Safaree Net Worth & Achievements

What is Safaree Net Worth?

Net Worth:$3 million
Source of Wealth:Rapper
Date of Birth:July 4th, 1981
Country of Origin:United State
Last Updated:2024

Safaree Net Worth: Safaree is an American rapper with an estimated net worth of $3 million. Safaree Lloyd Samuels was born and raised in Brooklyn with his two sisters. He rose to fame when he joined a band named Hoodstars. Although the band broke up years later, Safaree’s popularity grew.

He worked alongside other celebrities like Nicki Minaj. Over time, he became a talented rapper, actor, musician, and songwriter.

Early Life

July 4th, 1981, saw the birth of Safaree Samuels in New York, Brooklyn precisely. He is of Jamaican descent and was raised with both sisters, Samantha and Shamika Samuels. He went to ‘Midtown High School,’ but he discovered his passion for rapping when he was young.


Safaree’s career went progressively from music to reality TV shows. He was first part of the now-disbanded band group – The Hoodstars- created in the 2000s but could not last a few years. After the group became dysfunctional and disbanded, Safaree collaborated with Nicki Minaj. There were rumors that they had a relationship at the time.

From 2010 until 2012, he assisted in co-writing several tracks for Nicki. “Stupid Hoe,” “Press Conference,” and “Did It on them” are included in the most well-received ones. The duo did not stay collaborating. After some time, Safaree left the group and created music personally.

Some of the most prominent songs from Safaree included “It Is What It Is” and “It Is What It Is” Vol 2, two albums he made public in 2015. Safaree worked with the cast of K. Michelle: My Life. Shortly afterward, in 2016, he got a job offer with the group of actors in Love & HipHop: Hollywood.

He also participated in the paranormal reality series Scared Famous, finishing third position out of four competitors in 2017.

Safaree net worth is estimated to be $3 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2000 – He joined “The Hoodstars” band.
  • 2004 – He appeared on the CD “Theme Addict: WWE The Music, Vol. 6.”
  • 2010 – Collaborated with Nicki Minaj to make the song “Did It on ‘em” in her debut album, “Pink Friday.”
  • 2012 – He appeared in Nicki’s music video for “Stupid Hoe.”
  • 2014 – He released “Burner,” the lead song from the EP, with a title he named himself.
  • 2015 – He dropped his debut mixtape, “It Is What It Is,” with the music label “Stuntgang.”
  • 2015 – He made “It Is What It Is, Vol. 2”.
  • 2015 – He made his first TV appearance in Nick Canon’s “Wild ‘n Out.”
  • 2016 – He appeared in three sections of the TV show “K. Michelle.”
  • 2017 – He acted with the main characters of “Love and Hip Hop.”
  • 2018 – He acted with the ‘Leave It To Stevie’ supporting cast.

Personal Life

Minaj and Samuels had a long relationship. The pair began dating in 2002 and ended their relationship around 2014. Most songs like “Pill N Potions’, ‘The Pinkprint’ and ‘Bed of Lies,’ written by Nicki, were said to be about her ex-boyfriend Safaree.

He began a relationship with a model named Zashia Santiago after he ended things with Nicki. In 2017, he was supposedly hospitalized after being violated by the model Star Divine, whom he was dating. They separated afterwards.

There were other rumors of connections with several models, including Nikki Mudarris, Candice Brooks, and Analicia Chaves.

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Awards And Achievements

In 2018, Samuels won the Blue & Bougie Impact Award.

Safaree Net Worth

Safaree net worth is estimated to be $3 million. The Jamaican-American rapper, actor, reality TV star, and songwriter is worth over three million dollars.

The Jamaican-American rapper recently bought a posh property with gorgeous landscaping, large outdoor pillars, and a massive swimming pool.

Safaree and Erica spent $848,000 to buy a property in Georgia around Fayetteville in July 2020. They advertised the house to be sold in 2022 and sold it one week later for 1,300,000 dollars, the exact price they had put it up for.

Safaree net worth is estimated to be about $3 million. This is inclusive of his wealth in real estate

Notable Safaree’s Quotes

She was a walking, breathing corporation, so she always had to be on. I like to be affectionate, but we couldn’t do that. – Safaree

Just a mass group of people wanting what others have. Or pretend to have. –Safaree

Social media got 22-year-olds wanting to off themselves because they don’t make six figures and drive a seven series. Sh*t is terrible. It got Women thinking that if you can’t afford a Chanel bag, you are doing badly and offering them nothing. I got dudes thinking a good 9-5 is slavery. Nobody likes their body, nobody like their home – Safaree

I loved my childhood.. y’all, new kids in ya teens and 20, ‘s got a lotta pressure on y’all for sh*t that ain’t real! –Safaree

Life Lessons to Learn From Safaree’s Success

1. Explore your strengths

Safaree settled for more. When he felt he could do more, he did not mind what he had to leave behind. He knew what he wanted and, most importantly, his strengths and what he could achieve.

2. Be fearless

Safaree Samuels was neither scared nor fazed when the music group he had joined disbanded, and he still was not shaken when he had to end his collaboration with another celebrity like Nicki. He went for what he wanted and created two amazing mixtapes that made him even more popular.

3. Negative Influence

Safaree was appalled at how social media negatively affected people’s lifestyles and ways of thinking. He was against the fact that it influenced people to think that honest living was not ideal anymore and that we should all be concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions – Safaree Net Worth

What amount did Nicki Minaj give Safaree?

The musician earned a little extra to earn in the new year, revealing a total compensation of more than $2.3K.

What is Safaree’s source of income?

Safaree rose to prominence as a member of the band Hoodstars, including Nicki Minaj. He received numerous important writing credits, recorded several albums, and appeared on reality television.

How did Safaree offend Nicki?

There was an argument between Safaree and Nicki in July 2021. They got into a fight at a hotel in Dallas. According to Nicki, Safaree smacked her face using a suitcase, bruising her lip.

Is Erica wealthier than Safaree?

Safaree Lloyd Samuels is among OnlyFans’ wealthiest creators, and his recurrent monthly salary is insane. With the help of Erica Mena his estranged wife, Safaree, he reached the list of top earners.

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Final Thoughts

Rapper, singer, actor, reality television star, and Jamaican-American Safaree Samuels has a 3 million fortune. Samuels made an impression on the public in 2016 after being first cast in the VH1 reality TV show “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.” Safaree switched to “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” in 2020 after appearing on “Love and Hip Hop: New York” in 2017.

As of 2024, Safaree net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

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