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If you are familiar with the highly-rated 1960s series Outer Limits, then you are sure to remember Capt. James Harrison who was played by Robert Benevides. He is an actor known for numerous popular movies and who was was the partner of the late Raymond Burr.

In this article is some information about Robert Benevides, including Robert Benevides’s net worth, Bio, personal life and more.

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Robert Benevide: Quick Facts

Full NameRobert Benevides
Net worth$5m
Date of BirthFebruary 9, 1930
Place of Birth California USA
PartnerRaymond burr
Height 5ft
Weight56 Kg

Robert Benevides’s Bio/Wiki

Robert Benevides is an American by nationality who was given birth to on the 9th of February 1930 in the city of Visalia, California USA. As of February 2020, he turned 90 years of age. Robert Benevides is a Christan by religion and an American white by culture.

There is no much content on Robert Benevides Biography, he prefers not to talk about much, And choose to be secretive about his early life, parents, siblings, and education. He keeps these all to himself.

Robert Benevides’s Career

Robert Benevides take on acting as a career. As an actor, he has featured in lots of movie series and films which some of them include popular movies like The Bold Ones: The New Doctors(in the year 1969) Ironside(in the year 1967) and The Outer Limits(in the year 1963). He is known popularly by his works on the above-listed movies.

Robert Benevides had also worked with his partner Raymond Burr under the aegis of Harbour-UTV Productions, Burr’s production company as a co-founder and creative consultant.

In addition, Benevides was a co-owner and operator of an orchid business and a vineyard located in California’s Dry Creek Valley. He owned this vineyard and orchid business with his late partner Raymond Burr.

When Burr passed, he willed all the property he owned to Benevides. His jewelry, clothing, books, works of arts and some other personal items he had, he gave them all to his partner Robert Benevides.

Robert Benevides Net Worth

Robert Benevides’s Net worth is approximately $5million from being an actor and owner of different properties. His late partner, however, Raymond burr before his death had a net worth of about $15 million.

Digressing a little, Robert Benevides partner Raymond burr had over 140 acting credits upon his death and has been honored with two Perry Mason Primetime Emmy Awards. He was also nominated for two iron side Gold Glove Awards, he achieved all this before he died.

Robert Benevides personal life and relationship

It wasn’t easy being gay in the late 1950s, However, Robert Benevides being Gay, met his partner Raymond burr in the middle 1950s. They met on “Perry mason” a television program which latter made a legend of Burr.

Starting off as just friends, Robert Benevides and Raymond Burr grew intimately with each other after discovering they both had a common interest and knowledge in orchids hybridization and cultivation. This common interest they shared helped sparkled up their connection and relationship.

Renond Burr and Robert Benevides

Together, Benevides and Burr bought properties which they managed together. An example of such property they bought and shared Is an island in Fiji in which together they raised copra and cattle.

Due to their close relationship, Raymond Burr made Robert Benevides the executive in charge of the production of one of his very successful and best-selling TV series called “Ironside”.

Robert Benevides bought a farm famous and sorted for in Dry creek valley in the year 1976, He did this following the advice of his partner Raymond burr.

A few month’s after purchasing the farm at Dry creek valley, Then, Burrs nine-year movie “Ironside” was coming to an end, Benevides and burr took a trip to California, where they both spent their early life(They both schooled in Berkeley, meanwhile, Benevides grew up on peninsula and burr in Vallejo). While in California,benevide showed burr his property in Sonoma county.

Benevides and burr having a strong relationship and partnership, they relocated their orchid nurseries to the Valley in1980 and then started works on the manzanita covered benchlands. It was cleared, tilled, sterilized, drip systems were installed, the wells dug and more. ,

During the period the work on the manzanita covered benchlands was going on, Benevides and burr engaged themselves with the Viacom presentation of the new adventures of “Perry masons” which took five years to complete it’s was filmed in Paris, Colorado, France, Toronto Canada, and Denver.

Benevides partner Raymond Burr

Benevides partner Raymond Burr retired in 1992 to watch the garden his partner Benevides bought in Dry creek valley grow. Then, his health was already failing. The vineyard was at its prime at that time and Raymond burr found time to watch, protect and nurture the grapes. He confers with the winemaker to taste from the barrels in 1992 and he died a few days after watching the harvest of the wonderful vineyard.

Benevides partner Raymond burr died of cancer of kidney cancer in 1993 at his ranch in Dry Creek Valley, near Healdsburg, he was aged 76 at that time.

The vineyard was named after Raymond Burr though he never wanted it to be so. After much pondering and thoughts, Burrs partner Benevides decided to name the vineyard after burr, as a memorial. It was called Raymond Burrs Winery.

Robert Benevides’s Height, Weight

Robert Benevides is 5 feet tall and 10 inches high, weighing 56kg. He also has wonderful brown colored eyes.

Social Media Appearance

This is no social media network like Facebook, Instagram or twitter that is verified to belongs to Robert Benevide. one can say He has no interest in the social media world.

Interesting Facts About Robert Benevide

  • Robert Benevides was born on the 9th of February 1930 in Visalia, California USA
  • He is an actor by profession and has featured in most popular films and TV series.
  • Robert Benevides is homosexual. He met his partner, Raymond burr in the middle 1950s on a television program called “Perry Mansons”.
  • Robert Benevides’s partner Raymond burr died in 1993 due to kidney cancer and ever since his relationship status has been unknown.


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