Roman Atwood Net Worth & Achievements

What is Roman Atwood Net Worth?

Net Worth:$14.5 million
Source of Wealth:Comedian, Prankster, and Vlogger
Date of Birth:May 28th, 1983
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Roman Atwood Net Worth:  Roman Atwood is a well-known American comedian, prankster, and vlogger with an estimated net worth of $14.5 million. Roman Atwood’s entertainment career took off with the production and sale of his comedy sketch DVDs. He launched his YouTube channel, “RomanAtwood,” in 2010, where he posted prank videos that quickly garnered massive popularity.

Atwood’s multifaceted career in digital content creation, merchandise sales, and philanthropy has significantly contributed to his net worth and influence as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Early Life

Roman Atwood was born on May 28, 1983, in Millersport, Ohio. Growing up in an environment that nurtured his creative instincts, he developed a keen interest in being in front of the camera from an early age.

Atwood attended Millersport Junior/Senior High School, where his interest in videos and film-making began to flourish. His parents, Curt Dale Atwood and Susan Atwood, played a significant role in his upbringing.

Sadly, his mother passed away in a tragic accident in 2019, which deeply affected him and led to a temporary withdrawal from social media to grieve.

Before achieving fame on YouTube, Atwood worked at his family’s rope manufacturing business, “Atwood Rope.” His early career efforts included producing a DVD series titled “The Nerd Herd,” which he sold during the 2006 Warped Tour. This period was pivotal in shaping his future direction in entertainment and comedy.


Roman Atwood’s entertainment career took off with the production and sale of his comedy sketch DVDs. He launched his YouTube channel, “RomanAtwood,” in 2010, where he posted prank videos that quickly garnered massive popularity. His unique blend of humor, unpredictability, and a hint of outrageousness resonated with a wide audience.

In 2013, he started a second YouTube channel, “RomanAtwoodVlogs,” which focused more on his daily life and family, capturing the hearts of millions with his relatable and positive content. This channel also featured good deeds like the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ series.

Atwood co-produced the comedy film “Natural Born Pranksters” in 2016, further cementing his status in the entertainment industry. He has collaborated with several notable figures, including brave wilderness host Coyote Peterson, Alfie Deyes, Logan Paul, and others.

Roman Atwood net worth is estimated to be $14.5 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2015: Won the Streamy Award for his “Plastic Ball Prank” video.
  • 2016: Launched a worldwide tour, Roman vs. Fousey, performing in the United States, Canada, and the UK.
  • 2016: Released the film “Natural Born Pranksters” in collaboration with Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Dennis Roady.
  • 2018: Sponsored by G FUEL, Atwood introduced a new personalized flavor, the tropical-themed Bahama Mama.

Personal Life

Roman Atwood’s personal life has been as eventful as his career. He married his first wife, Shanna Riley, in 2001, and they had a son, Noah Vaughn Atwood.

The marriage ended in divorce in 2008 after Atwood discovered Riley’s infidelity. He then began dating Brittney Smith in November 2008, and they have two children together: Kane Alexander Atwood and Cora Atwood. The couple tied the knot in July 2018 in Maui, Hawaii. In January 2021, they welcomed their third child, Knox Atwood.

In addition to his human family, Atwood has a deep affection for his pets, including two cats, a donkey, and a husky named Flash, often featured in his vlogs.

Roman Atwood has been successful in balancing his professional and personal life, living a fulfilling life with his family while continuing to entertain millions through his online presence​​

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Awards and Achievements

Roman Atwood’s career as a YouTube personality, comedian, and prankster has been marked by significant recognition and achievements. One of his most notable accolades came in 2015, when he won a Streamy Award in the category of Brand Campaign for his “Plastic Ball Prank” video.

This innovative video, where he filled his house with plastic balls, caught the attention of Nissan, leading to an exciting collaboration for the Super Bowl XLIX halftime commercial. Atwood’s creativity and originality in this campaign were key factors in winning this award.

In addition to the Streamy Award, Atwood was honored with the Shorty Award for Best YouTube Comedian in 2016. This award highlighted his unique talent and charisma in creating engaging and humorous content on YouTube.

Atwood’s ability to entertain and inspire is evident through his dedicated fanbase and the millions of views on his videos. His impact on the YouTube community extends beyond his channel, as he is known for his inspiring content and positive influence. These awards are a testament to Atwood’s skill as an entertainer and his significant contribution to digital media​​​​​​​​.

Roman Atwood Net Worth

Roman Atwood net worth is estimated to be $14.5 million.  Atwood’s financial success primarily stems from his successful career as a YouTuber.

He has earned a significant portion of his income through ads appearing on his popular YouTube channels. With 15.4 million subscribers on his vlogging channel and over 10.2 million on his prank channel, Atwood has established a massive following, contributing to his substantial earnings from YouTube ad revenue.

Apart from his YouTube channels, Atwood’s income sources include merchandise sales, brand deals, sponsorships, and other business ventures. He launched his merchandise line, Smile More, in 2013, selling a variety of products including T-shirts, hats, and hoodies.

This venture has grown significantly over the years, adding to his wealth. In addition to his merchandise business, Atwood’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to partake in several other successful ventures, further bolstering his net worth.

Real Estate

In addition to this residential property, Atwood has invested in various commercial properties across Ohio, including a retail space in Columbus, a warehouse in Cleveland, and an office building in Cincinnati. These commercial investments are expected to generate a substantial rental income.

Atwood’s real estate ventures also extend to agricultural land, with a recent purchase of a 200-acre farm in rural Ohio, where he plans to engage in livestock rearing and crop cultivation.

Overall, Atwood’s strategic investments in residential, commercial, and agricultural properties contribute significantly to his wealth, which is estimated to be around $30 million as of 2024. His approach to real estate investment reflects a diverse portfolio, spanning from luxurious residential estates to functional commercial and agricultural properties.

Roman Atwood net worth is estimated to be about $14.5 million, this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate.

Notable Roman Atwood’s Quotes

Keep your eyes focused on the light and may it welcome and shelter your days.- Roman Atwood

Redemption isn’t something that comes fast and easy. You have to put all your effort and heart into it to make it work.- Roman Atwood

It requires as much caution to tell the truth as to conceal it.- Roman Atwood

Life Lessons to Learn From Roman Atwood’s Success

1. Embracing Change and Growth

Roman Atwood’s transition from creating prank videos to focusing on family-oriented content illustrates the importance of embracing change. His ability to adapt and grow with his audience shows us that change can lead to new, fulfilling paths. Being open to evolution, both personally and professionally, is key to long-term success and happiness.

2. The Impact of Positivity

Atwood’s commitment to spreading positivity and cheer through his videos is a powerful reminder of the impact we can have on others. His work highlights the importance of creating content that not only entertains but also uplifts and inspires. By focusing on the positive and seeking to make a meaningful difference, we can influence those around us in profound ways.

3 Balancing Professional and Personal Life

Atwood’s ability to balance his professional career with his personal life, especially his role as a family man, offers a valuable lesson. Success is not just about professional achievements but also about nurturing personal relationships and commitments. Finding a balance between work and home life is essential for overall well-being and fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions – Roman Atwood’s Net Worth

Is Roman Atwood Religious?

Roman Atwood has discussed his conversion on a popular YouTube program, revealing that he has joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This indicates his religious affiliation and personal beliefs.

Is Roman Atwood a Millionaire?

Yes, Roman Atwood is indeed a millionaire. With a net worth estimated to be between $14.5 to 18 million, he falls well within the category of a millionaire.

Who did Roman Atwood have kids with?

Roman Atwood has children with his wife, Brittney Atwood. Together, they have a son named Kane Alexander Atwood, born on October 23, 2011, and a daughter named Cora Atwood, born on July 16, 2017. Additionally, Atwood has a son named Noah Vaughn Atwood from his previous marriage with Shanna Riley​​​​

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Final Thoughts

Roman Atwood’s journey from a YouTube prankster to a multimillion-dollar entrepreneur is a testament to the power of digital media and personal branding. With a net worth of $14.5 million, Atwood has leveraged his unique blend of humor and relatability to build a diverse portfolio of income streams.

Atwood’s story illustrates how creativity, consistency, and an ability to adapt to changing digital landscapes can lead to substantial success in the modern world. His achievements in the entertainment industry, coupled with savvy business decisions, have secured his status as not just a digital media personality but also a successful entrepreneur.

As of 2024, Roman Atwood net worth is estimated to be $14.5 million

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