Sharelle Rosado Net Worth & Achievements

What is Sharelle Rosado Net Worth?

Net Worth:$6 million
Source of Wealth:Businesswoman
Date of Birth:October 16th, 198
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Sharelle Rosado Net Worth: Sharelle Rosado is a successful businesswoman with an estimated net worth of $6 million. who has turned her life around through her determination, dedication, honesty, and integrity.

She established a realty company called “Allure Realty” and has been featured on a Netflix Reality TV show titled “Selling Tampa”.

Early Life

Growing up in Alabama state, USA, Sharelle Rosado was born to a humble, struggling family but refused to be intimidated by her early life struggles. Sharelle was determined to lift herself out of the poor background she grew up in and groomed herself physically and mentally. She has two siblings, one being Dennis Rosado, her brother, and their mother raised them.

Sharelle believed in four pillars of success: determination, dedication, honesty, and integrity, and she worked with them. Information regarding her parents’ identities is unavailable or exposed to the public domain. Still, some sources believe that she was born to a white businessperson with a black mother who was engaged in homemaking duties.


Sharelle Rosado pursued her childhood dream and ventured into the US military in 2007 to make a stable income and support her children. She joined as an Executive Administrative Assistant, and after about six years, she was transferred to the Human Resource Department. She was trained to enter combat zones by parachutes and was assigned an Afghanistan stint. After over ten years in the military, she changed her career.

Sharelle ventured into the real estate industry in 2017, became licensed as a realtor, and worked with Remax Bayside. While with them, she made about three million sales in her first year, earning her the Executive Club Plaque.

She again progressed in her career by getting a broker license and eventually founded her realty company “Allure Realty” in Tampa Bay, Florida. The company also focuses on helping veterans and military personnel relocate to a relaxed environment that suits their needs. Sharelle is the CEO and senior realtor of the company and has seen the expansion of the business in Miami and Charlotte (soonest). She empowers and mentors women, leads her professional team of women at Allure, and teaches them how to secure deals for high-profile clients.

Sharelle pitched the idea of the reality TV show “Selling Tampa” to Netflix. She was featured on the popular TV show with her glamorous Allure Realty ladies showcasing real estate’s luxury in their classy high heels.

She has also been able to amass many followers on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook, positioning her as an influencer. She has an impeccable reputation on Twitter and makes posts to showcase her love for her boyfriend or to motivate. In 2022, she gained over 373,000 followers on Instagram, increasing as she was headlined for her beautiful relationship with the former NFL star Chad Johnson.

Sharelle Rosado net worth is estimated to be $6 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2007 – Sharelle joined the United States Army as an Executive Administrative Assistant.
  • 2013 – Transferred to the human resources department of the United States Army.
  • 2017 – Went into real estate and worked at Remax Bayside for a few years.
  • 2019 – She established a brokerage company called “Allure Realty,” where she works as CEO.

Personal Life

The former military personnel is known to be in a relationship with Chad Ochocinco Johnson, an NFL player since 2020. They connected through social media, and in January 2021, Chad popped the question to Sharelle. After five months of their engagement, Chad Johnson gifted Sharelle a Mercedes GLS600 in June.

Sharelle was noticed to be pregnant in the initial episodes of the show “Selling Tampa.” The couple welcomed their first child together in January 2022. The newborn girl was named Serenity Paula Johnson and is Sharelle’s 4th child, as she had three other children from her former relationships. The couple have yet to release any information about when they’d get married, and they live a very good lifestyle suited for their status.

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Awards & Achievements

Sharelle Rosado joined the US military in 2007 as an Executive Administrative Assistant and quickly progressed to the human resources department six years later. She served in the military for over ten years.

After leaving the US Army, Sharelle gained a realtor license and joined Remax Bayside. Within her first year in the company, she made a whopping 3 million dollars in sales, earning her the Executive Club Plaque. From there, she established her “Allure Realty” agency and became the CEO. Allure Realty was also a nominee for the Best Real Estate Company Award at the Best of the Bay 202q event.

Sharelle’s success in the real estate industry landed her a role on a Netflix Reality TV show titled “Selling Tampa”, where she performed exceptionally well. She has many followers on her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok, positioning her as an influencer.

Sharelle Rosado Net Worth

Stephon Marbury net worth is estimated to be $6 million. The popular realtor has made much money through the TV show “Selling Tampa” and her real estate ventures. She owns several other high-value assets and earns about 500 thousand dollars annually.

She is the CEO and founder of Allure Realty, a luxury real estate firm based in Florida. Her firm specializes in high-end properties and caters to an elite clientele, which would contribute significantly to her financial success.

Notable Sharelle Rosado’s Quotes

Go after what you want, be assertive, and make it happen. You’re the only one holding yourself back. – Sharelle Rosado

Self-care is how you take your power back. You can’t start the next chapter if you keep re-reading the last. Relax and trust the timing of your life. How you take care of yourself matters. – Sharelle Rosado 

If I’m going to be a real estate agent, I will be the best. I’m not going to settle as an agent. I’m going to become a broker. And if I’m going to be a broker, I’m going to have a luxury brokerage. – Sharelle Rosado 

Life Lessons to Learn From Sharelle Rosado’s Success

1. Resilience

Despite growing up in a challenging background, Sharelle refused to be discouraged as she stood her ground and worked hard enough to get to the top of her career.

2. Courage and Determination

After serving in the military for over a decade, Sharelle courageously switched to an entirely different career path and excelled.

3. Hard Work Pays

This is evident in Sharelle Rosado’s life as she moved from a challenging background to a higher status through the efforts and hard work she poured into her career and business ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions – Sharelle Rosado Net Worth

Where is Sharelle Rosado’s place of residence

Sharelle Rosado shuttles between Tampa Bay and Miami. She resides in Tampa Bay and has her realty business established there, but she often visits Chad Johnson, her boyfriend, in Miami. Johnson stays there for his training and other activities.

What is Sharelle Rosado’s Source of Wealth?

At first, Sharelle’s wealth stems from her salary in the United States Army. She worked as an Executive Administrative Assistant before moving to the Human Resource Department. She changed to a real estate career after ten years of military service. She made it big in the real estate industry.

What is Sharelle Rosado’s Annual Earnings?

The successful businesswoman, a former US Military personnel, makes about 500 thousand dollars a year as an agent in real estate. Sharelle Rosado has learned to invest or spend her money wisely, and her willpower drives her to achieve her financial goals every calendar year.

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Final Thoughts

The famous and successful real estate tycoon and media personality has turned her life around through her resilience and determination to lead a successful life. Her background neither discouraged nor stopped her from pursuing her dreams; instead, it fueled her zeal to succeed. Her life story is a source of inspiration and motivation to many from a challenging background.

As of 2024, Sharelle Rosado net worth was estimated to be $6 million.

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