Whitney Cummings Net Worth & Achievements

What is Whitney Cummings Net Worth?

Net Worth: $35 million
Source of Wealth:Stand-up Comedian, Actress, Producer, Director, Podcaster, and Writer
Date of Birth:September 4th, 1982
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Whitney Cummings Net Worth: Whitney Cummings is a well-known American stand-up comedian with an estimated net worth of $35 million.

Whitney is also an actress, producer, director, podcaster, and writer. In one of her interviews, she mentioned that she was raised in an alcoholic and dysfunctional home.

At different times, she appeared as a comedy roaster in the Comedy Central Roasts of Joan Rivers.

Early Life

Cummings was born in Washington, D.C, on the 4th of September, 1982, to Eric Lynn (his mother) and Patti Cummings (his father).

At the age of 12, she moved in with her aunt because her home was no longer conducive for her. She went to St. Andrew’s Episcopal School of Potomac, Maryland. In 2002, she graduated there.

Cummings decided to further her studies; thus, she started interning at an NBC news station (WRC-TC) that runs in Washington. She always wanted to be a journalist.

Nonetheless, she enrolled in the Studio Theater of Washington D.C., to study acting. Her first career was modeling. She began with local shopping stores as an upcoming model.

When she came of age, she started paying her bills, one of which was her college fees. Her income at that time was from modeling.

She moved from the Southern University of California to the University of Pennsylvania, the Annenberg School for Communications and Film. She studied there for three years.


In 2004, Cummings was done with college, so she relocated to LA and started working on MTV. That same year, she delved into stand-up comedy. Three years later, she was mentioned in Variety as one of the top ten Comics to look out for.

This was a good mark for her in the movie industry; she started gaining recognition in the movie industry. From 2007 to 2014, she became a guest on Chelsea, an E! Series. Then in 2008, she was featured on “Made of Honor,” a romantic comedy, and “The Tony Rock Project.” Still, in 2008, Entertainment Weekly mentioned her as one of the twelve Rising Stars of Comedy.

In 2010, she started her very first special on Comedy Central. It was titled “Whitney Cummings: Money Shot,” a one-hour special. She was equally opportune to go on the Rescue Me Comedy Tour and a tour with Denis Leary with the aim of promoting the show’s 6th season.

2011 was a significant bang for Cummings; broadcast networks picked up two of her sitcoms: Whitney and 2 Broke Girls. In 2012, she hosted the talk show on E!, “Love You, Means it With Whitney Cummings.” when the show got to the eleventh episode, it was canceled due to pressing issues.

By the middle of 2014, Cummings had already gained reasonable experience, so she released another special show on Comedy Central, “I Love You.” it was her second 1hr long show.

Her third 1hr long show was in 2016 and titled “I’m Your Girlfriend,” which first appeared on HBO. In 2017, she published a book which is a compilation of her personal life; it has titled “I’m Fine…And Other Lies.” In addition, she played a supporting character in “Unforgettable” a 2017 thriller that starred Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl. The first movie she directed was “The Feamal Brain.”

Her career keeps on getting even more interesting. 2018 was the year when Cummings served as the overseer of the daily production, an executive producer, amongst the head writers of “Roseanne” an ABC comedy series. She loves talking, so in 2019, she launched her podcast, “Good For You” Dan Levy (a producer and actor) was her very first guest.

Whitney Cummings net worth is estimated to be $35 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

Here are some of the major career highlights of Cummings:

  • 2010 – Money Shot (the standup comedy)
  • 2011 to 2013 – Whitney (a show of 38 episodes) She was the executive producer, creator, and writer.
  • 2011 to 2017 – 2 Broke Girls (a sitcom of 138 episodes) She was the executive producer, creator, and writer.
  • 2014​- I Love You (a stand-up comedy)
  • 2016​ – I’m Your Girlfriend (another stand-up comedy)
  • 2019​ – Can I Touch It? (Comedy)
  • 2022​ – Jokes (Comedy)

Personal Life

Cummings was born into a dysfunctional and alcoholic home. Her mother (Patti Cummings) was a housewife, whereas her father (Vince Cummings) was a businessman.

She has a sister (Ashley Cummings) and two brothers (Kevin Cummings and Richard Cummings). Whitney has dated three different men at different points in her life. She dated Kerry Rhodes, Peter Berg, and Miles Skinner.

With Miles, it seemed like things were headed for marriage when they got engaged in 2018, but they are currently separated.

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Awards and Achievements

She has received a lot of awards in the course of her career, in 2010 she won the Comedian of the year and received the Young Hollywood Award.

Also she won the Ambies Awards and The Women’s Image Network Awards.

Whitney Cummings Net Worth

Whitney Cummings net worth is estimated to be $35 million. Cummings is a comedian, model, producer, director, and writer.She has earned money from each of her career choices.

She is very popular because of the movie “Whitney,” which lasted for three years. Also, she produced the movie 2 Broke Girls(138 episodes), which ran for six years. Each episode is worth 1.7 million dollars.

Real Estate

Cummings bought a hold in Studio City, California, and it was sold for 1.49 million dollars. She owns a home in Los Angeles which was bought in 2019 for 4.3 million dollars in Woodland Hills, CA.

Whitney Cummings net worth is estimated to be about $35 million, this is inclusive of her wealth in real estate

Notable Whitney Cummings Quotes

I don’t think that women necessarily always write like women. I was a writer on the ‘Comedy Central Roasts’ for a while, and I always wrote the jokes that people assumed the men would write. – Whitney Cummings

There was a time in L.A. when I drove to 7-Eleven to go grocery shopping, and I locked my keys in my car, which wasn’t insured. My wallet was in there, and I couldn’t call AAA, because I only had $7 in my bank account. It was one of those moments where I was like, ‘O.K., I literally have nothing right now. – Whitney Cummings

I’m the one who’s dating the craft-service guy instead of the producer. Plus, if a producer is going to date a hot young thing, I’m probably not the first person on their list – the weird, quirky, funny girl. – Whitney Cummings

Life Lessons to Learn From Whitney Cummings Success

In the course of reading this article, we have discussed the life choices made by Cummings, who, in fact, was not born in a stable home.

1. Embrace Your Uniqueness

Whitney Cummings has made a name for herself in the comedy world by embracing her unique perspective and sense of humor. She didn’t try to fit into a mold but rather carved out her own space by being authentically herself. This teaches us the importance of valuing our individuality and using it as a strength, rather than trying to conform to others’ expectations.

2. Perseverance Pays Off

Cummings’ journey to success was not without its challenges. She faced rejections and setbacks but persisted in pursuing her passion for comedy and writing. Her career trajectory shows that perseverance and hard work are crucial in achieving one’s goals, especially in fields as competitive as comedy and entertainment.

3. Diversify Your Skills

Whitney Cummings is not just a comedian; she’s also a successful writer and producer, having co-created the hit sitcom “2 Broke Girls” and produced various other projects. Her ability to diversify her talents and not limit herself to one aspect of the entertainment industry demonstrates the value of versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions – Whitney Cummings Net Worth

Did Whitney Cummins ever get engaged?

Yes.Miles Skinner engaged her with a stunning diamond ring. They dated for about a year and got engaged during her birthday party that year. The couple was madly in love with each other, and the media spread the news about them.

What is Whitney Cummings’ place of Origin?

She is from Georgetown, Washington, District of Columbia, United States.

How old will Whitney Cummings turn this year?

She was born on 4th September 1982; therefore, she will be 41 by September.

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Final Thoughts

Whitney Cummings is a well-known American stand-up comedian, actress, producer, director, podcaster, and writer. Her wealth is major as a result of the movie “2 Broke Girls” and some other deals and endorsements.

As of 2024, Whitney Cummings net worth is estimated to be $35 million.

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