Elin Nordegren Net Worth & Achievements

What is Elin Nordegren Net Worth?

Net Worth:$200 million
Source of Wealth:Journalist and Author
Date of Birth:January 1st, 1980
Country of Origin:Sweden
Last Updated:2024

Elin Nordegren Net Worth: Maria Shriver is a journalist and author, with an estimated net worth of $200 million. This net worth reflects a multifaceted and successful career spanning journalism, authorship, and significant public service.

However, her financial accomplishments are not solely the result of her prominent family background or her marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Instead, they are a testament to her professional endeavors and achievements.

Early Life

Elin Nordegren was born on January 1, 1980, in Stockholm, Sweden, to a well-accomplished family. Her father, Thomas Nordegren, is a prominent radio journalist, and her mother, Barbro Holmberg, served as a migration and asylum policy minister in Sweden.

Growing up in a family with a strong emphasis on professional success, Elin had an older brother, Axel, and a twin sister, Josefin. Her academic pursuits led her to Rollins College, where she graduated in 2014 with a degree in psychology, further demonstrating her dedication to her personal and intellectual growth.


Elin Nordegren’s career trajectory includes a variety of roles that showcase her versatility. Before gaining widespread recognition, she took on various summer jobs, including working as a cashier to finance her education.

Her foray into the public eye began when she started modeling in 2000, gracing the cover of ‘Cafe Sport’ magazine. Her career path took a significant turn when she met the wife of golfer Jesper Parnevik and was subsequently hired as a nanny for their children.

This role would eventually lead her to a fateful meeting with Tiger Woods, marking the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

Elin Nordegren net worth is estimated to be $200 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2000: Began her modeling career and appeared on the cover of ‘Cafe Sport’ magazine.
  • Early 2000s: Worked as a nanny for the children of golfer Jesper Parnevik.
  • 2014: Graduated from Rollins College with a degree in psychology.

Personal Life

Elin Nordegren’s personal life has been marked by both highs and lows. She met Tiger Woods through Jesper Parnevik and, after a series of events, married Woods in 2004.

The couple welcomed two children, Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel. However, the marriage was tumultuous, leading to a highly publicized divorce in 2010, following Woods’ admission of infidelity. Nordegren received a significant divorce settlement, which she invested wisely, notably in real estate.

Post-divorce, she focused on her education and career, graduating with a degree in psychology. She also had a relationship with coal magnate Chris Cline and later, with former NFL player Jordan Cameron, with whom she had a child. Nordegren’s story is one of resilience and an ability to rebuild and thrive in the face of personal challenges​​

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Awards and Achievements

Elin Nordegren, while not renowned for awards and achievements in a traditional sense, has made a significant impact through her philanthropic work.

Her dedication to children’s health and education initiatives, primarily through the Elin Nordegren Foundation, stands out as her most noteworthy accomplishment.

The foundation supports various charitable causes, emphasizing improving the lives of young people. This commitment to philanthropy showcases her desire to contribute positively to society, beyond her personal and professional experiences.

Elin Nordegren Net Worth

Elin Nordegren net worth is estimated to be $200 million. Her wealth primarily stems from the $100 million divorce settlement she received from her ex-husband, Tiger Woods.

Additionally, she has made smart investments in real estate and other business ventures. For instance, after her divorce, she purchased a property in North Palm Beach for $12 million, which she later sold for a substantial profit.

Nordegren also owned a condo in Juno Beach, Florida, which she sold for a profit. Besides these investments, she has a career in modeling and has engaged in philanthropy and mental health counseling.

Real Estate

Elin Nordegren has actively invested in real estate, a venture that has played a substantial role in her financial portfolio. After her divorce from Tiger Woods, she used part of her settlement to purchase a $12 million mansion in Florida.

Demonstrating her savvy in real estate, she had the 1920s mansion demolished and rebuilt a new one, adhering to modern safety codes. This property was later sold for a significant profit, illustrating her strategic approach to real estate investment and development.

Elin Nordegren net worth is estimated to be about $200 million, this is inclusive of her wealth in real estate.


Elin Nordegren’s philanthropic activities are a testament to her commitment to social causes. Through the Elin Nordegren Foundation, she has focused on supporting initiatives related to children’s health and education.

This dedication to charitable work reflects her desire to use her resources for the betterment of society, particularly in areas that benefit children and young people.

Her philanthropic efforts highlight a deep sense of social responsibility and a commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others

Notable Elin Nordegren’s Quotes

I have moved on and I am in a good place. My relationship with Tiger is centered around our children and we are doing really good – we really are – and I am so happy that is the case. He is a great father.- Elin Nordegren

I know I will have to come to forgiveness and acceptance of what has happened for me to go on and be happy in the future. And I know I will get there eventually. I wish him all the best in the future, as a person and as an athlete… I feel privileged to have witnessed a part of his golfing career.- Elin Nordegren

I’ve been through hell. It’s hard to think you have this life, and then all of a sudden – was it a lie? You’re struggling because it wasn’t real. But I survived. It was hard, but it didn’t kill me.- Elin Nordegren

Life Lessons to Learn From Elin Nordegren’s Success

1. Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Elin Nordegren’s experience teaches us the power of resilience. Despite facing immense personal challenges and public scrutiny, she showed remarkable strength in navigating through these difficult times. Her ability to recover from setbacks and maintain a focus on what truly matters, like her children and her personal well-being, serves as a powerful lesson in overcoming life’s hurdles.

2. The Importance of Forgiveness and Moving On

Forgiveness is a central theme in Nordegren’s life, particularly following her high-profile divorce. She emphasizes the need for forgiveness and acceptance as crucial steps in moving forward and finding happiness again. This lesson teaches us that holding onto anger and resentment can hinder personal growth and that forgiveness, though challenging, is a vital step toward healing.

3. Prioritizing Personal Growth and Self-Belief

Through her journey, Nordegren highlights the importance of personal growth and self-belief. Her pursuit of higher education in psychology and her commitment to her children’s well-being exemplify her dedication to self-improvement and her confidence in her decisions and beliefs. This lesson underlines the importance of continually striving for personal development and trusting in one’s own abilities and judgments.

Frequently Asked Questions – Elin Nordegren Net Worth

Who is Elin Nordegren’s New Husband?

Elin Nordegren is not currently married. After her divorce from Tiger Woods, she has been in a relationship but has not remarried.

Did Elin Nordegren Have a 4th Baby?

Yes, Elin Nordegren had a fourth child with former NFL player Jordan Cameron.

Does Tiger Woods Want to Remarry Elin Nordegren?

No public statements or reliable sources are indicating that Tiger Woods wishes to remarry Elin Nordegren.

Are Jordan Cameron and Elin Nordegren Still Together?

As of the last available information, Elin Nordegren and Jordan Cameron are in a relationship​.

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Final Thoughts

Elin Nordegren’s net worth of $200 million is a testament to her financial acumen and resilience. Her wealth, primarily stemming from her divorce settlement with Tiger Woods, was astutely managed through savvy real estate investments and business ventures.

Beyond her financial success, Nordegren has demonstrated a commitment to philanthropy and personal development, pursuing a career in mental health counseling and contributing to charitable causes.

Her journey reflects not only financial success but also personal growth and a dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others​.

As of 2024, Elin Nordegren net worth is estimated to be $200 million.

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