Constance Nunes Net Worth & Achievements

What is Constance Nunes Net Worth?

Net Worth: $2 million
Source of Wealth:Model, Skilled Driver and Car Specialist
Date of Birth:November 17, 1989
Country of Origin:United State
Last Updated:2024

Constance Nunes Net Worth: Constance Nunes is a model, skilled driver, and a car specialist with an estimated net worth of $2 million. She grew up following her father’s source of living, however, she did it in a more professional way.

Constance has worked with reputable brands such as Ford, Acura, Audi, and BMW and has gained rich experiences over the years.

She has been consistent with her job and has grown to become one of the few powerful women in the line of automobiles.

Early Life

Constance Nunes, whose real name is Constance M. Nunes, and birthplace is in the city of Los Angeles, located in California, America, on November 17, 1989. She is currently 33 years of age.

She has Portugal ancestry and American citizenship. Constance Nunes’s mother, Mrs. Nunes, worked as a homemaker, while Ernie Nunes, her father, was a skilled amateur mechanic.

Constance Nunes enrolled at a private secondary school in California to pursue her studies. She graduated there and received her degree.

Constance has held a position with Audi, the product specialist position. She has currently collaborated with a number of companies, including four-wheel parts and VP Racing Fuels.

She has also worked for well-known companies including Ford, BMW, Acura, and Audi.


Constance Nunes started to gain jobs and participate in trade fairs for cars thanks to her love for the mechanic industry. Additionally, she has performed stunts in Hollywood productions, including Bring It On and Dodgeball.

She has as well held the positions of assistant director and service specialist when it relates to businesses that represent well-known brands, including Ford, Acura, Audi, and BMW.

She first worked as a model in the industry for companies like JLUX LABEL, Wrangler, Jockey, and Feral Cosmetics.

She additionally participated in a number of advertisements and other promotional campaigns for companies like Kim Kadarshian Hollywood game Motorola and Reebok.

She has more than Twelve years of expertise in the mechanic industry and has even produced automobiles for local businessmen, such as Charlie’s cars and Corvettes. She assists in restoring and selling vintage cars at her job at the Gotham Garage.

Following her appearance in the 2020 season of the “Car Masters: Rust to Riches” Netflix series, she gained great notoriety.

Constance Nunes net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2024.

Career Highights

  • Model
  • Reality celebrity
  • Automotive technician
  • Social influencer

Personal Life

Jared Toller and Constance Nunes, after being longtime loves, were married. They cherished one another.

The couple got engaged and were wed on February 9, 2019, a few months later. The wedding was celebrated in Piru, California’s Newhall Mansion.

Throughout the pandemic, they enjoyed some time together as they posted some images for her followers on social media.

Awards & Achievements

She has served as a model for various prestigious companies. She is well-liked since she works in the car industry, which is dominated by men.

Constance is a skilled driver in addition to being a skilled mechanic. In films like Bring It On three and five & Dodgeball, she is shown to be an expert driver.

Constance Nunes Net Worth

Constance Nunes net worth is estimated to be $2million. She is a well-known mechanic, American model, and TV host Constance Nunes. Though through her various social media accounts, we calculated that she earns $1300 on average for each Instagram post.

She has worked on a variety of projects and businesses. Her modeling work provides the majority of her money. She makes a respectable living from her work as a qualified technician and through social media.

Her Net worth is anticipated to grow over time.

Notable Constance Nunes Quotes

Well…you guys have been asking and asking and asking why I haven’t posted any of my builds in a while, and it’s because I’ve been working on this big secret! – Constance Nunes

Doesn’t mean that much to me to mean that much to you….. – Constance Nunes

How have you guys been taking advantage of this warm weather during social distancing? – Constance Nunes

Just a glam girl wrenching in a “boys” world- Constance Nunes

Life Lessons to Learn From Constance Nunes Success

1. Parents are our first influence

Constance father played a huge rule in her life, she grew up watching her father and emulating his footsteps. Today she is celebrated but most people do not know that the influence came from her parents.

2. Hard work makes you stand out

In the world of automobile, men are very dominating so it will take an extra hard work to stand out as a woman. Constance has demonstrated hard work, determination and resilience. Today she is reaping the fruit of her labor.

Frequently Asked Questions – Constance Nunes Net worth

What is the amount Constance Nunes earns?

The average episode of Constance’s Netflix series, Gotham Garage, brings in about $20,000. In addition, she earns additional income through social media advertisements, brand endorsements, and her modeling agreement with NTA Talent Agency. For one Instagram post, Nunes reportedly costs $1300.

How much are Car Masters paid?

Auto Masters earn an average hourly wage of about $15.00 for Automotive Technicians and $32.03 for Automotive Mechanics.

Is Constance still working at the Gotham Garage?

Nunes Constance, who is still employed by Car Masters and Gotham Garage, has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. As a result, she has established her own company as well, Cars by Constance. Constance writes in her blog about the custom-built cars she produces and the restoration process.

Does Gotham Garage exist?

Due to several procedures involved in redesigning such restoration efforts, it has been suggested that the program might be false a little, although these fears are now unfounded.

Final Thoughts

Nunes Constance is one of the few women employed in something that has long been thought of as a male-dominated field. She has made a sizable fortune refurbishing cars thanks to her love of cars, and while doing so, she also stars on a reality television show.

One of the most costly items Constance Nunes possesses is a Mustang. At the age of 16, she purchased the Ford Mustang of 1964, which she has spent a long time restoring to its pre-purchase performance.

Even though the machine is in excellent condition right now, Constance maintains making improvements.

As of 2024, Constance Nunes net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

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