Sheila Falconer Bio: Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Family

Sheila falconer is an American actress and choreographer, she’s the ex-wife to the popular former actor by name Patrick Stewart.

Popularly known for featuring in movies, she has been seen in movies like ‘Lady Jane’, ‘Half a Sixpences’, and ‘Three Hats of Lisa’.

Sheila falconer

She is also popularly known for her marriage to a famous former actor, Sir Patrick Stewart.

Do you wish to know more about this American actress and choreographer, Below is some basic information about sheila falconer.

Facts About Sheila Falconer

Full NameSheila falconer
Date of BirthAugust 9,1945
Place of Birth Britain
Net worthN/A
Wife Bridget Moynahan
Height 160 cm
Weight63 kg
Zodiac signleo

Sheila Falconer Age, Biography and Wikipedia

Sheila falconer is 75 years old, she was born on the 9th of August in the year 1945 at Britain to be precise.

She is one of the most successful and richest chromatographer who was born in Britain.

Sheila is of white ethnicity and British by nationality. She will be 75 years of age as of 7th August 2020, and according to a reliable source she is one of the famous people at that age grade as of recently.

She has acquired fame and stands to be on the list of the most popular choreographer s as of today.

Sheila Falconer’s Career & Net Worth

As discussed earlier in this article, it is known that sheila falconer is an actress and also a choreographer.

She became popular after she debuted in the movie ‘Half a Sixpence’ as the character kate in 1967. This was her first official movie.

After sheila falconer debut in ‘Half a Sixpence’, she took a 19 years break and came back to the movie industry in 1986 and featured in the movie ‘Lady Jane’

Sheila falconer net worth is not yet known, though she has been getting a lot of income. However research has it that the average amount a choreographer earn is about $23.28 per hour

Sheila Falconer’s Parents, Siblings, Family And Education

With regards to sheila falconer’s family, no information has been out yet to the public.

Sheila falconer has kept information concerning her family and early life to herself.

However, there is no detailed information about her parents or her siblings. Her educational prowess is also a mystery and still yet unknown.

Sheila Falconer: Married & Husband

Sheila Falconer’s ex-husband is a formerly famous actor by the name Patrick Stewart who was one of the most loved actors during his years of acting.

Sheila and Patrick both got married in the year 1966 and was happily married for a long while before their divorce.

They had a total of two children during their relationship, a son by name Daniel Stewart and a daughter by name Sophie Alexandra Stewart.

After their marriage and years of being together, the couple got divorced in 1990 making it a total of 24 years of staying together. The reason for their divorce was not made known to the public even till date.

Sheila Falconer And Sir Patrick Stewart’s Life After Divorce

After her divorce, the life of Sheila Falconer is under the wrap. It is also known that she has not married again whereas her ex-husband has married two times after divorce with her.

Sheila Falconer has not remarried since her divorce with her ex-husband Patrick Stewart. Patrick Stewart on the other hand has gotten married twice after his divorce with Sheila.

In 2000, Patrick got married to Wendy Neuss his marriage with Wendy lasted for three years and they got divorced in 2003. He remarried again for the third time in 2013 to Sunny Ozell and they have stayed married till date.

Sheila Falconer’s Ex-Husband, Patrick Stewart

Sheila Falconer’s ex-husband Patrick Stewart is an actor from England.

He has featured in lots of movies and TV series and is also a stage show character. His fame and popularity are attributed to his nomination for various awards including the golden globe award and more.

Patrick Stewart Саrееr

After Sheila Falconer’s ex-husband started his career in acting, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in Маnсhеѕtеr’ѕ Lіbrаrу Тhеаtrе.

He worked with them from 1966 to 1982.

However, in 1968, he became a shareholder artist in the Royal Shakespeare company.

During his course in the company, he was opportune to work alongside actors like Іаn Rісhаrdѕоn and Веn Кіngѕlеу.

Patrick Stewart Sheila Falconer’s ex-husband made an appearance in the episode of coronation street in 1967, he played the role of a fireman.

Also, he later played the role of a gravedigger in sir Kenneth Clark сіvіlіѕаtіоn tеlеvіѕіоn рrоgrаmmе in 1969.

Still on his acting career, in 1990, Patrick Stewart went to the royal national theatre where he was featured in ‘А Міdѕummеr Nіghtѕ’ Drеаm’ оf Реtеr Вrооkѕ, who was an epic producer at that time.

Nevertheless, Patrick had worked in the Tue movie industry for several years before he finally came into the limelight.

Also, Patrick Stewart was later selected to play the role of Сарtаіn Јеаn-Luс Рісаrd in the movie ‘star trek’ and he was tagged the unknown British Shakespeare by most fans.

Раtrісk Ѕtеwаrt Nеt Wоrth

Раtrісk Ѕtеwаrt hаѕ аn еѕtіmаtеd nеt wоrth оf аbоut $80 mіllіоn аѕ оf Арrіl 2020.

Ніѕ рrіmаrу ѕоurсе оf іnсоmе іѕ hіѕ асtіng саrееr. Ѕtеwаrt еаrnѕ bу рlауіng vаrіоuѕ rоlеѕ іn fіlmѕ Ѕіtсоmѕ аnd Теlеvіѕіоn ѕеrіеѕ.

As of April 2020, Sheila Falconer’s ex-husband Patrick Stewart had a net worth of approximately $80 million. He has achieved this true his acting career by featuring in most movies and tv series. His acting career however is his major source of income.

Another means of income that resulted to his net worth, was some of his previous occupation and various awards he won. Patrick Stewart was once a lecturer and a politician as well, this assisted in adding to his wealth.

Who is Sheila Falconer Dating?

Sheila Falconer has also been secretive about her love affairs since her divorce.

Her love affairs and intimate life has been something of a wonder to the public and information concerning this remains undisclosed.

However, it is known that she hasn’t remarried yet after her divorce with Patrick Stewart and she is leaving a low key life ever since under the radar.


Sheila falconer has made contributions to some charity projects. She made appearances in most charitable awareness programs like Human Rights, Animal Rights, and Education, Stand Up 2 Cancer, and more.

She has also made contributions by founding some charity based sites through online crowdfunding sites such as go funding, just giving and lots more

Sheila Falconer’s Height, Weight, Body Measurements And Appearance

Sheila falconer has a Height 160 cm and a bodyweight of Weight63 kg.

However, it is seen that she also has a fatty body that looks like an apple shape. She also has an attractive looking bluish eyes and blonde hair which her look very beautiful added to the calmness and wonderful personality

Take-Home Facts about Sheila Falconer

  • Sheila falconer is an American actress and choreographer.
  • She was born on the 9th of August 1945 at Britain.
  • She was married to a popular former actor by name Patrick Stewart.
  • They got divorced after 24 years in 1990, they had two kids already then.
  • Sheila falconer has not remarried ever since and keeps living a low key life under the radar.

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