Mckayla Maroney Net Worth & Achievements

What is Mckayla Maroney’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$4 million
Source of Wealth:Gymnast and Olympic Medalist
Date of Birth:9th, December 1995
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Mckayla Maroney Net Worth: Mckayla Maroney is an American gymnast and Olympic medalist with an estimated net worth of $4 million. She has worked hard to attain the height of fame and success.

Mckayla Maroney has recently moved on into the entertainment industry though it came with some form of criticism from her fans, and she has asked for support as she moves into a new career path.

Early Life

Born to an Irish-Catholic family in Aliso Viejo, California on December 9th, 1995; retired American Gymnast McKayla Rose Maroney developed an interest for gymnastics at an early age. Maroney inherited her ‘sport genes’ from her parents; Erin, who was ardent figure skater and Mike who was a celebrated footballer at Purdue University before his passing in 2019.

It’s no wonder her mother, Erin played a major role in her gymnastics career by enlisting her in gymnastics classes at the age of 2 and having her home schooled with her siblings, Kav and Tarynn.

Maroney’s love for gymnastics led her to the doors of the U.S.A Gymnastics National Team training center in Costa Mesa, where she started to train to become an Olympic Gold Medalist at the age of 9.


McKayla’s charged on with so much passion and determination on her journey to becoming not just an Olympian but a medalist as well. The epiphany of her career began with her competing in championships in order to realize this dream.

The Visa Championships, her first ever competition, in 2009 saw her at 27th place in the all-round competition and 3rd in vault. McKayla, a junior gymnast with a budding career continued to compete in championships year in, year out; working tirelessly with so much enthusiasm.

In 2010, she went on to contest at the Pan American Championships where she came 1st in vault and floor competitions.

Her career continued to flourish as she went on to contest and win at various competitions, including an all-round competition at the City of Jesolo Trophy, a vault competition at the Secret U.S. Classic in 2012 where she sustained a fracture to the nose and a concussion.

McKayla’s dream to contest at the Olympics saw the light of day, after she earned a spot at the trials in the same year. Her outstanding vault score contributed to the U.S. A. team winning the gold in the all-round competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

After failing to win the vault final, all thanks to her fall, she came second place; winning the silver medal. She and her teammates appeared on the cover of the July edition of ‘Sports Illustrated’ tagged FIVE STARS in 2012.

Her dream of becoming a world-renowned gymnast was almost shattered after she sustained a fracture to her tibia in September of the same year at the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions event.

One would think this encounter would bring her career to a screeching halt, but McKayla picked herself up and continued on her passion-driven journey, undaunted.

In 2013, Maroney appeared as a judge at the Miss America Pageant. She won a few gold medals to her name in the vault and floor category at the P&G championships, a month after placing first and third at the vault and floor category respectively at the Secret U.S. Classic.

However, after a undergoing a knee surgery in 2014, McKayla Rose Maroney announced that her 7-year career was coming to an end in an interview in 2016. She chose to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and had asked her fans to respect her decisions and continue to remain supportive.

Mckayla Maroney net worth is estimated to be $4 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2010- Vault and team gold medalist of Pan American Championships floor exercise.
  • 2011- World Championships vault and team gold medalist
  • 2011- Gold medalist of Visa Championships vault , floor exercise fifth place, all-around silver medalist, balance beam seventh place
  • 2012- Gold medalist ofU.S. Olympic Trials vault, floor exercise fifth place, all-around seventh place.

Personal Life

McKayla has had her own fair share of celebrity problems by being an object of mockery on the media and facing a sexual abuse scandal when her nude photos was leaked in 2014—of which she took legal steps.

This experience led her to speak up in 2017 on the multiple sexual abuses she faced in the hands of former team doctor of the United States Women’s National Gymnastics Team, Larry Nassar when she was 13.

A $1.25 million confidentiality agreement was signed and Nassar was later sentenced to 60 years and 175 years in federal prison and the Michigan State Prison respectively, after being found guilty. In 2018, he bagged an extra 40-125 years.

Awards & Achievements

At the course of her career, McKayla achieved and won awards. She has the following to her name;

  • A silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
  • A gold medal at the Tokyo World Champion.
  • The title of ‘Best All-Round Gymnast’ at the City of Jesolo Trophy.
  • She was named a judge at the Miss America Pageant.

Mckayla Maroney Net Worth

Mckayla Maroney net worth is estimated to be $4 million. McKayla’s net worth can be linked to her past career as a gymnast and her budding career as an actress as well as various endorsement deals.

She had amassed a great fortune during her time in competitive gymnastics, earning up to $500,000.

Popular Mckayla Maroney Quotes

Looking back isn’t going to help you. Moving forward is the thing you have to do. -McKayla Maroney

There’s a lot of stress out there, and to handle it, you just need to believe in yourself; always go back to the person that you know you are, and don’t let anybody tell you any different, because everyone’s special and everyone’s awesome. -McKayla Maroney

If you’re following your dreams, you’re doing something you love and that you believe in yourself for. -McKayla Maroney

I really like crop tops. I like how you can dress them up or down, with jeans or a skirt and heels. I like to be showy and cute. I don’t want to be in just a jacket and pants and boots.- McKayla Maroney

Notable Lesson to Learn from Mckayla Maroney’s Success

After studying the life of McKayla Maroney, Here are some notable lessons to learn from her success story.

1. Never Give Up

Your dreams are valid and will come to life if you are persistence, hard-working, and focused. Do not let the noise of the world distract you, do not let your failures discourage you, and keep working hard, your success is almost here. McKayla’s life is an inspiration and motivation to keep moving and never give up.

2. Avoid Scandal

Just like hard work and persistence can move you to a great height, a scandal can grumble all that you have worked for, particularly a sexual scandal. Therefore, avoid scandal as a celebrity or face the downfall that comes with it. Let the life of McKayla be a lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions – Mckayla Maroney Net Worth

What ethnicity is McKayla Maroney?

McKayla Maroney was born into an Irish Catholic family.

Did McKayla Maroney retire?

Due to a tibia fracture, Maroney retired in 2016.

Is McKayla Maroney broke?

Following her entry into the entertainment industry, McKayla has witnessed a shoot up in her networth, with a monthly earn of $20,000; bringing her annual salary to an estimated $250,000.

What does McKayla Maroney do for a living?

McKayla has an Instagram page called Glowybymckayla, where she shares mental health, beauty and wellness tips. She also has a personal Instagram page with 1.4 million followers, where she shares personal content.

Final Thoughts

Mckayla Maroney’s determination and passion continue to drive her to achieve great feats, no matter what field she chooses to focus on.

From the world of gymnastics to Hollywood, Maroney continues to shine as the star she was born to be. She remains a role model to current and future gymnasts.

As of 2024, Mckayla Maroney net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

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