Ralph Tresvant Net Worth – How Rich is He?

How much is Ralph Tresvant Net Worth?

Net Worth:$15,000,000
Source of Wealth:Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Actor, Record Producer
Age:51 years old
Nationality:United States
Last Updated:2020

Ralph Tresvant Net Worth: Ralph Tresvant is the lead singer in R&B music group New Edition, he has a net worth of $15,000,000.

He is also popular featuring in some Hollywood movie roles as well as a radio DJ for WZBRR, this hugely impacted to his net worth.

Brief Bio

Ralph Edward Tresvant Jr. (popularly known as Rizz or Rizzo) is a famous American R&B singer, songwriter, radio host, producer, and actor. He was brought into limelight by virtue of being the lead singer of the renowned R&B band, “The New Edition”

He has a height of about 5 feet 8 inches and dark-brown colored eyes. Tresvant’s hair is black and clocks around 60 kg in weight. We won’t forget to add his Zodiac Sign, the Taurus.

Early Life

The elegant and agile Ralph Tresvant was given birth to on the 16th of May, 1968 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the first of his parents Ralph Edward (Father) and Patricia Tresvant amongst three. Tresvant had a great beautiful life growing up with his younger siblings Andre (Brother) and LaTonya (Sister).

They enjoyed listening to music and singing theirs together. This deep love for music led him to locate his kind of persons in Bobby Brown, Michael Bivins, and Ricky Bell, the formed a small group back then in high school and combined ideas and began making performances at small concerts.

It was during one of their performances that they were spotted by Brooke Payne an up-coming songwriter and local producer at the time. He picked interested in the lads having watched them at a local talent show hosted in Roxbury.

Payne who was also a manager and choreographer first gave them the name “The New Edition”. By instinct he appointed Tresvant the lead singer, this was the beginning of a blossoming career for him.

Maurice Starr went ahead to create “The Jackson 5”, thus signing them to his Streetwise Records label and added a new member- Ronald DeVoe – to the fold, he was Payne’s Nephew. Their debut album Candy girl as you would expect was released in 1983. This album was a springboard for the boys who went on to release youthful singles like” Popcorn Love” and ”Is This the End”

As of 2020, Ralph from new edition net worth is estimated to be about $15,000,000


Ralph Tresvant Net Worth

Tresvant’s career began in 1978 in Boston. He started working with “Ricky & Ralph” – a singing group of which Ricky Bell was part. That was the start-up, then “The New Edition” and then the “Jackson 5”.

At a point, after their first tour, the group experienced some disputes over financial mismanagement. Starr gave each of them a meager cheque of $1.34 claiming that the tour had eaten deep into the budget.

This resulted in New Edition pulling out of Starr’s Streetwise record and signing for MCA Records, where they released their second album. Like some of us know, Tresvant’s vocal style is so smooth, and this made his voice their signature as the released more singles including Cool It Down a top-five hit track.

During this period, some members of the group began going solo on music projects. Tresvant- an introvert was initially hesitant. The likes of Bobby Brown and Ronnie DeVoe recorded some massive success in their solo albums. Seeing these stints, Tresvant eventually ventured into his solo album and became the most successful of his bandmates.

His debut solo album was released in 1990. With “Sensitivity”, “Do What I Gotta Do” and “Stone Cold Gentleman”. These singles were all hits with “Sensitivity” staying over 19 weeks on the US R&B Singles Chart. This album sold over 2 million copies thus achieving the Double Platinum rank. Tresvant went ahead to do other solo albums “Ralph Tresvant”, “It’s Goin’ Down” and “Rizz-Wa-Faire”

Tresvant is also an actor and featured in the following movies amongst others – “Knight Rider”, “Krush Groove”, “House Party 2”, “Barbershop Blues” and “Triple Cross”

He is a radio show DJ on Boston WZBR and also a radio host of the program “Inside the Ride with Ralph Tresvant” which premiered on 16th September, 2016.

Ralph Tresvant Net Worth

If you are wondering what is ralph Tresvant net worth? Ralph Tresvant Net worth is estimated to be about $15,000,000 (Fifteen million dollars). There is no doubt he has had an amazingly successful career.

He hit this fortune basically as a lead singer of the New Edition group. We’ve already established it’s an American R&B music group which was very popular in the ’80s. And although Bobby Brown (husband to the late Whitney Houston) was the most famous of all, Tresvant’s sonorous voice generated a lot of funds for the group. Most fans were eager to hear to him sing!

The deal from Streetwise Records label was awesome for him and every other member of the group. He also made some huge amount of earnings from his hit albums spanning across years.

Tresvant earned/earns superb salaries from Hollywood as his filmography roles are all laid bare and also as a radio program DJ for WZBRR. We can’t for sure lay our hands-on how much he has amassed from the industry but for sure, it is massive.

Marriage and Family

Tresvant is a married man. He has been married twice. Unlike, most celebrities who keep on hanging with their girlfriend, Tresvant got married legally and legitimately and both had kids with both women.

His first marriage was to his childhood love, Shelly Jean whom he began dating when they were just aged 11. In 1993, they got married and divorced just three years later, which is 1996.

Both parties had their issues which led to the divorce, Tresvant was a playboy while Shelly was a drug addict. They had to separate after she alleged his infidelity. Despite the sad ending of the union, Tresvant and Shelly had three kids within that short span: Na’Quelle, Mariah, and Ralph Jr

Amazingly, their oldest daughter gave birth to a boy recently, making them grandparents!

Tresvant remarried in 2004 to Amber Serrano. Amber was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 29 May 1976. A Gemini representative of the zodiac, Amber Tresvant has got super glowing looks and though she is 44, she way looks younger than that.

She has enticing physical attributes that may have been irresistible for Tresvant. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 55 kg. Her eyes are dark brown and are complemented with a curly black hair.

Amber by profession is a virtual artist and visual art designer. She has always shown a huge interest in arts and as a young girl in the school participated in sections/ activities involving arts and crafts. Aside from arts, she enjoys acting just like her husband and she played a perfect role in the comedy “House Party,” and the biographical documentary titled “The New Edition Story.” I bet from the title, you would know the documentary tells about The New Edition – Tresvant’s music band.

Amber also has a beautiful voice and didn’t let is fallow by recording her solo album after her marriage to Tresvant, though she didn’t get any audience. She had been a long-time admirer of the New Edition band especially the lead singer, Tresvant, and wouldn’t have thought they would be partners by now. Since after their marriage, the couple has a 15-year old son named Dakari. Amber is also a step-mom to Tresvant’s three children.

Amber and Scandals

Amber is one person who loves to mind her business and focus on her family. She didn’t get the latter enough so she decided to give her attention to her family. Her parents were Engineers and placed more emphasis on their jobs. They didn’t have much time to take care of her and her siblings and had a series of misunderstandings. They got separated when she was just aged 8, leaving here to single-parenting alongside her brother and sister.

She loves to stay away from the media but unfortunately, she has been in the gossips. Then, some people said she was the reason behind the divorce of Tresvant and Shelly. The story had it that she met with him, (though then he was still married to Shelly) and they started a relationship. After the divorce, they then got married.

Some three years back, there were suspicions she was not together with her husband and family. No response however was given to that by any of them and they’ve gone ahead to live their lives happily.

Ralph Tresvant Quotes

Ralph Tresvant Quote

Girl, I know it’s been hard since he went away And left you so sad that you cry everyday Let me kiss your tears erase all your doubts Because for you I’m here, you won’t be without Love. – Ralph Tresvant

ralph tresvant quote

My momma told me to remember boy, She says a woman is your pride and joy And that’s why I treat you with seniority. A gentleman is what I strive to be. – Ralph Tresvant

Cars & Houses

Tresvant is wealthy and loves to enjoy luxury. He invested some huge amount of money in a mansion located in Woodland Hills California.

This is where he currently resides with his family. Other properties at this time are unknown. As of 2020 Ralph Tresvant worth is estimated to be about $15,000,000.

Interesting facts about Ralph Tresvant

  • Ralph Tresvant was a local producer and songwriter, Brooke Payne.
  • He started a new music group with Ricky Bell and Bobby Brown called Triple Threat.
  • 2008 marked another tour with Bobby Brown and Johnny Gill. They were named Heads of State.
  • Tresvant is married twice, initially to Shelly and currently to Amber.
  • He is a producer, DJ, actor, songwriter, and singer.

As of 2020, Ralph Tresvant net worth is estimated to be about $15,000,000.

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