Suzanne Whiston Bio: Age, Net Worth, Career, Facts About Karl Pilkington Wife

Here is another Popular and talented personal, Suzanne Whiston, a Journalist and media presenter from England.

She however was announced publicly by her relationship and marriage as she became a center of the spotlight after her marriage to Karl Pilkington who is a popular comedian, actor, and TV personality.

She is now working as a producer in the BBC network’s “Match of the day” football highlights which also keeps her in limelight.

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Suzanne Whiston Wiki Facts

Full NameSuzanne Whiston
Net worth$2m
Date of Birth1968
Place of Birth United Kingdom
ProfessionTv Host
SpouseKarl Pilkington

Suzanne Whiston Bio, Early Life And Education

There is no much information about Suzanne Whiston’s birth, however it is known that Suzanne Whiston was born in 1968 in England.

The exact day, month, and place of her birth has not been disclosed yet. Suzanne Whiston is of English ethnicity and an American by nationality.

About Suzanne Whiston’s early life, there has not been any information concerning her early life and childhood out to the public neither has there been any information about her parents, siblings, or any family member.

The exact college and educational institution Suzanne Whiston attended has not also been disclosed. However, her being well-spoken and educationally active shows that she must be well educated.

Word has it that Suzanne Whiston was an introvert during her school days. She had found fun spending time reading her books and also editing the school yearbooks some of the time.

Though being an introvert, she also had a thing for sport, she enjoyed watching sporting activities and commenting on them but she wouldn’t play.

Suzanne Whiston Career Wiki

As Journalist and media personality, Suzanne Whiston started her career as a producer for “key 103” a radio station based as Manchester.

She worked as a producer for key 103 for some years showing great character and talent in journalism.

Her great talents and character in her field of career created lots of job offers from other networks for her to choose from.

Suzanne Whiston

After her years in key 103 she decided to join BBC out of the many networks offering her a job opportunity at that time.

Suzanne BBC job got her working as a producer for a football highlight program “match of the day” which features interesting highlights of matches that took place any particular day, match analysis, forecast as well as predictions.

While working as a producer for BBC’s “match of the day”, Suzanne whiston has covered various football tournaments including World Cup and F.A. Cup.

An example of World Cup she covered is the 2006 World Cup hosted in France.

Suzanne Whiston is getting paid doing what she loves the most which is to cover and report on sports, of course her job is an enviable one.

Aside from working as a producer for BBC’s match of the day, Suzanne also operates Alrite production which she also opened a YouTube channel using the name.

Suzanne Whiston’s Net Worth

Susan Whiston net worth is estimated to be about $2 million which she was able to acquire over the years through her hard work and success in her career as a journalist and TV presenter working as a producer for one of the most highly rated top BBC’s soccer shows “Match of the day”.

Suzanne Whiston Net worth is however liable to increase over the years to come as she continues excelling in her field of career.

Her husband Karl Pilkington on the other hand as an author, actor, and former radio producer has an estimated net worth of about 3million dollars.

Suzanne Whiston’s Husband – Karl Pilkington

Suzanne Whiston’s husband, Karl Pilkington was born in Manchester England on the 23rd of September 1972. Karl grew up in Manchester and had attended Mersey secondary school Ashton.

Karl Pilkington started his career as a radio producer in the 90’s, he had worked for the Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais radio show which aided in bringing him into the limelight

Not only did Karl work as a producer for the Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais show, but he also kept listeners entertained and happy by his funny comments and observations.

After Karl Pilkington career as a radio producer, he went ahead to being a TV presenter, using his comedy abilities to host several comic TV shows including “An idiot Abroad ” which features him exploring the seven new wonders of the world.

Karl also hosted a TV show titled “the moaning of life” where he travels to different countries and experiencing their varieties in culture.

Also,karl Pilkington was an actor, he debuted in most TV series which includes “Derek” and “sick of it”.

Is Suzanne Whiston and Karl Pilkington married? , How Did They Meet?

Suzanne Whiston and Karl Pilkington were both co-workers at a radio station. They met in the ’90s, at a vending machine joint.

It is on the record that Karl was about getting some hot chocolate but he wasn’t with enough money to buy some and there was Suzanne who offered to help him out with some money to get the chocolate.

Suzanne Whiston and Karl Pilkington

Suzanne and Karl became friends and later Karl also helped Suzanne edit her work and their connection grew even stronger.

They got into a relationship soon after in 1994 and have stayed together ever since though not yet married.

Suzanne and Karl have been in a relationship for over 30 years now and it is something of wonder if they ever intend on getting married or not.

Nevertheless, there have been comments from fans and the public in general, urging them to get married like on the 13th of October 2013 when sky one TV sent a tweet asking them to get married and get it over with bit it keeps falling into deaf ears.

However, Suzanne Whiston once commented on how she dreamt of getting married and having children.

She also said that she had to do away with the dream because her partner Karl Pilkington does not have the same agenda in mind.

In as much as Suzanne Whiston and Karl Pilkington choose to stay unmarried, their relationship and romance has lasted more than most other marriages and they are still happy being together.

Here is Alrite Productions First Video

Height, Weight, Body Size

Suzanne Whiston stands 5ft, 8inches tall unlike her husband who is 6ft 1inch tall.

She has a slim body appearance with beautiful blue eyes and nice-looking blonde hair. Her weight is unknown and information concerning her body measurements is also unknown.

Suzanne Whiston’s Social Media Presence

Suzanne Whiston is not very active on social media, though she has an account with twitter where her bio reads “proud wife of Karl, 20+ years”, Her last post on twitter however was from 2013.

She chooses not to share much about her personal life on social media.

Suzanne does not have any active Facebook or Instagram account that has been verified to belong to her.

There are no many photos of Suzanne Whiston out on the internet, Her husband Karl Pilkington on the other hand has great public appearances on TV, newspapers, magazines, and movies.

Take-Home Facts about Suzanne Whiston

  • Suzanne Whiston in collaboration with her husband Karl Pilkington is the proud owner of a production company by name “Alrite Production”.
  • Suzanne production company has a popular YouTube Channel known as Alrite which mostly displays funny videos.
  • Suzanne Whiston with the help of her husband Karl Pilkington has produced an animated movie titled “Love Of Two Brains”. A Movie which was scripted, Karl Pilkington.
  • Suzanne Whiston’s husband Karl is a proud fan of Manchester United. He was was however once a tight fan of their rival Manchester City.

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