Paul Anka Net Worth & Achievements

What is Paul Anka Net Worth?

Net Worth:$80 million
Source of Wealth:Singer, songwriter and Actor
Date of Birth:July 30th,1941
Country of Origin:Canada
Last Updated:2024

Paul Anka Net Worth: Paul Albert Anka OC is a Canadian and American singer, songwriter and actor with an estimated net worth of $80 million. In 1941, Andrew and Camelia gave birth to Paul in Ontario, Canada.

As a young boy, Paul sang in the church choir. He began the journey to his dreams in 1956 when he made his first song, “I Confess,” to the public and received positive feedback from many people. 

The singer got married twice and engaged once. Due to his unique talents, he has gained recognition and has received awards for a job well done in the music industry. 

Early Life

Paul’s parents, Andrew and Camelia Anka, were descended from Lebanon and were Christians. Andrew was Syrian, Camelia was Lebanese, and they had Paul in Ottawa, Canada. He formed a band with two other singers who called themselves “Bobby Soxers” when he attended Fisher Park High School.

When he was young, Paul learned how to play the piano under the tutelage of Winnifred Rees and sang as a chorister in St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral. Paul Anka made his first song, “I Confess,” public when he was only 14.


Paul’s first song, “I Confess,” was liked by many people when it was released in 1956. He began to audition a lot after his move to New York. There, he auditioned at Don Costa in ABC Records. Paul had a huge fan base and made a major achievement when he made his song “Diana” public, and in no time, it became a hit song in the US and Canadian music charts. 

This huge accomplishment cleared the path for Paul’s successful career as a singer. He featured in songs that he had co-written for the Music icon Micheal Jackson, one of which is known as “Don’t Matter to Me,” and he also composed a song that featured Jimmy Carson in a television show. 

He grew even more famous because of his songs “Lonely Boy” and “Put Your Head on My Shoulder.”

Paul Anka net worth is estimated to be $80 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 1957 – “Diana” (Debut Song).
  • 1958 – Paul Anka (Album).
  • 1959 – The Tonight Show with Jimmy Carson (Song).
  • 1960 – Song I Wish I Had Written (Album).
  • 1974 – Songwriters Hall of Fame.
  • 1975 – Times of Your Life (Album).
  • 1983 – Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • 2005 – Canadian Music Hall of Fame.
  • 2009 – Classic Songs, My Way. (Album).
  • 2013 – Lifetime Achievement Award from the society of singers
  • 2015 – Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. (Award).

Personal Life

Paul tied the knot to his trainer, Anna Aberg, who was also an actress and a model from Sweden, in 2008, but they divorced in 2010, and he became the sole guardian of their son. 

Before that, he married Anne De Zogheb, a Lebanese and a diplomat’s daughter, and they had five children together, all of whom were girls and their names Alicia, Alexandra, Anthea, Amelia, and Amanda, who tied the knot with an actor called Jason Bateman. 

Paul’s first marriage lasted from 1963 to 2001. In Beverly Hills, in 2016, he got engaged to Lisa Pemberton.

Awards and Achievement

In 1959, Paul received a Grammy Award when his song “Diana” won the best song of the year. He was accepted as a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1974 and the Hollywood Hall of Fame in 1980, where he received a star. 

The Male Artist of the Year was given to him by the Juno Awards in 1983, and in 1990, he was recognized as a companion by the Order of Canada. The Canadian Music Hall of Fame inducted him in 2005, the Society of Singers bestowed him with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013, and he also won the Gershwin Prize from the Library of Congress for Popular in 2015.

Paul Anka’s Net Worth

Paul Anka net worth is estimated to be $80 million. The 82-year-old Canadian singer became famous by singing and composing the best songs in the 1950s. He has made hit songs like “Lovely Boy” and “Diana” and has co-written songs for the musical icon Micheal Jackson, among others.

Notable Paul Anka’s Quotes

Music is how I will be remembered – Paul Anka.

When traveling, you are what you are right there and then. People do not have your past to hold against you—no yesterdays on the road Paul Anka.

When you go to war, both sides lose – Paul Anka.

Life Lessons to Learn From Paul Anka’s  Success

1. Planning

Paul knew what he wanted to do since he was young and went after it. First, he started as a chorister and took piano lessons from Winniefred Rees before moving to New York City to pursue his career, which he did after honing his skills in Canada. His actions encourage young people with dreams to have a plan before taking the big leap.

2. Bravery

To have left his home in search of greener pastures in a new town away from home and family must have been a very tough task for Paul, but he did it anyway. Even though he was new there, making the big move into New York and going for auditions must have taken a lot of courage and bravery. Paul remains a man worthy of emulation for young people with dreams and aspirations.

3. Smart

The journey to Paul’s successful career was very strategic. From honing his skills in Canada to his move to New York, he attended different auditions, made his songs, and collaborated with other artists. All of his moves seem to have been perfectly thought out. His moves towards a successful career worked well due to his smartness.

Frequently Asked Questions – Paul Anka’s  Net Worth

What Is Paul’s Net Value?

The Canadian singer is said to be worth over $80M.

Does The Song “My Way” Earn Paul Any Royalties?

Yes, it does. Paul receives royalties for the creation of the English lyric to Frank Sinatra’s song “My Way,” along with the royalties from Tom Jones’ song “She’s A Lady” and the signature tune for “The Tonight’s Show.”

Has Paul Sold Up To Five Million Records?

The Canadian singer had airplay of 150 million, has written over 900 songs, sold 60 million copies of songs he has composed, and sold over 10 million records worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Paul was revered worldwide for his valuable input to the music industry for his career. He earned many awards and recognition for his songs, including being inducted to become a member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. He was also awarded a star in the Hollywood Hall of Fame.

As of 2024, Paul Anka net worth is estimated to be $80 million.

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