Mike Judge Net Worth & Achievements

What is Mike Judge Net Worth?

Net Worth:$75 million
Source of Wealth:Actor, Screenwriter, Animator, Cartoonist, Comedian, Film Director, and Musician
Date of Birth:October 17th, 1962
Country of Origin:Ecuador
Last Updated:2024

Mike Judge Net Worth: Mike is an  American actor, screenwriter, animator, cartoonist, comedian, film director, and Musician with an estimated net worth of  $75 million.

Michael Judge is well-known for playing Donnagon Giggles in the Spy Kids film series.

Mike Judge has achieved great success in his career as an animator, writer, director, and producer.

Early Life

Craig Judge is the second child of William James Judge and Margaret Yvonne Judge’s three children. He was born in Ecuador’s Guayaquil, on the 17th of October, 1962. His birth name is Michael Craig Judge.

His father, James, promoted agricultural development while he was employed by a non-profit association in Guayaquil & other regions in Ecuador. Judge was raised in New Mexico’s Albuquerque starting when he was 7 years old. he also worked on a chicken farm for a brief during that time.


Michael Judge is well-known for playing Donnagon Giggles in the Spy Kids film series. He wrote & directed movies like “Idiocracy,” “Office Space,” “Beavis and Butthead Do America,” and “Extract”. Except for Office Space, he also served as a producer. He was raised in New Mexico’s Albuquerque starting from the age of 7 where he later graduated from St. Pius X High School in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science in physics.

He relocated to Silicon Valley the next year to work for Santa Clara-based startup Parallax Graphics, a manufacturer of video cards with roughly 40 workers. He wasn’t pleased with the environment, values, and coworkers at the organization.

He used Doyle Bramhall to play blues bass in the early 1990s and spent two years as a member of Anson Funderburgh’s band, contributing to the recording of Rack ‘Em Up for Black Top Records in 1990.

He started making animated films by himself in 1989 after buying a Bolex sixteen millimeter (16mm) film camera, which eventually led to the creation of ‘Frog Baseball’ in 1992. Judge had already received the Austin Film Festival’s Outstanding Television Writer Award by the year 2005.

Mike Judge net worth is estimated to be $75 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

Here are some of the best highlights of Mike Judge’s career:

  • 1999 – Office Space (movie)
  • 2002 – Spy Kids (movie)
  • 2006 – Idiocracy (movie)
  • 2017 – Sandy Wexler (movie)

Personal Life

Michael Craig Judge got married to Francesca Morocco in 1989; they had 2 daughters and 1 son before divorcing in 2009.

Judge and Don Hertzfeldt, a fellow animator, sponsored the traveling animation event, The “Animation Show,” since 2003. The tour stopped at above two hundred theaters in North America during its 1st season, showing everything from recent computer animation to timeless classics.

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Awards & Achievements

Judge has been able to achieve great success in his profession as a producer, director, animator, and writer.

He has won numerous Annie Awards for “King of the Hill,” and “Beavis and Butthead” which gained him huge recognition in animation. He has also received 2 Primetime Emmy Awards, each for “Silicon Valley” and “King of the Hill.”

Additionally, he produced and directed several popular movies, including “Idiocracy,” “Office Space,” & “Extract.”

Judge has a devoted fanbase and receives a lot of positive reviews for his work. He is well-known for voicing and creating characters in the popular animated television series “King of the Hill,” and “Beavis and Butthead”.

He has received nominations for several other honors for the work he has done in the movie industry, including the Academy Awards and Golden Globe.

Mike Judge Net Worth

Mike Judge net worth is estimated to be $75 million.  The American actor, screenwriter, animator, cartoonist, comedian, film director, and Musician Mike Judge became well-known in the early 1990s for inventing the animated TV show “Beavis and Butt-Head.”

Subsequently, he directed several other films like “Extract,” “Office Space,” and “Idiocracy.” He also contributed to the creation of “Silicon Valley,” “The Goode Family,” and “King of the Hill.”


Judge set up a fundraising page in 2011 to help non-profits and charities in raising money.

Real Estate

A 3,700 ft², $4.5 million villa which is located in California’s Santa Monica, was bought by Judge in 2011. It had a master bedroom with a balcony overlooking a hot tub and pool, walk-in closets, and his-and-hers baths. There was a little inn nearby that had a well-stocked gym. Additionally, he had a 7,300 ft² mansion in Texas’s Austin, a 3,696 ft² ranch with 6 bedrooms, a sizable pool, and a guest house in Malibu.

Mike Judge net worth is estimated to be about $75 million, this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate

Notable Mike Judge’s Quotes

It seems like there are a lot of people who do not understand satire. They think it’s weird. Some people don’t understand you portray something or explore a character. It means you’re condoning it, saying this is the way to live.” – Mike Judge

One thing I was thinking about is that they probably get their comeuppance about the same percentage that people in real life do. Stealing for all practical purposes might as well be legal in New York. – Mike Judge

All the Disney lead male characters always have this kind of John Davidson kind of look to them. They all look like the same guy, and all the females look like the same, and I think the guys are just way too big. – Mike Judge

Beauty and the Beast seemed like it all was brown. The whole thing was just so brown and orange and yellow, like Burger King or something. I don’t think I would have liked Beauty and the Beast at any age.– Mike Judge

Life Lessons to Learn From Mike Judge’s Success

We had the chance to talk in-depth about the life, work, and personal life of Mike Judge, which allowed us to draw some important conclusions that will benefit you and your profession.

1. A growing source of income

Mike’s wealth comes from the fact that he didn’t simply get wealthy through his singing; he also began producing and eventually entered the film business. His wealth increased as a result of this.

2. Doing your work excellently

When you look closely into Mike’s career, you’ll see something crucial: He does his job so expertly that he was asked to be the movies like “King of the Hills.”

3. Backup job

Mike Judge diversified into so many fields in the entertainment industry. He would create animations when he doesn’t have anything to sing about. He is also an actor and a great writer. So he has a lot of fail-safes.

Frequently Asked Questions – Mike Judge’s Net Worth

Is the series, “Beavis and Butthead” still being produced?

On Thursday, 4th of August, 2022, Beavis and Butt-Head produced Mike Judge will make its debut. Only Paramount+ will have access to the program. You can purchase the ad-free plan for $9.99 per month or the ad-supported plan for $4.99 per month supposing you don’t already have Paramount+.

Does Michael Judge reside in Austin?

Craig Judge is a famous and proud native of Austin, Texas. He purchased his house in 2006 for just $700,000. “King of the Hill,” and “Beavis and Butthead” are 2 of Judge’s other works that are very quite popular. He lives in a traditional Texan three-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Tarrytown.

What is Michael Judge doing now?

He is the co-creator of the TV series Mike Judge Presents Tales from the Tour Bus (2017 to 2018), Silicon Valley (2014 to 2019), The Goode Family (2009), and the creator of the animated TV series Beavis and Butt-Head (1993 to 1997, 2011, 2022 to present).

What voices did Michael Craig Judge do?

Mike Judge: Stuart, Dooley, Boomhauer, Hank Hill, Monsignor Martinez, Boomhauer’s Grandma, Policeman, Ted Wasansong, Additional Voices, Octavio, Announcer, Mexican Teen.

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Final Remarks

Michael is an American musician, actor, comedian, and animator. He was born in Ecuador’s Guayaquil. The animated TV sitcom Beavis and Butthead, which Judge created and also appeared in, is his most well-known work. As years went by his passion for animation expanded, and he began producing short animated films to show to production companies hoping to get a deal with them.

As of 2024, Mike Judge net worth is estimated to be $15 million.

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