Larenz Tate Net Worth & Achievements

What is Larenz Tate Net Worth?

Net Worth:$4.5 million
Source of Wealth:Actor
Date of Birth:September 8th, 1975
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Larenz Tate Net Worth: Larenz Tate is an American actor with an estimated net worth of $4.5 million. He has successfully strived in the acting industry enchanting audiences with his amazing acting skills, incomparable charisma, and top-notch ability to easily pivot to different characters.

His career journey began when he gained fame as a teenager to become a professional actor with exceptional talent creating a landmark in the entertainment industry.

Early Life

Larenz Tate was born on the 8th of September, 1975 in Chicago, Illinois. He was born into a family with a robust artistic foundation.  Larry Tate, his father, was a musician while Peggy Tate, his mother, was a fashion designer.

Being exposed to arts from when he was Still a child spawned his creative abilities so he started acting in school dramas and local theater presentations.

Growing up, Tate was the youngest of three brothers, all of whom would eventually pursue careers in acting. This close-knit familial bond, especially within the context of the performing arts, played a significant role in his early exposure to the world of acting and entertainment.


Larenz Tate’s incredible acting skill caught the eyes of John Singleton, a director when he was just 15, leading to the role he played in  “Poetic Justice” the 1993 coming-of-age film.

How he was able to seamlessly play the role of a young man, Lucky, struggling for fame brought him into the limelight.

Larenz Tate continuously broadens his domain by filling the shoes of diverse characters after a groundbreaking role. He features in movies like (1996) “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate”, (1997) “Love Jones” and (1995) “Dead President”.

His filmography takes pride in having outstanding reviews and accolades such as (2014)  “Ride Along”, (2007) “Ray” and  (2004) Crash.

Larenz Tate has also been featured in television shows such as (2004-2011) “Rescue Me”, (2002-2008) “The Shield” and (2016) “Rush Hour”.

Larenz Tate net worth is estimated to be $4.5 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 1993 – Larenz Tate got a Breakthrough role in the film “Menace II Society.”
  • 1994 – He earned the NAACP Image Award For “Poetic Justice” for a supporting actor in a motion picture.
  • 1997 – He features in a romantic play “Love Jones”.
  • 1998 – Larenz Tate was nominated for “Love Jones” For Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture for NAACP Image Award.
  • 2005 – He received the Screen Actors Award For “Crash” For Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.
  • 2006 –He earned the BET Award for Best Actor for “The Shield”
  • 2007 – He earned the Image Award For “The Shield” For Outstanding Actor in a Television Drama Series.
  • 2014-2020 – He starred in a TV series “Power” as Councilman Rashad Tate.
  • 2015 – He won the BET Award for Best Actor in a Television Series for “Rush Hour

Personal Life

Larenz Tate has tried to keep up a private family life. In 2006, he wedded Tomasina Parrott with whom he has three kids: Langston Tate, Zuri Tate, and Miles Xavier Tate.

He came out to speak about the significance of family and it’s necessary to practice a good work-life ratio.

There have been some circulated rumors about Larenz Tate however, no significant controversy has tainted his career or life. Over time Larenz Tate has always shown professionalism with dedication to his work gaining massive recognition and respect from fans and colleagues.

Larenz Tate has been focused on extensively maintaining a private personal life which also contributed to his successful career in the industry.

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Awards and Achievements

Larenz Tate has experienced several iconic moments ever since the kick-off of his career coming into the spotlight in 1993 in “Poetic Justice”.

In 1994, he earned the NAACP Image Award For “Poetic Justice” for a supporting Actor in a motion picture. Larenz featured in a romantic play “Love Jones” in 1997 and in 1998 he was nominated for “Love Jones” For Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture for NAACP Image Award.

Later in 2005, Larenz Tate received the Screen Actors Award For “Crash” For Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. He earned the BET Award for Best Actor for “The Shield” in 2006.

He also gained the Image Award For “The Shield” For Outstanding Actor in a Television Drama Series in 2007 and from 2014-2020, he starred in a TV series “Power” as Councilman Rashad Tate.

Larenz Tate Net Worth

Larenz Tate net worth is estimated to be $4.5 million echoing his different means of income in the entertainment industry.

Larenz majorly earns his income from acting having been consistent for more than thirty years in the business of acting. Some of his reputable movies and roles include “The Power Universe” as Councilman Rashad Tate, “Menace II Society” as O-Dog, and “Love Jones” as Darius Lovehall.

Larenz had also started a career in film production acting as a co-producer on numerous projects such as the “Black Mafia Family’, and “Wu-Tang”. Tate has widened his skills and knowledge by acting as the director for television series including “Power Book.”

His voice has also been for different video games like “Grand Theft Auto: Fight for NY.” and Larenz has bagged several endorsement deals with different brands such as Coca-Cola and Nike.


Though his philanthropic activities are not generally known to the public he has shown dedication to being involved in charitable movements.

Mentorship programs: Larenz vigorously sustains mentorship actions such as offering help and guidance to young influencers and actors.

Community outreach: Having participated in different community outreach schemes including speaking out about social justice and youth growth.

Educational initiatives: Tate spoke about enhancing access to good education especially in rural and undeveloped communities.

Real Estate

Larenz and his wife, Tomasina Parrott own various real estate properties including their home which is situated in Los Angeles making evident their success in show biz.

Larenz Tate net worth is estimated to be about $4.5 million, this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate

Notable Larenz Tate’s Quotes

It’s important to give back to the community and inspire the next generation.- Larenz Tate.

Success is not just about fame and fortune. It’s about finding your purpose and making a positive impact.- Larenz Tate.

Never stop learning and growing. The journey is just as important as the destination.- Larenz Tate.

Life Lessons to Learn From Larenz Tate’s Success

1. Persistence Pays Off

Larenz Tate’s career is a testament to the power of persistence. Breaking into the acting world and achieving consistent success is challenging, but Tate’s journey shows that with relentless effort and dedication, one can overcome obstacles. This lesson teaches us to stay determined in the face of adversity and to keep pushing towards our goals, even when the path seems difficult.

2. Versatility is a Strength

Tate’s ability to perform a wide range of roles, from drama to comedy, demonstrates the importance of versatility. In life, being adaptable and open to new experiences can open many doors. This versatility can apply to skill sets in the workplace, adapting to different social environments, or embracing change in various aspects of life.

3. Maintain Integrity

Throughout his career, Larenz Tate has managed to maintain a level of integrity, choosing roles that resonate with his values and portraying them with authenticity. This integrity teaches us the importance of staying true to our values and beliefs, even in the face of pressure to conform or take the easier path. It’s about making choices that align with our core principles and being authentic in our actions.

Frequently Asked Questions – Larenz Tate Net Worth

Who is Tate’s wife?

Larenz Tate has been married for thirty years to Tomasina Parrott having a total of four children.

What disease does Larenz Tate have?

The popular actor, Larenz Tate is an advocate for sickle cell disease talking about the importance of knowing if you possess the disease.

What movie does Larenz Tate have a twin?

Larenz have in the past played a double role in a police drama which focuses on identical twins when one is a Con and the other is a Cop.

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Final Thoughts

Larenz Tate has set an indelible record through his ability to captivate audiences through his amazing performances. He showcases charismatic, and versatile nature including passion for his craft which contributed to his success.

As of 2024, Larenz Tate net worth was estimated to be $4.5 million.

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