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Russel Block Spencer is an American hip-hop artist and a businessman. He is loved by many and is known for his impact on some rap artists lives. Artists like Ciara, Jody Breeze, and Yung Joc, Russell Spencer is given the credit for the popularity of these rap stars.

Russell Spencer has lots of works, including works on some movies and TV shows such as his works in the on-screen project of frienemies and the player’s club. Although being an American hip-hop star and a business magnate, Russell Spencers’ popularity is also attributed to his relationships and love life.

Russell Block Spencer

You might be interested in knowing more about this popular hip-hop artist, below are some quick Russell Spencer Wiki facts.

Russell Spencer Wiki Facts.

Full NameRussel Block Spencer
Net worth$10 Million
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1979
Place of Birth Atlanta, Georgia USA
Height 5ft
PartnerKandy Bruss
ChildrenRiley Burruss
Record LabelsBlock Entertainment (Block Ent.), ShoNuff Records, Bad Boy Records, Capital Records
TV ShowsThe Package (TV Series, 2010)
Albums “King Kong”, “Welcome to the Zoo” (2007) “Back Up N Da Chevy” (2007),

Russell Block Spencer Age, Bio, Wiki

Russel Block Spencer age is 41, Russel Spencer was born on the 1st of March 1979 in Georgia, United States.

His mother is an African while his dad father an American. He is an American by nationality and he grew up in Atlanta Georgia, where he completed his schooling. Till today, he keeps making an impact in the entertainment industry.

Russell Spencer’s Career

Russell Spencer is into music entertainment. He started off as a producer, producing mostly R&B music and then later on he began working for record companies. Some record companies he worked at include ShoNuff Records and Suave House Record where he displayed a great deal of talent.

With time, he got to own about one-third of shonuff records stake, this followed by bringing Ciara Jody Breeze into the picture and helping him on his quest to become a rap star.

Furthermore, Russel Block Spencer has got to work with the Warner music group, Sean Diddy Combs and the association of urban wrestling. He finally created his own record label in 2005 with the help and assistance from an associate Andrew Gotti Couser. Russell called his record label Block Entertainment, his record label has its location to be the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2011 a Gorilla Zoe’s album was released in Russell Spencer’s record label titled “king kong”.

However, since November 2009 Russel record label Block entertainment has been running in collaboration with capitol records.

Russell “Block” Spencer Net Worth

Russell Block Spencer net worth was estimated to be about $10 million dollars, the estimation is due to the lack of full detail about his salary and properties. His actual net worth and more details about his property ownership and salary remain undisclosed.

Russell Spencer being a successful hip-hop artist for over 28 years and the owner of the block entertainment record label has acquired lots of wealth.

In the United States, a hip-hop artist gets an average salary of about $62,142 and this price is not constant it depends on your deal and conditions applied. Stating this fact, one can say that the popular hip-hop artist Russel Block Spencer collects his salary in hundreds of thousands of dollars at an instance.

Not minding his salary, another means of income that made a millionaire out of Russel Spencer is the record label Block entertainment which he owns. The profit gotten from the record label cannot be estimated stating the fact that the earnings of any record label vary and depends basically on the contracting deal between the record label and the company that releases the specified album.

The earning system shows that when albums are sold out, 60-70% of the earnings go to the artist which he will share with the record label owner depending on the terms of their contract. The remaining percentage is shared among the retailers and other bodies of marketing.

Early Life, Family, and Education

There is not much on Russell Spencers early life. However, his birth was in the United States of America.

Information about his birth and family is undisclosed. Russel Block Spencer is of black ethnicity and he is an American by nationality. Also, information about his education has not been disclosed yet.

Russel Spencer Relationship and Personal Life

Russell Spencer relationship and personal life, is quite an interesting one. His past relationship with Kandi Burruss drew lots of attention. They met at a car dealership and with time got into a relationship. After a while Kandi discovered that Russel was cheating on her with his previous girlfriend (also mother of his child), so she had to “let him go” but at that time she was already pregnant for Russel Spencer.


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Kandi Burruss bore Russels daughter Riley Burruss in 2002 and after the split up Russell Spencer never asked for custody of his daughter. One might see him as an irresponsible father for this act, but the sole reason for his actions still remains unknown.

Kandi never wanted her breakup with Russell to be a talk of the town but it didn’t work this way. In a short while their breakup was all over the news and it ended up making a huge limelight.

Kandi Burruss had made public comments on Russell not caring or being there for their daughter Riley. She talked about how Russel would stay for months without checking or asking about Riley, making Riley also complain about it but she added she was ready to let him be but before that he should pay up the million dollars he had borrowed earlier from her while they were in a relationship.

Word has it that Russel Spencer never paid the loan he took from Kandi but rumor has it that he pays child support money to Kandi regularly. It is also noted that Russell now cares and provides for his children.

There is no love or affection between Russell Spencer and his baby mama Kandi, it is believed that the only thing that keeps them in touch and ties them together is their beautiful daughter Riley.

Is Russell Block Spencer Married?

Russell’s relationship status as of recent is unknown as there has been no latest news of who his dating as of recently. However, his ex-girlfriend Kandi Buruss is already married to former line producer Todd Tucker. They got married in 2014 and have been living happily ever since.

Russel Spencer’s Daughter Riley Burrus

Riley Burrus was born on the 22nd of August 2002 in Georgia Atlanta. She grew up in Georgia with her mom Kandi Burrus and her mom’s husband Todd Tucker.

At the age of 7, Riley was in a video with her mom stepfather and stepbrother singing “Jesus Take The Wheel” by Carrie Underwood. Growing up, she has occasionally featured in TV series a popular one is the “Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

As of 2019, Russel Spencer’s daughter Riley began a YouTube channel which she currently has about 44k+ subscribers where she uploads videos about fitness and beauty tips. She earns 15.3k yearly from her YouTube channel according to the Social blade. Aside from this she concentrates on her college life where she studies law.

Riley Burrus

It is said that recently, Russell Spencer and his daughter Riley has a kind of reconnection saying that the past has been forgotten.

Russell Spencer’s Height body stature

Russell Spencer is 5ft tall and 8inches high having a good body structure and healthy system. He maintained his looks so well that one can find it very difficult to guess his actual age by merely looking at him.

Russel Spencer Social Media Appearance

Russell Spencer just like most entertainers has an active social media live and can be found on Instagram and Twitter where he has quite a number of followers.

Interesting facts about Russel Spencer

  • Russel Spencer is a hip-hop artist and a business magnet he was born on the 1st of March 1979 in Georgia, United States where he grew up and finished schooling.
  • Russell is the owner of the record label Block entertainment which he created in the year 2005
  • He is the father to Kandi Buruss daughter Riley.

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