Kountry Wayne Net Worth & Achievements

What is Kountry Wayne’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$5 million
Source of Wealth:Comedian
Date of Birth:December 9th, 1987
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Kountry Wayne Net Worth: Wayne Colley also referred to as Kountry Wayne, is an African-American Comedian with an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Wayne is renowned for creating hilarious original characters like “Buddy” the Sugar Daddy, and “Drip” the Dope Boy.

In addition to garnering tens of millions of views on his self-produced comedy sketches in the Online Community, Wayne is currently touring the country and selling out arenas and other venues. Wayne currently has a net worth of 5 million dollars.

Early life

It was cited from an interview that Wayne Colley, who hailed from Warnesbon in Georgia, explained how he became successful in life. He mentioned how he was raised and supported by his family, having one sister and four other brothers.

His parents were from different geographical areas of the world; his father was an African man who was once in jail for undisclosed reasons, while his mother was a white woman from the United States.

He had great and supportive parents, especially his father, who looked out for the family. Wayne Colley was born in the late nineties on the 9th of December.

He had only attended high school, but during those days, he had the best grades in his class and was awarded the most intelligent in Jenkins High school.

After high school, he had some mental issues that led to his dropout. This was caused by quarrels between him and his family, but his father was patient enough to walk him through the course of his life until he became a successful man.


It would surprise you that Kountry Wayne is the comedian behind one of the most-watched programs in the comedy industry, Wild’ Out.

He started off as a teenager with nothing but passion and enthusiasm for music only because he had very good vocals.

But we all know that music demands a lot from us, the training, the act, the songwriting, and so much more. This was not a good place for him to walk.

Some years after he had discovered there was no place to lay his feet in the music world, he thought of another silent and, at the same time, a huge part of him, comedy.

He loved watching skits and programs that made people laugh on social media. Young Wayne conquered his fears and decided to make short videos which he uploaded on Facebook in 2014 and got quite a number of followers from the stunt. This greatly announced his career.

Today, his tentacles are spread abroad and within, and he has been featured in some very interesting shows in the comedy industry.

Kountry Wayne Net Worth is estimated to be about $5 Million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • Since 2014 – Comedy
  • 2020 – Holiday Heartbreak (movie)
  • 2017 – The Turn around (movie)
  • 2016 – Brazilian Wavy  (movie)

Personal Life

The alarming rate of divorce in the United States also affected the marriage of Kounty. As a teenager of only 17, filled with youthful blood, he had impregnated his girlfriend, who had a child for him.

Over the years, he had met and dated quite a number of beautiful women who carried his children, both boys and girls. We would need to call his home a community as he already has ten children as of 2021.

His divorced wife, Gena, who is also a promising young comedian, got married to him in 2019 in the United States, but their marriage only lasted for two years due to some home and career crises.

The main reason behind the discontinuation of their marriage was the news that Kountry cheated on Gena with a different woman who was both their friend and a fellow comedian.

This so much affected their relationship, and Gena had two kids, a boy, and a girl.

Just like any other celebrity, he has several women that had kids with him outside of wedlock. There are about five different women with ten children.

According to him, there are a lot of reasons behind him having a community as a family; one of the mentioned ones was as a source of motivation to be a better person and want to top up his game.

Awards and Achievements

The comedy industry has, over the years, been a great source of income for Kountry; he has become one of the most watched comedians on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and a host of others.

Recognized as one of the ten best comic authors in 2021, he has also been a recipient of many awards through the years.

Amazingly, he found it more fulfilling and purposeful to venture into comedy, where he expresses himself better and reaches out to millions of people from different parts of the world.

Frankly, with the number of awesome artists in the state, being a rapper would have reduced his chances for such achievements.

He made the best choice by going full-time into comedy and picking stand-up comedy as his niche for this reach.

Kountry Wayne Net Worth

Kountry Wayne Net Worth is estimated at $5 Million. Picking his career base as a stand-up comedian has greatly helped him become a millionaire with a vast number of fans and followers.

Kountry has so many establishments, a charity organization, and an academy for grooming young and enthusiastic comedians in the States and from other parts of the world.

His kind heart and funny skits have greatly boosted his resume’ for loyal fans. He has also found a new love in selling products at wholesale and retail levels.

He has established and stocked quite a number of stores where people go to purchase her home items.

Like any other fan-loving comedian, he has made a lot of money from his career, having millions of dollars in his pocket.

His fan base is also enormous on basically all social media platforms, with millions of fans worldwide. Kountry is truly a successful man.

Real Estate

Being such a successful comedian has put him on rigorous checks on every penny in his pocket. Both his bank accounts, establishments, companies, cars, houses, and others. Some are being kept undisclosed from the public eye.

Kountry Wayne net worth is estimated to be about $5 Million as of 2024.

Kountry Wayne Quotes

My momma was dead, and my daddy was in prison. You can tell by the look in my eyes I had to figure some things out. But I was standing up in the paint! I made a promise to him and all my other kids I was going to take away! And here we are now working together.

But it’s a different kind of laugh. It’s not in your throat. It’s not in your cheekbones. It’s in your soul.

Hollywood didn’t know about me, because the people who do follow me are the people from those small towns – people that love each other and believe in the one who made the sky blue and the winds blow.

Notable Lessons to Learn Kountry Wayne’s Wealth

After analyzing Kountry Wayne’s net worth, here are some notable lessons to learn from his success.

1. Multiple Streams of Income

With the rise in inflation and cost of living in the world, getting multiple streams of income is important, and one such business is an online business that can come by monetizing your online content. Online businesses are lucrative; build one today.

2. Heal the World with a Smile

A lot of people are going through a lot that they don’t even share; giving them a reason to keep going through words that can make them smile or even laugh can make a whole difference in their lives.

3. Get Yourself a Mentor

Mentors will guide you through the right road to success, making sure you avoid the mistakes most people without mentors would make

4. Stay Focused, Dedicated, and Trust the Process

The route to success is filled with trials and tribulations, but if you remain focused and dedicated and trust the process, you will achieve all you want.

Frequently Asked Questions – Kountry Wayne Net Worth

Who Is Kountry Wayne’s girlfriend?

After getting married to Gena in 2019 and being caught with a female comedian, Jess, in 2019, which led to his divorce, Kountry has not yet found a place in love.

What is Kountry Wayne’s net worth?

Being a successful and well-known comedian, Kountry has made himself a lot of money in dollars, running to about six million dollars and a lot more in the currencies of other countries like India, Korean won, and pounds amongst others.

He also has one of the most sort out and expensive cars in the world that, costs about 38 million US dollars.

How many kids does Kountry Wayne have?

Reading through his startups and love life experiences, Kountry was not so lucky with love. Has a divorced wife who had two kids with him, a girl and seven boys from his five baby mamas.

Final Thoughts

Before the break of his career as a comedian, he had a few drawbacks which were benched on whether it would fetch him money, courage to start, and the need for a large fan base.

Over time, with Wild’ Out as his main stand-up comedy show, he gained ground in the 20th century.

The one video he uploaded on Facebook in 2014 expanded his horizon.

Every corner of the world, through social media platforms like Instagram, has something to say about his success.

However, his merchandise side hustle combined with his career has fetched him a lot of money, running to millions of dollars, and has made him one of the richest comedians in the world.

Kountry Wayne’s net worth is estimated to be about $5 Million as of 2024.

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