Mark Burnett Net Worth & Achievements

What is Mark Burnett Net Worth?

Net Worth:$500 million
Source of Wealth:British Television Producer and Author
Date of Birth:July 17, 1960
Country of Origin:England
Last Updated:2024

Mark Burnett Net Worth: Mark Burnett is a British television producer and author with an estimated net worth of $500 million.

James Mark Burnett popularly called Mark Burnett is a British television producer, executive producer, and author. He gains popularity after he created and produced The Apprentice and also Survivor reality show.

He is presently the chairman of MGM World Wide Television Group. Mark Burnett has become so successful that it is not a surprise to see his net worth catapult to approximately $500million.

Early Life

Mark Burnett was born to Archie and Jean Burnett in London, England on July 17, 1960. He is the only child of his parents, who were both working class, and who were both workers in the Ford Motors factory.

During his childhood years, his family lived in Dagenham, Essex, and was brought up in two various denominations, Roman Catholic and Presbyterian of his father and mother, respectively, although, no one knows the actual one he chose.

He was among those set aside to be a part of the British army when he was 17, thus becoming a section member. He experienced action during the Falkland crisis, which was a 10week battle between Argentina and the UK.


Mark Burnett CAREER

After relocating to California, USA, in 1982, Mark Burnett worked as a nanny for wealthy homes. He was later employed by an insurance company. Two years later, he was selling t-shirts on Venice Beach during weekends.

He first came into the global scenario in 1991 when he joined a French adventure competition, the Raid Gauloises. This inspired him into creating Eco-challenge, a competition that included racing, trekking, and so on.

1995 marked the day the Eco-challenge first took place. Still, in the same year, he began producing a documentary show of the Eco-challenge event. Mark Burnett is well renowned for producing the iconic reality show “Survivor” which premiered in 2000.

Survivor was voted as the best reality series ever by Entertainment weekly in 2009. His History Channel mini-series “The Bible” got over a 13million views.

Mark Burnett’s net worth is estimated to be about $500 million as of 2024

Personal Life

Mark Burnett had three marriages in his lifetime. His first wife was Kym Gold, from 1988 to 1989. The second was Dianne whom he married in 1992, and with whom he had two sons, James and Cameron. Cameron was diagnosed with neuroendocrine at 17 but survived.

By 2002, the couple was already separated, while their divorce process was finalized in 2006. Although prior to that, Burnett had already engaged with Roma Downey in 2003.

Five months after proposing to her in November 2006, they finally tied the knot on April 28, 2007, in their Malibu Home. Meanwhile, Burnett also has a stepdaughter, whose mother was Roma Downey.

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Awards & Achievements

In 1999, Mark Burnett was awarded the Sports Emmy award for the best program Achievement. He also earned the Reggie Award for Survivor in 2001. He went on to win the Brand week marketer of the year award, Reality Cares Foundation Philanthropist of the year.

He was also awarded the Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Award. And was on the list of the 100 most influential people in the world by TIME Magazine. Meanwhile, in 2005, he won the Rose d’Or Frapa Format Award.

Burnett went on to win the Producers Guild of America ‘Norman Lear Award’ and got the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star: Excellence in Television in 2009. Then, in 2010, he was awarded the Producers Guild of America ‘Lifetime Achievement Award in Television’.

In 2013, he got the award for ‘Producer of the Year’ by TV Guide Magazine and was also recognized by Dove Foundation for his movie ‘Son of God’ in 2013. By 2014, he had already garnered the Anti-Defamation League Entertainment Award.

Mark Burnett Net Worth

Mark Burnett’s net worth is estimated to be $500million. Indeed, he deserves the whopping amount he has worked hard to get over the years, yet shows no sign of relenting or dropping.

He made his fortune and wealth from creating and producing most reality TV shows, and other additional businesses. He is currently the chairman of MGM Worldwide Television Group. In fact, his impact on the entertainment world can never be overemphasized.

Real Estate

In 2004, Mark Burnett bought a $4.5 million oceanfront home in Malibu. In 2005, he subsequently paid $25 million for a 5-bedroom oceanfront home in Malibu. Then, in 2007, Burnett’s current wife, Roma Downey moved into his house and put her equally impressive Malibu home up for rent.

She was then able to rent it for $100,000 per month during the summer and $60,000 per month off-season because her home is located within the exclusive Colony gated community and is one of the few Oceanside homes with a pool.

Mark Burnett, meanwhile, still possesses his original Malibu home, which the couple rents for an additional $60,000 per month during the summer. With these assets, it is not a surprise to see them named among the top 100 most influential people in the world by TIME Magazine.

Mark Burnett Quotes

Mark Burnett quote 1

“There’s nothing like biting off more than you can chew, and then chewing anyway.”― Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett quote 2

“As the show’s executive producer, I envisioned something akin to “Gilligan’s Island” meets Lord of the Flies meets Ten Little Indians Mets “The Real World.” “Survivor” marks a return to a core element of adventure: staying alive.”― Mark Burnett, Survivor!: The Ultimate Game

Mark Burnett quote 3

“One of the best ways to feel better is by doing something for somebody else.” – Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett quote 4

“If you think too much and don’t jump, you lose the opportunity.” – Mark Burnett

Notable Lessons From Mark Burnett‘s Wealth

After going through a little biography and achievements of Mark Burnett, we’ve been able to come up with two notable lessons for everyone including his fans all over the world.

1. Better Try & Fail than Fail to Try

Mark Burnett had faith in his ability and never failed to try his best in order to achieve his ambitions. Hence, his determination was rewarded with numerous awards and achievements.

2. Identify Your Internal Drivers

You may lack external motivators, but one thing that is inherent in you is your internal driver. There’s a motivator inside of you that you need to locate. It helps to encourage and push you forward irrespective of the challenges you might face. Mark Burnett is a perfect example for us all.

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Final Thoughts

It is obvious that Mark Burnett is a source of inspiration and motivation to many. With his job as a nanny, he started small, yet his determination and hard work paid off, and his dreams came through.

Today, he’s not just a popular TV & Film Producer but also an author, seeing his net worth catapult to over $500million.

Mark Burnett’s net worth is estimated to be about $500 million as of 2024

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