Marjorie Bridges Woods Bio: Net Worth, Age, Instagram, Wiki, Children, Facts

Marjorie bridges Woods is a fashion blogger who owns a fashion industry and also the wife of the popular actor and comedian Steve Harvey.

She manages and controls the blog entitled “The Lady Loves Culture”.like some many others, Marjorie bridges is among the list of those who became publicly recognized due to their relationship and marriage.

Marjorie bridges woods

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Marjorie Bridges Wiki Facts

Full NameMarjorie Bridges Woods
Net worth$1m
Date of Birth10th of October,1964
Place of Birth United States of America
ProfessionFashion Designer
Height 5ft
SpouseSteve Harvey

Marjorie Bridges Bio, Age, Early Life and Education

Marjorie Bridges Woods is 56 years old, was born on the 10th of October,1964.

There is no much information about her birth, but it is known that she was born in the United States of America but the exact place and city remain unknown.

Marjorie bridges wood is an American by nationality and an African-American by ethnicity. She was born and raised somewhere in the USA by her father(Name not yet revealed to the public)and mother(Doris Bridges).

She had spent her childhood in the United States probably in Memphis since she was educated and married there.

Concerning Marjorie bridges education, she was able to go as far as matriculating into the University of Memphis but was not able to complete her educational prowess due to facts that have to do with her poor academic performance and bad results.

This factor limited her and she had to drop out of the University of Memphis with time.

Rumors has it that her bad performance in school was as a result of her being more fashion-minded than education minded.

This point is said to be what probably made her create a clothing line later in life.

Career and Fashion Blog

Quite several Hints have given at the beginning of this article about Marjorie bridges career in the fashion field. Majorie has had a great interest in fashion ever since she was little, so after dropping out from the University of Memphis she went ahead to pursue a career in the field of fashion.

In 2014, Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie Bridge started her career in fashion officially by launching a fashion blog by name “The Lady Love couture” a blog that Portrays Marjorie Bridges love for high fashion, lifestyle, healthy food and traveling.

This unique blog has a great impact on her income and net worth in general.

Marjorie bridges

Now, Marjorie bridges in other to stay updated and fulfill her career requirements, embark on trips around the world attending different high-class fashion events including Paris, New York, and Milan Fashion Weeks gathering information and writing articles concerning them.

It is for a fact that her popularity due to her relationship with Steve Harvey helped increase her blog traffic.

In addition to owning a fashion blog, Marjorie Bridges discovered the fashion store she called “Marjorie Harvey’s closet” which comprises of her clothing lines. She also has her line of handbags by name MH handbags. This great possession of hers also adds to her wealth and net worth.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods Entrepreneurial Journey

Marjorie Bridges Woods, Steve Harvey’s wife embarked on Entrepreneurship in 2014 the same year she started her blog. She had opened a fashion store in 2014 by name Marjorie Harvey’s Closet where she deals on fashion and more.

Furthermore, Steve Harvey’s,wife Majorie Bridges Wood uses her fashion designing initiative and that of her fashion designer friends to create nice stylish clothing pieces in her fashion store.

Also, regularly, Steve Harvey’s wife takes trips from New York to Paris and other parts of the world attending various fashion shows and picking up ideas that will help her fashion store produce unique clothing designs.

She also has an interest in social responsibility which her firm also focuses on.

Her interest in social responsibility makes her help several social causes through “The Steve and Marjorie Harvey foundation” which part of her proceeds from her fashion store is channeled to.

Marjorie Bridges Net Worth

It has been confirmed by reliable sources that Marjorie bridges has an estimated net worth of over $1m.

She was able to achieve this much through the success in her fashion career and also as a fashion blogger.

Steve Harveys wife, Marjorie Bridges Woods has acquired quite a lot of wealth since 2014 she started her career in the fashion industry.

However, Majorie’s net worth has a high tendency of increasing in years to come as she keeps excelling in her line of business. She nevertheless has a promising career as she Derieves joy in he choice of career.

Marjorie Bridges Woods Ex-Husbands and Children

Marjorie Bridges Woods relationship life has been a historical one. Before her marriage to the popular comedian Steve Harvey, she has been in other relationships that did not go as planned. She has gone through divorce twice.

Her first marriage and divorce were with a renowned drug dealer in Memphis by name Jimmy Townsend who was later arrested to convicted for drug dealing.

Jimmy Townsend was sentenced to life imprisonment and Marjorie bridges divorced him shortly after his conviction.

After Marjorie Bridges a failed relationship and marriage with Jimmy Townsend, she went ahead to marry another man by name Darnell Woods.

Darnell however was also involved in drug dealing, he is one of the woods brothers who has been generally recognized for drug trafficking.

Later in 2002, Darnell Bridges and his brothers were put to prison for the illegal distribution of cocaine and marijuana from Houston to Memphis.

Nevertheless, There have been several rumors and arguments over the years that not only was Marjorie’s two husband related to the crimes but the initiators.

Marjorie Harvey however had a total of three children from her first and second marriage. there names are: Jason Harvey, Lori Harvey and Morgan Harvey.

After Marjorie’s second divorce, she finally had a third marriage which is with Steve. Before they got married, Steve had also been married and divorced twice.

His first marriage was with Marcia Harvey and his second marriage was with Mary Shackelford who was tagged brutal under legal terms.

Steve Harvey however, also has children from his previous marriages, three from his first marriage and one from his second marriage making it a total of four children.

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Bridges Woods

The marriage and union between Steve Harvey Harvey and Marjorie Harvey makes them share a total of seven children. However they have no children together from their marriage.

Before the relationship that led to marriage between Marjorie Harvey and the popular comedian Steve Harvey, they had once dated back in the day in 1990 even before they met any of their previous partners but were forced to separate due to distance barrier.

Marjorie met Stave again in 2005 and they started dating again shortly after they were divorced from their partners and they finally got married for good in 2007.

Accordingly to Marjorie Harvey’s husband Steve Harvey, he attributes all his success in his endeavors today to his wife Marjorie, and said that he is a better man today all thanks to Marjorie.

Steve Harvey gives his bodyguard credit for his reunion with Marjorie. He said his bodyguard had made a great effort for him to reconnect with Marjorie because he noticed how happy he was with Marjorie.

Here is Steve Harvey’s mothers day tribute to his wife.

How much is Steve Harvey Worth?

Marjorie Harvey’s Husband Net Worth

Marjorie Harvey’s husband, Steve Harvey as an American comedian, actor, businessman entertainer, and show host has a total net worth of about 200 million dollars.

He is also popularly known for being the host of the popular “Steve Harvey morning show “, “family feud” and “celebrity family feud” also Popular game shows.

Charitable Works

Marjorie Harvey also indulges in charitable works. Marjorie and Steve started a charitable organization years back which they tagged ” The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation(SMHF)”.

Their Charitable organization focuses on education awareness, hosting both national and international programs informing people about the importance of education. They also grant scholarships to youths to enable them to have a brighter future.

Marjorie Bridges Woods Height, Appearance and Vital Statistics

Marjorie Harvey stands 6ft 2inches tall and has a beautiful physical appearance. She has long dark brown hair with dark-colored eyes.

She has an amazing body stature and shape with vital statistics of 35-24-36. Majorie is a beautiful woman with a stunning physical appearance, her weight is however unknown.

Marjorie Bridges Woods Instagram and Social Media Presence

Also, Marjorie Harvey has an active social media life. She has an account with most of the popular social media handles where she posts some personal pictures of herself and also promote her business as well as advertises her fashion designs and more. She has an active Instagram account with about 2 million followers


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Take-Home Facts about Marjorie Bridges Woods

  • Marjorie Harvey is a fashion blogger who owns a fashion industry and also the wife of the popular actor and comedian Steve Harvey.
  • She was born on the 10th of October 1964 in the United States.
  • Majorie has married three times and has three children from her first and second marriage.
  • She is presently married and living happily with her Third husband Steve Harvey.

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