Darryl Strawberry Net Worth & Achievements

What is Darryl Strawberry Net Worth?

Net Worth:$1.5 million
Source of Wealth:Baseball Player
Date of Birth:March 12th,1962
Country of Origin:United State
Last Updated:2024

Darryl Strawberry Net Worth: Darryl Strawberry is a professional baseball player with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. He was born on 12th March 1962 in California.

He began his career in the 80s when the Mets of New York drafted him. Darryl has a foundation through which he has helped millions of lives affected by autism.

Early Life

Born in Los Angeles, California, on 12th March 1962, Darryl Strawberry was chosen by the Mets from New York as the top selection in the 1980 MLB Draft after completing his education at Crenshaw High School.

During his inaugural year in the MLB, Darryl earned the title Rookie of the Year in the National League.


Darryl’s baseball journey commenced during the 1980s, as the Mets from New York selected him as the top draft. His rapid rise included an impressive start in the minor leagues, which earned him the International Rookie of the Year title in 1982.

In 1983, Darryl debuted with the Mets, where he displayed his exceptional talent and secured the Rookie of the Year honors in the National League. Becoming a beloved figure among fans, he closed the season, featuring 74 RBIs and 26 home runs.

Strawberry’s role in the 1986 Mets’ World Championship Series victory was pivotal, as he contributed 93 RBIs and 27 home runs in the normal season. His brilliance continued into the postseason, marked by an essential home run during Game 7 of the World Series versus the Boston Red Sox.

Following a triumphant tenure with the Mets, Darryl joined the Dodgers of Los Angeles in 1991, leaving an instant impact with 99 RBIs and 28 home runs in his debut season.

Darryl Strawberry net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 1980s – Darryl Strawberry embarked on his baseball journey, becoming the Mets of New York’s top pick in the draft.
  • 1982 – He gained recognition as the Rookie of the Year in the International League.
  • 1983 – He debuted with the Mets while displaying his exceptional skill, which led him to winning the year’s Rookie Award in the National League.
  • 1986 – He played an essential role in the New York Mets’ triumph in the World Series, adding 93 RBIs and 27 home runs during the normal season.
  • 1991 – In his inaugural team season, he joined the Dodgers of Los Angeles, making an instant impact with 99 RBIs and a home run of 28.
  • 1999 – Darryl’s illustrious career ended following stints with the Yankees of New York and the Giants of San Francisco. His professional career ended with an impressive record of 1,000 RBIs and 335 home runs across his 16-year career, and he was selected to the All-Star Games eight times.

Personal Life

Darryl, a devout born-again Christian, graced The Trinity Broadcasting Network’s stage, sharing his faith. Together with Tiny Lister, he featured on evangelist Benny Hinn’s show in 1999, sharing their transformative stories.

Strawberry’s journey and newfound devotion to Jesus were discussed in The 700 Club. Apart from his spiritual endeavors, Strawberry actively contributes to charitable causes. Notably, he headlined the BGC Charity Day event at BGC Partners 2010. Tragically, Charisse, his wife, initiated divorce proceedings in October 2005.

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Achievements and Awards

This accolade acknowledges the most promising first-year player of the season, showcasing tremendous talent and potential within the league:

  • The Darryl Strawberry Award for Rookie of the Year
  • The Darryl Strawberry Award for Excellence in Pitching
  • The Darryl Strawberry Award for Lifetime Contributions

Darryl Strawberry Net Worth

Darryl Strawberry net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. Despite earning 30 million dollars throughout his career. He played baseball for teams like the Mets of New York, the Dodgers of Los Angeles, the Giants of San Francisco, and the Yankees of New York.


Founded in 2006, the Darryl Strawberry Foundation aims to create awareness for families and motivate individuals impacted by autism. Their efforts encompass various initiatives focused on medical research, education, and support services.

The Foundation orchestrates various community outreach endeavors, notably the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center, providing essential treatment and aid to those grappling with addiction. Additionally, scholarships are extended to those pursuing vocational training and higher education.

The Foundation has left a profound mark on autism-affected individuals through its steadfast support. Their contributions have fueled education initiatives and research, cementing their prominent role within the community of people living with autism.

Real Estate

His career has seen numerous triumphant forays into real estate. Among these, his standout achievement involves a highly profitable multi-unit residential complex located in St. Louis. His savvy investments extend to commercial properties, encompassing thriving bars and restaurants. At one juncture, he managed three restaurants, which were sports-themed, and all met with resounding success.

Beyond his business ventures, Strawberry possesses a collection of personal residences, notably a Missouri grand estate he acquired in 2007 for 3.5 million dollars. His real estate portfolio further spans properties in California and Florida.

Darryl Strawberry net worth is estimated to be about $1.5 million. this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate

Car Collection

Initially driving a simple car for local commutes, his growing success and wealth ignited a passion for automobiles. Starting with iconic models like a ’73 Dodge Charger and a ’69 Chevy Camaro, these classics formed the core of his car collection, which has expanded continuously.

Over time, Strawberry’s car ownership has encompassed various brands. Noteworthy among his preferences are timeless American muscle cars like the Charger and Camaro, alongside modern sports vehicles like the Bentley Continental GT and Aston Martin DB9.

Additionally, he indulges in upscale Cadillac and Range Rover SUVs—his affection for cars springs from the elegance, potency, and distinction of owning such vehicles.

Notable Darryl Strawberry’s Quotes

I just want to be remembered as a ballplayer who gave his all.- Darryl Strawberry.

I’ve made some mistakes, but I’m a better person because of them.-Darryl Strawberry.

I’ve always believed there are moments in our lives which can be defined as a transition between the before and the after.-Darryl Strawberry.

Life Lessons to Learn From Darryl Strawberry’s Success

1. Maintaining a Large Heart

Despite his fame, Darryl maintained a heart of generosity, as seen in his charity foundations aimed at helping individuals with autism. He gave back to the society relentlessly.

2. Hard work and Dedication

Darryl Strawberry’s dedication and hard work paid off, eventually earning him a name in the baseball game.

3. Resilience

Despite setbacks, Strawberry managed to rebuild his life. His ability to bounce back teaches us the value of resilience and the potential for personal growth after facing adversity.

Frequently Asked Questions – Darryl Strawberry Net Worth

What do the Darryl Strawberry Awards stand for?

The Darryl Strawberry Awards was named after him and honors exceptional baseball accomplishments yearly, spanning categories like Lifetime and Rookie of the Year Awards.

What areas does Darryl’s philanthropy efforts focus on?

His charitable efforts revolve around educational initiatives and community outreach. He strives to create a positive influence in the lives of children and young adults through his Foundation.

What’s the estimated count of cars in Darryl’s collection?

Though the precise number is uncertain, it’s believed that his assortment comprises more than 20 high-end vehicles. His affinity for collector and classic cars is well-known.

What does the future hold for Darryl’s car collection?

Darryl Strawberry is considering a museum showcase for his car collection for public enjoyment, and he’s also contemplating selling certain vehicles to fund new businesses.

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Final Thoughts

Darryl Strawberry’s name rings a bell in Major League Baseball, where he made his mark over 17 years, contributing to a few of the sport’s most unforgettable moments. Beginning with the Mets of New York and later with the Dodgers of Los Angeles, his remarkable field skills were widely recognized.

Beyond his baseball achievements, Darryl Strawberry’s impact extends to philanthropy, real estate success, and a remarkable car collection. This article delves into the highlights of Strawberry’s career, the accolades bearing his name, his philanthropic endeavors, his real estate ventures, and his passion for luxury automobiles.

As of 2024, Darryl Strawberry net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

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