Maurice Povich Net Worth & Achievements

What is Maurice Polvich Net Worth?

Net Worth:$80 million
Source of Wealth:TV Personality and a Host
Date of Birth:January 17th, 1939
Country of Origin:United State
Last Updated:2024

Maurice Polvich Net Worth: Maurice Polvich is an American TV personality and talks show host with an estimated net worth of $80 million. He began his career as a journalist. He is popularly known for his show, Maury, which is the longest-running show in history. This net worth is a joint net worth with his wife, Connie Chung.

He is a highly acclaimed personality in America and beyond and has won quite a few awards, including; an Emmy Award for Best Co-anchor.

Maurice Polvich is currently retired, but he has a long trail of success behind him.

Early Life

Maurice Povich, whose full name is Maurice Richard Polvich is an American TVTV personality born in Washington, DC, into a Jewish family on 17th January 1939.

Maurice grew up with his two siblings and his father, who was a sportswriter for Washington Post. He attended a private preparatory school for boys and the University of Pennsylvania, where he got a journalism degree in 1962.

Maurice’s passion for journalism was fueled by his father’s job as a sportswriter.


Maurice Polvich started out as a radio broadcaster. He switched to TVTV in 1966 and began to work as a sportscaster on WTTG. After spending years on WTTG, Maurice moved on to host A Current Affair in 1986. A Current Affair was a talk show about celebrities and other interesting matters.

Maurice began The Maury Povich Show in 1991. This show was produced by MoPo Productions (Maurice’s production company), but the distribution was switched between different studios, from Paramount Domestic Television to Studios USA.

It was at Studios USA that the show was renamed Maury. Maury faced a lot of negative criticism due to a section of the show called Who’s the Daddy? This section involved paternity test revelations.

Maurice Polvich hosted other shows such as; Twenty-One, which was a game show he started to host in 2000, and Weekends with Maury and Connie, which he hosted with his wife but had to end in 2006 over low ratings.

Maurice has also been featured in TV series and movies like; The Jack and Triumph Show, How I Met Your Mother, Madea’s Big Happy Family, Swinger, and The Imagemaker.

Polvich’s talk show, Maury, is the longest-running talk show in history. He is currently retired, and the show has finally ended.

Maurice Povich net worth is estimated to be $80 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 1962 – WWDC (Reporter)
  • 1966 – WTTG (Reporter and Sportscaster), Panorama (TV Show Host)
  • 1986 – A Current Affairs (TV Show)
  • 1991 – The Maury Povich Show (TV Show)

Personal Life

Maurice Povich was married to Phyllis Minkoff. The couple got married in 1962 and divorced in 1979. They have two children together. He later got married to Connie Chung in 1984.

Connie, who is also a news announcer, met Maurice when he was still an affiliate of Fox News. The couple has an adopted son whom they adopted in 1995.

Awards & Achievements

Maurice is a recipient of various awards, such as an Emmy Award for Best Co-anchor, which he won in 1984 for 10 O’Clock News on WTTG-TV. In 1989, he was nominated for an Emmy Award for A Current Affair as the Best Informational Series.

He was also on the Emmy Award stage in 2005 when he announced the nominees alongside Diana Williams.

Maurice Povich Net Worth

Maurice Povich net worth estimated to be $80 million. He is a news anchor, former journalist, and TV personality. He also hosted Maury, a TV show which was formerly known as The Maury Povich Show.

This net worth is a joint net worth with his wife, Connie Chung.

Real Estate

Maurice Povich and Connie Chung bought a home in 2009 that was put up for sale at $9 million. There is no information on how much the couple finally paid for this house, but it is located in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C., and has a living area of 12,500 sqft.

This house contained a koi pond, gardens, a rooftop terrace, a pool, a gazebo, and a city view.

Maurice and Connie currently live in their home towns after living in New York for years.

Maurice Povich net worth is estimated to be $80 million, this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate.

Notable Maurice Povich’s Quotes

I think there’s a good kid underneath everybody. I really do. Maurice Povich

I’m hosting a quiz show, but I never considered myself a game show host. Maurice Povich

Television viewers, they’ve been around a long time. They’ve been watching this thing now for 50 years. I mean, they know exactly what’s happening when it comes to television programming. You can’t put anything over on them anymore. Maurice Povich

I think there’s a good kid underneath everybody. I really do. Maurice Povich

Life Lessons to Learn From Maurice Povich’s Success

Here are some success lessons to learn from Maurice Povich.

1. Live a Private Life

Maury has no scandal tied to him because of the kind of life he lives. Live a life free from unnecessary drama. The only way to live this way is by living a private life.

2. Live a Life Worthy of Emulation

Most TV hosts look up to Maurice as a role model and a source of inspiration because of his impact on TV. Just like Maurice, live a life worthy of emulation, a life where people would look up to you because of your legacy.

3. Make Wise Financial Decisions

Polvich’s net worth is a conjunction of his and his wife’s. This net worth is from their hard work in their careers. If they lived extravagant life, they wouldn’t have such an amount of money. As you earn, spend wisely and invest.

Frequently Asked Questions – Maurice Povich Net Worth

Who is Maury Povich Married To?

Maurice Povich got married to Connie Chung in 1984. Connie converted to Judaism when she got married to Maurice. They have an adopted son together. Their son, Matthew Jay Povich, was adopted on the 20th of June 1995.

How Much Does Maury Povich Earn?

Maurice earns $14 million annually in his career as a talk show host.

What Show is the Longest Running Show?

The longest-running talk show in American history is Maury. It has 31 seasons and was hosted by only Maurice.

Why is Maury Povich Popular?

Maurice Povich is a TV personality known for his talk show, Maury.

Final Thoughts

Maurice is a highly acclaimed personality in America and beyond. He has achieved quite a large number of feats in over 60 years of his career.

His show, Maury, which is the longest-running show in history, has finally come to an end, leaving a long trail of success for Maurice. The show will be remembered for the paternity test revelations made by Maurice.

Maurice Polivich is currently retired, but his impact on TV remains.

As of 2024, Maurice Polivich net worth is estimated to be $80 million.

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