Why you Should Start a Business While on a Job

You may have been worrying about the stress and troubles your 9-5 job is heaping on you; you want an alternative to your job or something to supplement the job.

Some may think that getting another better job will help ease the worries, while some may say, okay, how about starting a business? A few may give themselves consolation and keep working on their job, managing the stress and troubles it brings.

In all of these, have you ever sat down and thought of the possibilities starting a business while working a Job can bring? You may have and not be convinced enough, or you need more reasons why starting a business while working on a job is a great idea.

Now your worries are over because by the time you are done consuming this article, you will have more than enough reason to start a business, and it does not matter if you have a current job or not. We will be exploring the top 10 reasons you should start a business while on a job.

Let’s Go!

Reasons to Start a Business While Working a Job

1. To Be Able to Have Free Time

Having a business of your own gives you the luxury of making your decision and the freedom to create your kind of life, free from restrictions, rules, or guidelines. You create everything yourself.

When you start your own business, you will not need to be restricted by time; you won’t have to worry about waking up by 5 am to prepare for work or close by 4 pm; you create your opening and closing time.

As much as this may sound interesting because of the easy life it offers, remember it is not a call to be lazy because when you approach your business with a lazy mindset, you will end up killing your goals and the business.

Therefore you have to develop a strong business mindset, pen down targets, and work towards them; this is important if you want to start a business while on a job.

2. To Have a Chance to Make A Difference

Making a difference can be the trigger or a reason to start a business. This could be born out of anger at a product you bought but did not give you the satisfaction you need. It could be that bad customer service experience or as simple as what you overheard and feel needs to be corrected, and you can do better.

If you are in any of these categories, then now is the right time to use the energy of that anger and disappointment to create something different, something that will bridge that gap others have failed to see; creating something unique that will make you stand out among others while also using the business as a source of more income.

People need solutions to so many kinds of problems they face daily, and they want someone who can come up with the best idea and implementation to tackle their problem.

You have encountered this problem yourself, you have felt the anger and frustration it brings, and you know you can provide a solution. Convert this problem to an opportunity to build a business and make money while doing it.

3. To Assist your Finances

More often than not, the major reason why people start a business is that they want financial freedom. They want to be able to escape the huddles of life that come with lots of responsibilities only money can solve, and for that reason, business becomes a perfect alternative or an addition to what they are doing.

Business can indeed solve most of your problems since it is an alternative source of income. We are in a world where only one source of income cannot take care of our bills, and the need of extra source of income becomes imperetive.

If you want to overcome your financial shortcomings, starting a business is a brilliant way to go about it. So let nothing stop you; start now.

4. To Inspire Others

Our lives are filled with immense responsibilities that we have become quite selfish; we care more about ourselves and our needs alone. It’s not that we cannot offer a helping hand, but due to the fact that we are limited with our resources, we have faced the reality of being more selfish.

Nevertheless, we have some people who look at us as their role model, who sees us as what they want to be in the future, and we are faced with a responsibility to be better, to create a more loving and helping society and for that reason, we are obliged to inspire in our words and actions.

Inspiring others will not stop you from taking care of your responsibility but will create a broader room to address the issues in your society, which in the long run, will become a means that can help solve your other personal responsibilities.

Starting up a business can inspire that young man that sees you as a mentor to think and come up with an idea on how not only will help your business grow but give him a sense of belonging and that he is important. It can also be a catalyst for him to start something too for himself, giving him a purpose and better life.

5. Take People by Surprise

The 9-5 work pattern has been one aspect of most people’s lives that irritates them. It is something they hate and wish they could stop or get an alternative, and as we have pointed out, starting a business is a great alternative.

It will be difficult at first, but the load will become lighter with time and while you build experience. Sometimes people may not be aware that you are managing a personal business and creating time for your family, and when they do, they will develop a keen interest in you, wanting to learn how you did it.

The surprise will inspire and motivate them to be better, letting them know that it is not impossible to start a business while working on a job.

6. For Security

You probably want extra cash, or you want to pursue something that interests you; maybe it’s because you are fed up with how your boss talks to you in the office or how he treats you; sometimes it could be an unknown force, wanting you to start up a business and quit your job, or do it as a second source of income.

It does not matter what the reason may be; what is more important is that you do what you love, give your heart to it, and do your best. You do not need to be in your 40s or 50s to start; you can start now and grow your business over the years.

7. Expand Your Horizon

One easy way to expand your horizon and make friends with people of different ethnicity, religion, and continents is through business. A business opens that door of endless engagement with people and provides room for financial and intellectual growth.

You will also be privileged to learn new and exciting things and also get to meet people that will help impact your life positively. Their wealth of experience will help shape your thoughts and life.

Therefore, if you want to expand your horizon, make new friends, and learn new stuff, starting a business will be a great idea and an easy means to get all these and even more.

8. Self Actualization is Important

At times of trouble and fear, we tend to see or notice how powerful, resilience, and intelligent we are. Fear can be a good thing sometimes because it easily reveals things we do not know about ourselves.

So when you start a business or want to start a business, you may be filled with doubts, trouble, fears, and trials, but in all of these, it shows up our true identity; it is in that period that our genius nature spurs up and we see ourselves overcoming what we never thought we could overcome.

When you are done with overcoming the challenges that come with running or starting a business, you will get this self-gratification, you will become more proud of yourself, and, of course, get that self-actualization experience.

9. Give Back to the Community

It is a fact that Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the foundation of any striving economy. It helps to reduce unemployment and increase the government’s overall income.

Therefore, when you start a business, you have helped your country ease the unemployment burden. You have also given other citizens you will be employing a means of taking care of their families and help improve your nation’s economy.

10. To Have Job Security

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your family when you lose your job? Have you ever considered how to take care of the financial responsibilities when your employer woke up one morning and felt that you are no longer needed?

If these thoughts are not running in your head yet, they should now. Job security is something everyone wants; nobody wants to lose their job or their source of income, so they try to make everything or anything possible to keep their job.

So, what could be an alternative to job security?

Business! In business, you are your boss; nobody needs to suspend or sack you, you run at your pace and time, and you have the freedom and liberty to do as you wish, so long as it gets the business growing.

Therefore starting a business is highly encouraged, especially if you want job security.


We have been able to highlight the top 10 reasons why starting a business is something you should venture into. The advantages are endless, with just very few or no disadvantages.

While you may have read many advantages of starting a business, it is also important to note that it will not be all rosy, especially as a beginner. You will struggle at some point, but like we have explained, you will get to know your strength and weakness, become better as you grow in the business, and in no time, you will be doing great.

The right time to start is now! Do not procrastinate; work on what type of business suits you, your personality, goals, vision, and passion. Get that business started now!

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