Tom Felton Net Worth & Achievements

What is Tom Felton’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$20 million
Source of Wealth:Musician and Actor
Date of Birth: September 22, 1987
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
Last Updated:2024

Tom Felton Net Worth: Tom Felton is a musician and an English actor with an estimated net worth of $20 millions.

In his early days as an actor, he played the role of Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter. Subsequently, he took other major roles. Initially, he auditioned to play Harry and Ron, but he got a different role.

Andrew was only ten years old when he acted in his first movie. As a result of his commendable talent in acting,

Early Life

Andrew was born on 22nd September 1987, in Epsom, Surrey, to Sharon Anstey and Peter Felton. He only has three older brothers. While he was still young, his parents separated.

His maternal grandfather was a geophysicist. Andrew schooled in Cranmore until he became a teenager. Afterward, he moved to Howard Effingham School to further his studies.

While he was in high school, he discovered his love for music, particularly singing. He sang for a while in the choir. Andrew’s life is an interesting one.


Thomas is a musician and an actor. Most people know him for his role in Harry Potter. He was Draco Malfoy, the enemy. His first role was at the age of ten; he started with commercials before assuming movie positions.

His first movie is titled “The Borrowers.” The next movie he appeared in, “Anna and the King,” was a big hit. Then there was Harry Potter, which he acted in for about ten years.

Tom has been featured in a lot of movies, and he is open to more prominent roles. His career in the movie industry has been recognized as he has received numerous awards, some of which are Teen Choice Awards, Scream Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Disney Channel’s Kids Award, etc.

Tom Felton net worth is estimated to be $20 millions as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 1995 – “The Last Hour”
  • 2001 – “Harry Potter”
  • 2005 – Home Farm Twins
  • 2007 – “Doctor Who.”
  • 2011 – “Murder in the First”.
  • 2007 – Red Nose Day
  • 2013 – “The Flash” television series.
  • 2018 – Origin

Personal Life

Thomas has dated Jade Olivia Gordon, a stunt assistant. Their relationship lasted for about eight years. She assumed the stunt role in Harry Potter as Darco’s Wife.

He has a charitable heart, thus his visit to a Children’s hospital in 2007. Four years later, he took part in raising money for different charities. He also does personal charity activities.

Awards and Achievements

Thomas has received multiple awards, nominations, and recognition for being an awesome actor.

The awards are as follows: The Mashable Open Web Award was given to him in 2009, The Teen’s Choice Award was given to him in 2011, and during the Giffoni Film Festival of 2015, he also received an award.

There were other nominations that he got. Nominations like the Gold Derby Awards, People’s Choice Awards, etc.

Tom Felton Net Worth Net Worth

Tom Felton net worth is estimated to be $20 millions. Most people know Thomas for his role as Malfoy in Harry Potter, even up to date.
He has also played more prominent roles, even on Netflix. He has equally been featured in more recent movies like The Flash, Origin etc.

Real Estate

Thomas owns a lot of properties in America and England. He even bought a house in his place of Birth and Wisconsin. Some of his properties are in Los Angeles and New York.

He equally owns so many exotic and expensive cars. Cars like Mercedes Maybach, Aston Martin, and Jaguar F.

Tom Felton net worth is estimated to be $20 million. This is inclusive of his wealth in real estate.

Notable Thomas Andrew Felton’s Quotes

I get letters that say ‘Stop being evil to Harry or we’ll go to Hogwarts and kick your butt. Some fans are so weird. One changed his name legally to Lucius Malfoy and wanted to adopt me.-Tom Felton

It’s easy to bask in the sun, not so easy to enjoy the rain. But one can’t exist without the other. The weather always changes. Feelings of sadness and happiness deserve equal mental screen time.-Tom Felton

We live in a world where we seem increasingly in need of ways to unify ourselves, ways to build bridges and feel as one. It strikes me that very few things have achieved these aims as successfully as the brilliant world of Harry Potter.”- Tom Felton

On playing a bad guy in Harry Potter’s film]: I think it’s more fun, there are a lot of goodies in the film and not a lot of baddies, so I like to be in the baddie group.”- Tom Felton

Life Lessons to Learn From Tom Felton Success

After an analysis of the life of Tom Felton, here are some life lesson we can draw out from his success story.

1. Take Good Advantage of Opportunities

That role you are given or that job that has been offered to you is an opportunity to show the world the stuff you are made of. Once you fail to take good advantage of it, you may never be opportune again.

2. Be Kind to the Fans

Sometimes after fame, some fans can be weird, and you may not know the best approach, but being kind with your response can quench the awkwardness.

3. You can Have more Than one Career

Tom Felton nurtured two careers, and even though his acting career brought him into the limelight, he has also been working on his music career. Therefore you can work on more than one career because you don’t know which one can make the difference you need.

Frequently Asked Questions – Tom Felton Net Worth

What was the amount that Thomas earned from Harry Potter?

Not minding the scarce screen time that Thomas had, he made about 14 million dollars in the course of the movie. During an interview, Thomas disclosed spending extravagantly after getting paid.

Is Thomas Felton’s hair in Harry Potter biological?

His natural hair color is brown, but it was dyed for the role of Malfoy. In one of the films, he wore a wig while acting.

Is Thomas suffering from an illness or medical condition?

He had a past struggle, which was with alcohol. In one of his books, he discloses his struggle with substance abuse and mental health. Nonetheless, he is receiving adequate care.

Does Tom Felton have a lover?

His lover Emma Watson is equally a star in the movie industry. There’s more information about the relationship in his memoir “Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard.”

Final Thoughts

Thomas Andrew Felton is a musician and an English actor. He played a prominent role in Harry Potter and earned a special standing for himself because he was exceptional as Malfoy.

Thomas is very popular on various social media platforms, especially YouTube and Instagram, where he has tons of followers. His personal life remains unknown to the media.

As of 2024, Tom Felton Net Worth is estimated to be $20 millions.

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