Patricia Heaton Net Worth & Achievements

What is Patricia Heaton Net Worth?

Net Worth: $40 million
Source of Wealth:Actress
Date of Birth:March 4th, 1958
Country of Origin:United State
Last Updated:2024

Patricia Heaton Net Worth: Patricia Heaton is an American actress with an estimated net worth of $40 million. She is a producer best known for her role as Debra Barone in the highly acclaimed sitcom; Everybody Loves Raymond. She began her career in the late 1980s.

She has appeared in several movies and TV shows. Some of her works are Party of Five, Alien Nation, Danny Phantom, Beethoven, The New Age, and the highly acclaimed Everybody Loves Raymond. Natalie is a two-time Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Lead Actress in her role in Everybody Loves Raymond.

Patricia Heaton is an ambassador for World Vision and supports various humanitarian organizations by raising funds and awareness for the benefit of the poor in up to 100 countries around the world.

Early Life

Patricia Helen Heaton, professionally known as Patricia Heaton, was born in Bay Village, Ohio, on the 4th of March, 1958. She grew up with her four siblings in a Catholic home and was raised by her father, Chuck Heaton (a popular sportswriter), after her mum passed from an aneurysm when she was only 12.

Heaton studied drama at Ohio Wesleyan University, where she got a bachelor’s degree in arts. During her time at the university, she was a member of the Delta Gamma Sorority. After graduation, she relocated to New York in 1980 to be trained by Bill Esper, a famous acting teacher.


Patricia Heaton’s career began in the late 1980s. Her first-ever movie role was an Oncologist role in Thirty Something, an ABC drama. She got the role after she caught the attention of the show’s casting director. She was featured in this drama from 1989-1991.

She has appeared in numerous movies ever since. Some of Patricia’s works are; Danny Phantom, Alien Nation, Party of Five, Memoirs of an Invisible Man, The New Age, Beethoven, Back to You; a sitcom canceled after one year of running, A Town Without Christmas, The Engagement Ring, The Goodbye Girl, Miracle in the Woods, Space Jam, and Shattered Dreams.

Patricia has also made appearances on TV shows. She was on the 7th season of the TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, where she was a part of the house construction for a firefighter and his family.

Patricia Heaton net worth is estimated to be $40 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 1989 – Alien Nation (Movie)
  • 1990 – Matlock (Movie)
  • 1992 – Memoirs of an Invisible Man, Beethoven (Movie)
  • 1994 – The New Age (Movie)
  • 1996 – Party of Five (Movie)
  • 1996-2005 – Everybody Loves Raymond (Sitcom)
  • 1999 – Danny Phantom (Movie)
  • 2001 – A Town Without Christmas (Movie)
  • 2004 – The Goodbye Girl (Movie)

Personal Life

Patricia Heaton was married to Constantine Yankoglu. They later divorced, and she remarried David Hunt, an English actor and filmmaker, in 1990. The couple has four sons and four grandchildren and lives between Cambridge and Los Angeles.

She rejoined the Catholic Church after her first marriage ended and shared that she went through a “Protestant wilderness” after. In June 2017, the Catholic Church declared her marriage to Yankoglu null and void.

There’s an autobiography on Patricia Heaton. It was published under Villard Books in 2002. The title of the book is Motherhood and Hollywood: How to Get a Job Like Mine.

Awards & Achievements

Patricia Heaton has won a few awards throughout her career. Some of these awards are; a Primetime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series category which she won in 2001 for Everybody Loves Raymond, a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series, which she won for Everybody Loved

Raymond in 2003, a Christopher Award for Feature Films for the Amazing movie Grace in 2008, a TV Land Impact Icon Award for Everybody Loved Raymond in 2010, and a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Culinary Program which she won in 2016.

Patricia Heaton’s Net Worth

Patricia Heaton net worth is estimated at $40 million. She is an actress and producer popularly known for her role as Debra Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond. In 2021, She has a net worth of $40 million.

This shows how much financial growth she has attained. If things continue to look good for Patricia, there is a possibility of hitting $50 million in five to six years.


Patricia Heaton has worked with various organizations and has shown her support by helping the poor in up to 100 countries through fundraising and creating awareness. She is a celebrity ambassador for World Vision.

Real Estate

Patricia and David Hunt purchased a mansion in an LA neighborhood of Hancock Park for $4.5 million in 2001. The mansion spans up to 8,400 square feet with Italian-style architecture.

In 2013, they sold off the mansion to Shonda Rhimes for $8 million after it had been listed at $12 million for years. The couple purchased a 7,600 sqft home for $5.4 million in the LA suburb neighborhood of Toluca Lake. The home contains an impenetrable security system, a detached guesthouse, marble floors, and a pool.

Shonda Rhimes later put up their first home for sale in 2021 for $25 million after it was renovated. Patricia and David later sold off the new house for $7.5 million in 2020. She purchased a home in Toluca Lake, California, for $5 million in November 2021.

Patricia Heaton net worth is estimated to be about $40 million, this is inclusive of her wealth in real estate

Notable Patricia Heaton’s Quotes

My favorite body part? My feet. They’re not pretty, but they get me where I want to go. –Patricia Heaton.

A woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy also deserves to experience unplanned joy. – Patricia Heaton.

I don’t remember my mother ever playing with me. And she was a perfectly good mother. But she had to do the laundry and clean the house and do the grocery shopping. – Patricia Heaton

Some people are cool with the fact that their bodies bear witness to this great thing they produced, their children, and I understand that. But on a personal level, it makes me feel better that my breasts are not down to my knees when I’m undressed in front of my husband. –Patricia Heaton.

Frankly, most of my friends hold very different political beliefs. It’s just a funny thing in this country that, supposedly, you can’t sit down and have dinner and enjoy another person’s company if you don’t have the same beliefs. It’s ridiculous. – Patricia Heaton.

Life Lessons to Learn From Patricia Heaton’s Success

Here are some notable lessons to learn from Patricia’s life;

1. The Path to Success

Patricia’s first movie role wasn’t a big role. She featured in the show after she caught the attention of the casting director. Patricia started out with small movie roles before she made it to her most popular show, Everybody Loves Raymond. While this is the case for her, it may not be the case for another. The path to success is unpredictable.

2. Service to Humanity

Patricia is an ambassador for World Vision and has also contributed to raising funds and creating awareness for the benefit of the poor in so many countries. Service to humanity is not specific to a particular person. Everyone can contribute in their own way.

3. Real Estate Investments

Patricia and her husband, David, are known to have bought homes and sold them off at a better price afterward. This is a good form of investment that everyone should get into.

Frequently Asked Questions – Patricia Heaton Net Worth

What is Patricia Heaton’s Net Worth?

Patricia Heaton’s net worth is $40 million. She is an actress and producer.

Who is Patricia Heaton Married to?

Patricia is married to actor and filmmaker David Hunt. They tied the knot over a decade ago.

What is Patricia Heaton’s Age?

Patricia Heaton is 65 years old. She is an actress famous for playing the role of Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond. She is a two-time Emmy Award winner in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series category.

Final Thoughts

Patricia Heaton is famously known for her role as Debra Barone in the highly acclaimed Everybody Loves Raymond.

As of 2024, Patricia Heaton net worth is estimated to be $40 million.

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