R Truth Net Worth – How Rich Is He?

What is R Truth Net Worth?

Net Worth:$4 million
Source of Wealth:American wrestler, Actor and Rapper
Date of Birth:January 19, 1972
Country of Origin:United States of America
Last Updated:2024

R Truth Net Worth: R Truth is an American wrestler, with a net worth of $4 million.

Ronnie Aaron Killings, popularly known as R Truth, is an American wrestler and one of the best entertainers in the wrestling world, an actor and a rapper, which has earned him a net worth of approximately $4million.

He was signed into WWE as a RAW member and has performed on the Smackdown brand. His popularity in the global scene, both in the movie industry, music, and wrestling world, cannot be overemphasized.

Early Life

R-Truth was born in Williamsburg, South Carolina, on January 19, 1972, but was brought up in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Though his dream was to be a hip-hop star as a kid, there was a period in his life when he engaged in shady street drug deals for survival and was arrested countless times.

However, on meeting Lilian Garcia, he had a positive turn-around in his lifestyle before becoming a great wrestler, actor, and rapper.

R Truth net worth has been estimated to be about $4 million based on recent net worth data



R-Truth began his wrestling career through the help of Jackie Crockett, who worked with the National Wrestling Alliance but currently a senior cameraman for World Championship Wrestling.

R-Truth made his professional debut match in 1997 at the Pro Wrestling Federation (PWF). He practiced with Manny Fernandez for over three years before making another debut in the NWA Wildside competition, where he was recognized with the Television Championship award.

R-truth has appeared in many movies, which includes the 2003 political comedy film ‘Head of State”, 2008 sports drama movie, “The Wrestler,” 2018 action-packed movie, “Blood Brother,” and 2016 movie, “DJ R. Killings.”

As for his music career, he has launched two albums known as “Invincible (2013)” in CD format and “Killing it (2016)” in Digital Download format.

R Truth net worth has been estimated to be about $4 million as of recent net worth data

Personal Life

R-Truth was engaged to his girlfriend, Pamela, whom he later married on April 7 of 2011. God blessed their marriage with four kids, who live in Indian Trail, North Carolina, USA.

As we mentioned earlier, though a good fighter, R-Truth is also an entertainer in the wrestling world, a hip-hop star, and an actor.

Little surprise, he happened to be a part of “Head of States,” “The Wrestler,” “Break Dance Revolution,” “Blood Brothers,” amongst others. He is indeed famous in the celebrity world.

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R Truth Net Worth

R Truth net worth is estimated to be about $4million. He makes a larger percentage of his fortunes from the Championships, where he is a professional wrestler.

His income also comes from his acting jobs and the music industry, where he is an actor and a rapper, respectively, and a stand-up performer at events.

Awards & Achievements

R-Truth’s achievements in both the wrestling stage and the hip-hop world cannot be overemphasized. He has gained many accolades in his illustrious career, which we have highlighted below;

  • Two times champion of the MCW (Memphis Championship Wrestling) Southern Heavy Weight Championship
  • One time champion of the CSWF (CyberSpace Wrestling Federation) Heavyweight championship
  • One time champion of the NWA Wildside Television Championship
  • Two times champion of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
  • Two times champion of the NWA World Tag Team Championship with B.G James and Konnan
  • One time Champion of the TNA World Tag Team Championship with Adam Jones
  • One time champion of Tag Team of the Year with Kofi Kingston in 2012
  • Was ranked No. 18 of the top 500 wrestlers in the PWL in 2004
  • 24 times champion of the WWE (World Wrestling Championship) 24/7, which he is presently holding the most record.
  • One time champion of World Wrestling Entertainment Tag Team Championship with Kofi Kingston
  • Two times champion of the WWE the United States Championship
  • Two times champion of the WWF Hardcore Championship
  • One time champion of the Mixed Match Challenge with Carmella
  • Two times champion of the Slammy Award
  • One-time winner of the Best Musical Performance (2008)
  • One-time winner of the LOL Moment of the Year (2015)
  • One-time winner of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter
  • One-time winner of the Worst Worked Match of the Year (2006) Reverse Battle Royal on Impact

R Truth Quotes

R-Truth has some popular quotes, below are few notable ones;

R Truth quote 1

I want to keep grabbing, keep reaching, keep crawling, keep grinding, and excelling until I can go no higher. – R Truth

R Truth quote 2

It’s a long road of paying your dues. Each and every person that’s in this business has to go down that road. Some people may not have to. Some people may be given that road instantly because of who they are. – R Truth

R Truth quote 3

All the things I talk about are true, but some of them I may tweak a little bit. A lot of it is the way I feel about wrestling. When you have a character like mine, you can push the envelope and go far with some of the issues. – R Truth

R Truth quote 4

I’m a grown man now, I’ve got a family, I understand responsibility. – R Truth

Notable Lessons From R Truths’s Wealth

Having gone through a thorough review of R-Truth’s net worth and everything about his personal life down to his career, we’ve been able to get some notable lessons from his Success story.

1. No Gain in Living a Bad Life

R-Truth was a drug dealer and lived all kinds of negative and rough lifestyles in his early days. But, as he would later admit, he never achieved anything meaningful other than the constant jail terms he served due to his bad life.

2. Never Allow Your Dreams to Die

Despite his rough life, R-Truth still has the zeal to become what he has always been dreaming about since he was a kid, which was becoming a hip-hop star. Now, see where it has taken him to, unto a global stage.

3. You Need a Motivator to Help You Push Through

R-Truth needed someone like a motivator to help him through his dreams, in the person of first Lilian Garcia, then Jackie Crockett, who connected him to the wrestling championship that laid a foundation for his stardom.

Final Thoughts

Nobody talks about R-Truth’s past negative life anymore. But, what he’s best known for today, is his successful story, achievements, and celebrated life, which earns him more fans moving forward.

His mindset and ability to pursue his dreams have brought him this far. Like he would always quote, “It’s about important things such as having faith, pursuing your dreams and goals. My music is about to drive”.

R Truth net worth has been estimated to be about $4 million as of recent net worth data

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