Tom Vitale Net Worth & Achievements

What is Tom Vitale Net Worth?

Net Worth:$5 million
Source of Wealth:Financial Planner, Advisor, T.V. Producer, and T.V. Executive
Date of Birth:August 15th, 1963
Country of Origin:United State
Last Updated:2024

Tom Vitale Net Worth: Tom Vitale is a financial planner, advisor, T.V. Producer, and T.V. executive from California with an estimated net worth of about $5 million.

Aside from his television appearances, he is famous for being the husband of Valerie Martinelli.

Early Life

California was the birthplace of Tom Vitale on August 15, 1963. With his family, Vitale spent his formative years in California. Regarding his parents and early years, hardly much is known. Very little about his brother David is known, nevertheless. He went to Williams College.


In 1987, he started working at Viacom as a programs acquisition executive. After then, the businessman joined N.B.C. He currently serves as executive V.P. of programming. He is also the original films for Syfy. Tom’s primary duties include, amongst others, film acquisition, software development, and programming. At William College, he also appears in the management of the William Club.

He has previously served as vice president of the Fieri National and as president of the Fieri Manhattan. He is a fervent advocate for charitable and social cases.

Tom also serves as the chief executive officer of Veebow, an organization that connects customers with innovative companies via local deals. It’s also available as a free mobile app. Additionally, Vitale has made television appearances. The Apprentice, Hot in Cleveland, Who You Think You Are, and numerous other programs came after the 2009 movie 20/20 to tell the narrative.

Tom was interested in leading a quiet life before dating a famous person. However, things have changed. He works as a certified financial planner right now.

Tom Vitale net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 1993 – employed by Network
  • 1999 – co-produced “Dyslexic Heart.”

Since 1987, Tom has worked in the T.V. industry, holding positions at N.B.C., Viacom, and in program syndication.

Vitale was part of Williams Club management for nearly ten years and remains active in the Williams alum functions.

In addition, he held the positions of president and vice president of the Fieri National and Fieri Manhattan, two Italiano-American service, social, cultural, and charity organizations.

Personal Life

Despite having a successful career, Tom Vitale’s romance is undoubtedly tumultuous. This handsome man has been married twice.

His bond with Sharon, his 1st wife, is unique. There must be a way to determine when this Union started or ended. However, this is for sure: Tom experienced issues in this Union. Because he had assaulted his then-wife, the entrepreneur was detained in 2001. Even though the reason for their splitting was never made known, their relationship ended. Tom has primarily been in the headlines due to his recently finalized divorce from Valerie Bertinelli, his second wife. This Monday, Bertinelli, his ex-spouse, joyfully declared that she had completed their divorce from Tom. After she requested a separation, the divorce concluded six months later.

Tuesday saw the finalization of Tom and Vitales’ divorce. A proposed verdict was filed alongside the divorce settlements, and both attorneys signed the twelve pages of paperwork. Valerie Bertinelli will be required to pay Tom $ 2.2 million as part of the couple’s divorce settlement terms. Then according to the prenuptial agreement, neither Vitale nor Bertinelli will be eligible for spousal support.

The sixty-two-year-old Valerie shared a frank video from the airport on Twitter to mark the settlement of her divorce. She claimed in the video that her attorney had just called to inform her that the documents had all been signed and were getting ready to be filed.

Sharon is his current wife, but there aren’t many other specifics regarding his first Union. 2 daughters, Angela and Andie, and two boys, Tony and Dominic, are the four children he has with his first wife.

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Awards and Achievements

Tom has won a couple of awards for his success during his career:

He won the “Outstanding Informational Special or Series” from 2013 to 2016. He also won a fifth one in 2018.

Tom Vitale Net Worth

Tom Vitale net worth is estimated to be $5 million. A television executive and producer from the United States, Tom Vitale received his degree from Williams College and started his career in broadcasting in the latter part of the 1980s.

As a T.V. executive and producer for several networks, he has amassed a sizable chunk of money. He has also made numerous T.V. appearances.


Tom Vitale graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Williams College, a 1793 institution with NECHE accreditation. He served on the board of the Williams Club for nearly ten years and is still involved in the various Williams alum activities.

As the former president of Fieri Manhattan and the New York State vice president of the Fieri National, this is an Italian-American service, socio-cultural, and humanitarian organization; Vitale is also well known for his charitable activities.

Real Estate

He preferred to live a private life. Hence there is currently no information available regarding his home.

Tom has until the last Day of the calendar year to vacate the Malibu home after the divorce is finalized. He must pay rent if he stays in the house after January 1, 2023. It has been agreed that the rent will be $ 50,000 monthly and $ 1.666 daily. He will be allowed to stay in the mansion for each Day that his ex-wife Bertinelli takes to pay the required $2.2 million late, though, if she doesn’t.

Tom Vitale net worth is estimated to be about $5 million. this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate

Car Collection

We have no info about his garage contents.

Notable Tom Vitale’s Quotes

Everyone on T.V. is afraid of not being on T.V.,” but not Tony. – Tom VitaleTony had an addictive personality and was, without doubt, a workaholic, choosing to travel over 250 days a year for as long as I’d known him. Whenever I suggested he take some time off, Tony would say, “Television is a cruel mistress. She does not let you cheat on her, even for a while. – Tom Vitale 

Hows were not to be found on the pages of any H.R. manual. There were behaviors perfectly acceptable in polite society that were unforgivable deal-breakers for Tony. Stingy tipper, vegan, mediocre, tea drinker, late, or a fan of Jimmy Buffett’s music, you’re off the show. – Tom Vitale 

Life Lessons to Learn From Tom Vitale’s Success

1. Work-life balance is essential

As a successful entrepreneur, Tom Vitale understands the importance of balancing work and personal life. He values family time and prioritizes it despite his busy professional schedule.

2.  Be adaptable

Tom Vitale has succeeded in different industries, including finance, entertainment, and food. This demonstrates the importance of being adaptable to change when seeking opportunities.

3.  Embrace your passion

Tom Vitale’s success in the food and beverage industry partly stems from his passion for cooking. Finding what you genuinely enjoy doing can lead to success in your career.

Frequently Asked Questions – Tom Vitale’s Net Worth

Who is Tom Vitale’s wife?

Valerie Bertinelli, an American star, is Tom Vitale’s wife. Nevertheless, on November 22, 2022, the couple filed for divorce.

How much did Valerie Bertinelli have to pay Tom Vitale?

According to court records acquired by Page Six, the One Day at a Time star consented to pay former partner Tom $ 2.2 million as a part of the divorce procedures. The enormous amount is in addition to the five hundred thousand she had already sent him.

Did Valerie divorce Tom?

Happy divorcee Valerie Bertinelli is now. In a video broadcast on Tuesday to her verified Twitter account, the movie star, and Food Network personality celebrated the completion of her divorce husband, Tom Vitale.

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Final Thoughts

The American producer, Television executive, and businessman, Tom Vitale, currently holds the position of C.E.O. at Veebow, an online retailer. After starting his career as a professional in 1987 with Viacom, Vitale transferred to N.B.C

As of 2024, Tom Vitale net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

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