Project Pat Net Worth & Achievements

What is Project Pat Net Worth?

Net Worth:$13 million
Source of Wealth:Rapper
Date of Birth:February 8th, 1973
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Project Pat Net Worth: Project Pat is an American rapper with an estimated net worth of $13 million. His wealth primarily comes from his successful career in the music industry, including album sales and performances.

Project Pat’s journey from his early days in Memphis, Tennessee, to becoming a renowned rapper is marked by his talent, perseverance, and successful collaborations, especially with his brother Juicy J

Early life

Project Pat, born in Memphis, Tennessee,  on February 8, 1973, with a net worth of $13 million. He had an exceptional early life based on the eclectic culture of the Southern United States.

He was raised in a musically inclined environment, the reason why he spawned a love for hip hop even from an early age.


Project Pat’s career journey originated from the hip-hop industry gaining popularity in the 1990s being a part of the Hypnotize Minds, a group headed by DJ Paul, his brother, and Juicy J.

Ghetty Green (2001), his debut album brought him to the limelight because of his unique style and passion in the rap industry.

Aside from that, Pat has been involved in different business sectors as well as collaborating in various beverage and fashion industries.

Project Pat net worth is estimated to be $13 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 1999 – Project Pat took part in the Three 6 Mafia’s hit single “Sipping on Some Syrup.”
  • 2001 – He released his debut solo album “Ghetty Green,” earning critical acclaim.
  • He won the Hip Hop Award for Album of the Year for “Ghetty Green.”
  • 2013 – Project Pat partnered with Juicy J on the successful mixtape “Cheez N Dope.”
  • 2015 – He won the Memphis Hip Hop Awards – Legend Award.
  • 2017 – He was Inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame.
  • 2018 – He released “M.O.B.,” which showed his continuous relevance in the rap game.

Personal Life

Project Pat maintains a personal life that is relatively private, just little details about his relationships, parents, and other issues are known.

He has been passionate, consistent, and dedicated to his craft with incredible contributions throughout the music industry which has elevated his reputation.

Pat was raised in a tough setting in Frayser, Memphis where he experienced a combination of violence and poverty which influenced his musical career.

He saw music as an escape route through which he nurtured his skills with the reputable Juicy J. his brother. So they both founded a band called Three 6 Mafia and then became prominent persons in the Memphis hip-hop industry.

Project Pat has been outspoken about his personal battles with addiction including legal problems which he was so determined to stop.

Though facts about Pat’s personal life are limited, it is not hidden that he has been married two times. First in 2001 to LaTocha Thomas and then in 2018 to Alicia Evsns-Houston.

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Awards and Achievements

Project Pat’s boundless achievements and awards only show how much talent he has and how hard he has worked to accomplish them.

Project Pat took part in the Three 6 Mafia’s hit single “Sipping on Some Syrup” in 1999 and in 2001, he released his debut solo album “Ghetty Green,” earning critical acclaim. That same year, he won the Hip Hop Award for Album of the Year for “Ghetty Green.”

In 2013, Project Pat partnered with Juicy J on the successful mixtape “Cheez N Dope” and in 2015, He won the Memphis Hip Hop Awards – Legend Award.

Later in 2017, he was Inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, and in 2018, he released “M.O.B.,” which showed his continuous relevance in the rap game.

Project Pat Net Worth

Project Pat net worth is estimated to be $13 million. which was gained through multiple streams of income.

Music: Project Pat being a part of the Three 6 Mafia crew and a talented solo artist has released several amazing singles and albums such as “Walking’ in the Rain” and Every thangs Working'”, “Pat & Juicy: Cutting’ Up.

Touring: He has gained massive wealth through touring in the United States and all over the world

Songwriting: He is a great songwriter who has written songs for popular artists like You Gotti, Juicy J, and so on.

business Ventures: Project Pat has been involved in various kinds of businesses such as owning a clothing brand and a record label.

Endorsements: He has collaborated with different brands like St. Ides Malt and Liquor, Adidas, and more.


Project Pat’s philanthropic activities aren’t hidden, having come out several times to demonstrate the willingness to give back. He has strongly endorsed youth programs and local initiatives.

Urban Arts Partnership: Project Pat supports fundraising events which facilitates the significance of arts education being the head of Urban Arts Partnership.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: He has been a huge supporter of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in order to help those struggling with childhood cancer.

Youth Development Programs: He has been involved in different youth empowerment programs in rural communities.

Community Events: Project Pat has always been a huge fan of attending Memphis’ community events to promote unity and communal growth.

Real Estate

Details about his real estate are not known publicly though it is reported that he owns a large home in Memphis, Tennessee. A home that consists of a recording studio, pool, and so on.

Project Pat net worth is estimated to be about $13 million, this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate.

Notable Sonny Vaccaro’s Quotes

I’m just a kid from Frayser who made it out. I want to use my platform to give back to my community and inspire others to chase their dreams.- Project Pat.

Music is my therapy. It’s how I express myself and connect with people. I want my music to uplift and motivate others- Project Pat.

It’s important to stay true to yourself and never give up on your goals. No matter where you come from, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.- Project Pat.

Life Lessons to Learn From Project Pat’s Success

1. Authenticity Resonates with Audiences

Project Pat’s success in the music industry, particularly in the hip-hop genre, can be attributed significantly to his authenticity. His lyrics and style reflect his real-life experiences and Memphis roots, creating a strong connection with his audience. This teaches us the power of authenticity.

Being true to yourself and your experiences in any creative endeavor not only fosters genuine connections with your audience but also sets you apart in a world full of imitations. Authenticity in your work allows you to create with integrity and originality.

2. Overcoming Adversity Leads to Growth

Throughout his career, Project Pat faced various personal and legal challenges. However, he managed to overcome these adversities, which contributed to his growth both as an artist and as an individual. This lesson highlights the importance of resilience and learning from life’s challenges.

Overcoming adversity often involves hard work and a positive mindset, but it can lead to significant personal growth and new opportunities.

3. Evolve with the Times

Project Pat’s ability to remain relevant in the ever-changing music industry is a testament to his adaptability. He has evolved his style and collaborated with artists across different genres, demonstrating the importance of staying current and adaptable.

In any profession or aspect of life, the ability to evolve with the times is crucial. It requires keeping up with trends, continuously learning, and being open to new ideas. This adaptability ensures long-term success and relevance.

Frequently Asked Questions – Project Pat Net Worth

Who is Project Pat’s wife?

Project Pat is currently married to Alicia Evans-Houston since April 2, 2018.

What is Project Pat famous for?

Pat is known as an iconic hip-hop artist who hails from Memphis, Tennessee.  He is a legend in the music industry having collaborated with some of the big names in the industry with unmatched consistency for over twenty years.

What is Project Pat’s real name?

Project Pat’s birth name is Patrick Stephen Houston although he is popularly known for his stage name.

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Final Thoughts

Project Pat had an inspiring journey starting from the street of Memphis to becoming a great hip-hop legend.

He has contributed to the rap scene significantly including making a great impact in the community and other entrepreneurial sectors.

As of 2024, Project Pat net worth is estimated to be $13 million.

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