Tony Balkissoon Bio: Net worth, Age, Wife, Wiki, Instagram, Facts about Bas Balkissoon Son

Being a public person is not just only something of a choice. Most times, one’s public recognition can be boosted as a result of people related or connected to him/her in one way or the other.

Tony Balkissoon however, has more than one publicly recognized personnel connected to him.

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He is popularly known for being the son of a popular renowned former Canadian politician by name Bas Balkissoon. He is also known for being the husband to Laura Jarrett a popular CNN reporter.

You might be interested in knowing more about Tony Balkissoon, Below is some basic information that will enable you to know him better.

Quick Facts of Tony Balkissoon

Full NameTony Balkissoon
Birth PlaceScarborough, Ontario, Canada
Profession Lawyer
Marital StatusMarried
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Tony Balkissoon Age, Family, Early Life & Education

Tony Balkissoon was given birth to at Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. His exact date of birth is still under review, although, some sources have it that he was born in 1985, this information has not been confirmed yet.

He is however, a Canadian by nationality and an Afro American by ethnicity.

Talking about his family, Tony Balkissoon was born into the family of Bas Balkissoon(father) a renowned politician and a former member of the Legislative assembly of Ontario and Tahay Balkissoon (mother).

Tony grew up in Scarborough, Ontario Canada alongside his two siblings, a sister whose name is Denise Balkissoon and a brother.

Concerning Tony’s schooling, he is known to be an educated graduate. He achieved a B.A. SC degree in 2007 and later in 2010 he graduated from Harvard Law School. Tony was also awarded the Sex Equality Dean’s Scholar.

Tony Balkissoon: Professional Life and Career

After Tony Balkissoon graduated from Harvard, he started working on high-stakes patent litigation at a law firm located in Chicago.

Not only did he work on high-stakes patent litigation, but he had also worked on criminal and immigration cases as he represented pro-bono clients at the firm.

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He later went ahead to work under two federal judges as a law clerk one of them who was Honorable Manish S. Shah of the U.S district court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Tony Balkisoon happened to be the first law clerk that served under Honorable Manish S.Shah at that time.

He had also served under Honorable Ann Claire Williams of the U.S Court Of Appeals for the seventh circuit immediately after his service to Honorable Manish S.Shah.

In 2016 after Tony Balkissoon service as a law clerk, He started working as a Justice fellow at Loevy & Loevy and in 2018 he became a part of the LAF Board.

Tony Balkissoon Net Worth, Salary and Income

Tony Balkissoon net worth and actual salary have not been disclosed yet, however, as a prominent lawyer, He probably earns a lot of money from his career.

His wife on the other hand also earns a lot of money. Laura Jarrett’s salary is estimated to be around the range of about €47k to €51k. Aside from this, there has not been any other information on the couple’s wealth or any property owned by them.

Tony Balkissoon Affairs and Relationship Status(married)

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Tony Balkissoon is happily married to a CNN Journalist by the name Laura Jarrett. Tony met Laura during his days of studying law at Harvard Law School.

Just like Tony Balkissoon, Laura Jarrett is a graduate from the Harvard Law School, She is a lawyer to be precise.

Though a lawyer, Laura doesn’t really practice law in court as an official career rather, she is presently working for CNN as a Justice reporter.

Laura Jarrett is also an advocate for equity of justice, she has great connections up to the presidential level as her mother was the former senior advisor to Barrack Obama, the ex-president of the United States, and was also the chair of the White House council on women and girls.

In 2012, Tony Balkissoon and Laura walked to the aisle and exchange matrimonial vows after celebrating their engagement at the Paris Club earlier that year.

Their marriage ceremony was not really a public one, it was exclusively for invited guests only.

The ceremony was held at Valerie Jarrett’s mother’s house in Chicago and was attended by a total of 280 guests including ex-president Barrack Obama.

At the marriage ceremony, the taking of pictures and videos by guests using smartphones or cameras was prohibited as the marriage was tagged to be a private ceremony.

After the marriage ceremony, the reception was held under a large marquee tent at the backyard of Valerie Jarrett’s mother’s house.

Tony Balkisoons wife

Tony Balkissoon’s wife, Laura Jarrett was born in Chicago, Illinois in the year 1993.

She was born into an educated family and is the only child of former senior advisor to ex-president Obama, Valerie Jarrett(mother), and William Jarrett(father).

She grew up and finished her high school in Chicago, and has performed extremely well in high school with good grades to show for it.

After high school, Laura Jarrett decided to further her education. She went further into the university level, also graduating with good results.

After her graduation from the University, she went ahead to pursue a career in law. She sat for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) into Harvard.

She succeeded, passed the test, and was given admission into Harvard Law School which she honored with joy.

At Harvard Law School, Laura Jarrett performed well, she published lots of articles on topics including violence, the law, and the intersection of gender while she worked for the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender.

In 2010, Laura Jarrett completed her education at Harvard Law School, and after her graduation, she was given a license to practice law.

Nevertheless, Laura Jarrett worked as a Law clerk before going fully into practicing law.

She had worked as a law clerk under Honorable Rebecca Pallmeyer in the Northern District of Illinois.

After her service to Honorable Rebecca Pallmeyer, Laura Jarrett went ahead to serve under Honorable Ann C. Williams of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals also as a law clerk.

She was later given an opportunity to work in state courts as well as federal courts in Illinois as a legal practitioner.

After some years of devoting all her time to legal practice, Laura decided to switch over to journalism.

Laura Jarrett did not stay all that long practicing law. After some years of intense legal practice, Laura Jarrett had a switch in career.

She decided to try out journalism, and in 2016, Laura secured a job at CNN to work as a correspondent, based in the Washington, D.C bureau.

However, Laura did not drop law totally, she still practices law as an Attorney in the private sector.

Tony Balkisaoon’s Father

Tony Balkissoon’s father is into politics. He was a member of the liberal party in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Canada. He was also a former member of the provincial parliament, in Ontario Canada.

He started his political prowess in 1988 when he was elected into the Scarborough City Council.

Then in 1997, some years after his election into Scarborough City Council, the city of Toronto had an amalgamation and he was elected to be among the members of the Toronto City Council. He later became the chairman of the city’s Audit Committee.

Among other accomplishments, Bas Balkissoon was the initiator of the Judicial inquiry known as the Toronto leasing Inquiry.

This Judicial inquiry was established after Tony’s father, Bas Balkissoon helped uncover an illegal computer leasing deal between a company by name MFP financial and the city. Tony Balkissoon: Rumors and Controversy/Scandal

Tony Balkissoon has not been in any controversy or rumors of any sort during the course of his career so far. He seems to be a very humble man who prefers staying out of trouble.

Tonie Balkissoon height, weight and body measurement

Information concerning Tony Balkissoon’s height, weight, or body measurement has not been disclosed yet. However, he is seen to have good looking black hair and black eyes with a nice physical appearance.

Social Media appearance: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Tony Balkissoon is absent from the social media world and to date no verified account of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or twitter that belongs to him has been found. He prefers living a low-key life away from social media.

His wife, however, is active on Instagram with a following of about 10k people.


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Some interesting facts about Tony Balkissoon

  • Tony Balkissoon is the son of a popular renowned former Canadian politician by name Bas Balkissoon
  • He is a lawyer and a graduate of the highly prestigious Harvard Law School.
  • Tony Balkissoon is married and living happily with Laura Jarrett, a well known CNN justice reporter.

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