefit the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation in Monaco. The event comprised a Fashion Show, Robin Thicke, a singer, performing, and an auction, and finally saw to the raising of over Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros toward the foundation.

He hosted a charity football match in 2018 in Spain, intending to reach out to the Children’s orphanage in Malaga. This event realized over fifty thousand euros for the orphanage.

There is news of his latest charity auction, which was held in 2021 in his country. He organized a charity auction, alongside his match against Reykon, for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The auction had items like boxing gloves (signed), a private dinner with him (Fournier), and a luxury yacht trip. Over One hundred thousand Euros was realized at the end of the event.

Notable Joe Fournier’s Quotes

Money is important, but it’s not everything. What’s important is being able to impact people’s lives positively. – Joe Fournier.

Boxing has taught me that life is all about discipline, dedication, and hard work. If you want to succeed in anything, those are the three things you need to focus on. – Joe Fournier.

You don’t get to the top of your game by doing what everyone else does. You have to be different, you have to be unique. – Joe Fournier.

Life Lessons to Learn From Joe Fournier’s Success

1. Business Wisdom

Despite not having formal business teaching, Joe had proven against all odds that his businesses would thrive, and we saw that play out quite beautifully. This goes to prove the Business-Savvy nature that Joe possesses.

2. Philanthropy

Joe has also proven to be a man of the people through his numerous efforts to give back to society. This is evident in all his philanthropic works, which have proven successful.

3. Resilience

One thing his unbeaten boxing record speaks of greatly is his resilient spirit and unwillingness to give up or accept defeat. He would even go as far as boxing into the tenth round to keep his record clean.

Frequently Asked Questions – Joe Fournier’s Net Worth

How many wins does Joe Fournier have?

At a current five years plus five months in his pro boxing career, he has had a total of Ten matches, sporting Nine wins, One no-contest, and no losses. His record stands at Nine Knockout wins.

What clubs does Joe Fournier own?

As one of the foremost entrepreneurs in his field, with vast experience, he invests in and owns clubs such as Bonbonniere London, The Rose Club, Streaky Gin, and Whisky Mist. And adding to the collection, he recently opened a new one, Bonbonniere Mikonos. 

How good is Joe Fournier?

After his winning debut against Jorge Burgos, he has not for once slacked his streak. Making sure to keep a clean, winning slate so far. With a record of Nine wins and One no-contest, coupled with having all his wins by knockout, all of the bigger names in the industry have yet to defeat him. 

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Final Thoughts

With a Five-million-dollar net worth, Joe Fournier has built successful careers in entrepreneurship, business, and investment in the real estate, hospitality, and nightclub industries. These successes have enabled his pursuit of his pro boxing career and his immense support for Charity and Philanthropic efforts. 

As of 2024, Joe Fournier net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

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