Noella Bergener Net Worth & Achievements

What is Noella Bergener  Net Worth?

Net Worth:$1 million
Source of Wealth:Actress and Model
Date of Birth:July 14th, 1985
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Noella Bergener Net Worth: Noelle Noel Bergener is an American transgender actress and model with an estimated net worth of $1 million.

She has collaborated with a lot of well-known designers and big names. In addition to being a model, Noelle is also a brand promoter.

Early Life

Noella was born to Christopher Nance Weatherman and her mother, whose name is unknown; however, her mother is a housemaker. Her sibling’s details are also not known.

Neolla was born sometime in 1985 but has refused to release the exact date. Noelle has been faithful to her schooling and getting a Bachelor’s degree, after which she focused on her passion for acting.


Noella’s first celebrity job was in modeling. In 2000, “Flirt Magazine” gave her a shot, and later on, she was on the walkway of “Chanel.” Her face was in the 2004 “Turkish Esquire.”

Noelle has worked with so many well-known designers and big names during her modeling career, traveling and walking in runways such as Chanel.

Fast-forward to 2021, when she joined the cast of the RHOC(Real Housewives Of Orange County). She has not participated in shows since RHOC but she has been active of on Instagram. Her fans hope to see her perform on stage as soon as possible.

Noella Bergener net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2000    – “Flirt Magazine” (Modelling)
  • 2004    – “Turkish Esquire” (Modelling)
  • 2021    – “Real Housewives Of Orange” (TV series).

Personal Life

Noella got married to her ex-husband James Bergener in 2020. James happens to be an attorney in the U.S. They had two kids, Coco and James Jr. The couple divorced a few years after.

Unfortunately, her son James Jr. is currently diagnosed with Autism and is being given special medical attention. This new development about her son has forced her to be closer to her family.

In 2021, Noel faced the painful tragedy of losing her dad, which also affected her but she bounced back, doing what she loves doing.

Awards & Achievements

Noella hasn’t had so many accolades and achievements in her career:

Shortly after 2000, she was on the walkway of “Chanel.” Also, her face was in the 2004 Turkish Esquire. These are all her recorded achievements, however, it is believed that she has other accomplishments she does not want to share with the public.

Noella Bergener Net Worth

Noella Bergener net worth is estimated to be $1 million. Her ex-husband was worth roughly $20 million before their divorce. Despite having an apparently lower financial status than the usual Real Housewives cast members, Noella is nevertheless able to enjoy a life of luxury thanks to her spouse.

Noella’s spouse has a significant tax shortfall despite their considerable money and luxurious lifestyle. He received back-to-back federal taxing in the years 2018 and 2019. He had $1.85 million in unpaid California state taxes and $4 million in unpaid federal taxes.

Before the general public became aware of the financial crisis, Sweet James was said to have accumulated a massive debt. This was a man that used to make anything from $100,000 to $150,000 a year from his firm alone.

Notable Noella Bergener’s Quotes

From what I’ve gathered, this person is representing brown Latinas who still have to identify as white on the consensus form. Those brown Latinas would still be considered people of color.-Noella Bergener

Don’t worry, babe; your point was made. Obviously, Latina women can be POCs. I’m not sure what those other people are saying.-Noella Bergener.

Not a liar or self-absorbed. I think you’re speaking of @HeatherDubrow. –Noella Bergener.

They prefer Devil Dubrow… guess Bravo doesn’t value the safety of their own crew members even after one of them was pushed into a wall by that paper-thin-lipped narcissistic failed actress whose sole purpose to be on the show is to promote her businesses.-Noellal Bergener.

Notable Lessons to Learn From Noella Bergener’s Success

1. Passion

Sometimes we grow to chase other things and forget the things we are passionate about. Every person has something that he or she is passionate about, something they have loved doing since childhood. Noelle was passionate about acting, and finally, she made the breakthrough.

2. It’s never too late to make money

Noelle made her million-dollar net worth at 35 years. Some would say this is a fair age; some would say she’s early to wealth, and others would say she’s old. The truth is, when compared to her mates in the modeling and acting industries, Noella picked up wealth late in life and still has a long way to go.

3. Work harder

Correct me if I’m wrong, but with Neolla’s age and experience, she is expected to have acquired much more wealth. She just hasn’t worked well enough. Working very hard always has its benefits, at least it keeps you on the same level as your mates.

4. Live Below Your Means

One major reason most people, especially celebrities go into huge debt is that they always want to live above their means just to show off. When you live a simple life below your means you won’t be forced to get debts of avert tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions – Noella Bergener’s Net Worth

Why did James leave Noella?

When Noella was asked about James’ abrupt divorce, she responded, “He had a midlife crisis coupled with shame coupled with like some narcissistic spiral of just bats–t craziness.” Even though their relationship ended tragically, Noella has “loved” being upfront about her hardships on the TV show “Real Housewives Of Orange County.”

What does Noella do for a living?

She is a model and an actress. Her most notable work is on the TV series Real Housewives Of Orange County.

Was Noella born a man?

Yes. She transitioned into a woman at age 4.

Who is Noella with now?

On the news, she revealed that she’s seeing her new partner Bobby Schubenski.

Final Thoughts

Noella Bergener put a lot of effort into establishing herself early in her career in the theatrical and fashion industries. In a short time, she rose to fame. Like her father, she also performs numerous social services outside of her business.

Noella’s engagement with periodicals and businesses extended beyond her work in the film industry. She has received the cover of numerous publications, including Esquire and Flirt.

Her content, countless photos, and modeling assignments are all over her social media accounts. She currently has a strong online influencer presence.

As of 2024, Noella Bergener net worth was estimated to be $1 million.

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