George Farmer Net Worth & Achievements

What is George Farmer Net Worth?

Net Worth:$180 million
Source of Wealth:Businessman, Politics, and Philanthropy
Date of Birth:December 15th, 1989
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
Last Updated:2024

George Farmer Net Worth: George Farmer is a businessman, politician, and philanthropyist, with an estimated net worth estimated at $180 million.

His financial success is attributed to his role as CEO of Parler, strategic investments in various sectors, and his active involvement in political and philanthropic endeavors.

With a diversified portfolio and continuous growth in his ventures, Farmer’s financial status stands as a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and strategic acumen​

Early Life

George Farmer was born into a notable family on December 15, 1989, in London, UK. His father, Lord Michael Farmer, is a prominent figure, formerly serving as the Conservative Party treasurer, and his mother is Jennifer Potts.

Growing up in a family with deep entrepreneurial and political roots, George was exposed to significant influences from a young age. His father, also known as Mister Copper for his investments in the metals industry, rose from humble beginnings to become one of the UK’s most successful businessmen.

This backdrop of success and struggle provided George with a unique perspective on life and business. George’s education was a testament to his family’s value on quality learning; he attended St. Paul’s School, one of the most prestigious schools founded in 1503, and later earned a first-class Theology degree from St. Peter’s College, Oxford University.

His time at Oxford was further enriched by his membership in the Bullingdon Boys, an exclusive all-male club, a testament to his family’s influence and his own social standing​​.


George Farmer’s career trajectory reflects a blend of inherited opportunity and personal ambition. After completing his education, George embarked on a career in banking before joining the family business, Red Kite, a metals trading and investment firm.

His involvement in business quickly expanded into politics, where he made significant strides as the former chairman of Turning Point UK, a right-wing student organization, and as a vocal supporter of the Brexit movement.

Despite his early success in the business world, George’s career took a notable turn in 2018 when he assumed the role of CEO of Parler, a social media platform that has been associated with right-wing users seeking alternatives to mainstream platforms like Twitter.

George’s leadership at Parler aimed at providing a voice for the disenfranchised and ensuring the platform’s growth despite controversies​​​​.

George Farmer net worth is estimated to be $180 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

  • 2018: Became CEO of Parler, focusing on growing the platform as a space for free speech and alternative to mainstream social media.
  • 2016: Joined the Brexit political movement, demonstrating his commitment to conservative politics in the UK.
  • Early Career: Worked in banking and then joined the family business, Red Kite, contributing to its growth and success in the metals trading sector.

Personal Life

George Farmer’s personal life garnered public attention primarily through his marriage to Candace Owens, a prominent conservative commentator. The couple met in December 2018 at the soft launch of Turning Point UK and quickly became engaged within three weeks of their meeting.

Their relationship moved rapidly, culminating in a wedding in 2019 at the Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia. George and Candace have since welcomed two children into their family, living a life that merges political activism with personal commitment.

Beyond his family life, George is known for his deep-seated political beliefs, including his support for Brexit and conservative causes, reflecting his active participation in shaping political discourse both in the UK and the US​​​​.

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Awards and Achievements

George Farmer’s significant achievements are rooted in his diverse career, spanning finance, politics, and social media. Graduating from Oxford University with a degree in Theology, Farmer embarked on a career in banking before joining his father’s hedge fund, Red Kite, a $2 billion metals trading and investment firm.

His venture into politics saw him become the former chairman of Turning Point UK, a right-wing student organization, showing his influence in both the business and political arenas.

Farmer’s involvement in the Brexit movement and his candidature for the party highlight his political activism. Despite stepping away from political candidacy, he has expressed support for his wife, Candace Owens, if she ever decides to run for president, showing his blend of personal and professional commitment to political causes.

In 2021, Farmer took on the role of CEO at Parler, a social media app known for its conservative user base, aiming to rebrand the platform and return it to the app store after controversies. His leadership in navigating the app through challenges showcases his adaptability and vision in the tech and social media landscape​​.

George Farmer Net Worth

George Farmer net worth is estimated to be $180 million. His wealth stems from various sources, including his leadership role at the social media platform Parler, involvement in the hedge fund business through Red Kite, and strategic investments in sectors like technology and real estate.

His financial growth is further fueled by his active participation in political circles and his marriage to conservative commentator Candace Owens, which has bolstered his profile and influence across business and political spheres​​​​.

Farmer’s wealth accumulation reflects his successful navigation of the business world, leveraging his background and connections to expand his ventures and investments.

Real Estate

George Farmer has demonstrated substantial success and strategic investment. He owns several high-value properties in the UK, including a mansion in London’s Mayfair neighborhood and homes in Spa and Dorset, England. These acquisitions, made between 2006 and 2016, total an impressive $5.27 billion.
His investments extend beyond residential properties, including the development of a golf course and various office buildings across the UK. Farmer’s real estate portfolio is a testament to his business acumen, with properties significantly increasing in value over time​,
George Farmer net worth is estimated to be about $180 million, this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate.


While specific information on George Farmer’s charity and philanthropic activities isn’t detailed in the available sources, individuals in his position often engage in various forms of charity work and philanthropy, either through direct donations, fundraising, or by leveraging their platform to support causes they believe in.

Given Farmer’s political and business background, his charitable efforts might focus on areas related to education, free speech, political advocacy, or entrepreneurship.

Philanthropy in such contexts often aims to foster opportunities for others, support community initiatives, or contribute to policy changes that align with their ideological beliefs. In the case of Farmer and Owens, any philanthropic activity would likely reflect their shared values and commitment to their cause.

Notable George Farmer’s Quotes

The whole technological infrastructure is based in woke corporate America, and that makes it very difficult if you’re a free-speech-oriented platform.” – George Farmer

The alarming partnership between Big Government and Big Tech should serve as a wake-up call to all Americans about the growing threat to free speech.- George Farmer

Free speech is something that we all must strive towards. He’s very excited about this,” referring to Kanye West’s acquisition of Parler and its impact on free speech. – George Farmer

Life Lessons to Learn From George Farmer’s Success

1. The Power of Resilience in Adversity

The journey of Parler, under George Farmer’s leadership, through de-platforming by major tech services to its revival, demonstrates the power of resilience. Farmer’s ability to navigate Parler through significant challenges, rebuilding its technological infrastructure from scratch and ensuring its return to major app stores, highlights the importance of perseverance and adaptability in the face of adversity.

2. The Importance of Upholding Free Speech

George Farmer’s staunch defense of free speech, in an era where digital platforms increasingly moderate content, underscores the vital role of open dialogue in a democratic society. His leadership at Parler showcases the importance of creating spaces where diverse viewpoints can be expressed without fear of censorship.

3. Innovating Beyond Conventional Boundaries

Farmer’s strategic partnership with Kanye West for Parler’s acquisition reflects an innovative approach to business and platform growth. This move not only expanded Parler’s brand visibility but also underscored the importance of thinking outside conventional tech and media narratives to foster growth and reach new audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions – George Farmer Net Worth

What nationality is George farmer?

George Farmer is British, born in London, England.

How many children did George Farmer have?

George Farmer and Candace Owens have two children, a son and a daughter.

Who is George Farmer’s dad?

George Farmer’s father is Lord Michael Farmer, a former treasurer of the British Conservative Party and a successful businessman in the metal trading industry.

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Final Thoughts

George Farmer’s estimated net worth is a testament to his success across various domains, including business, politics, and philanthropy.

His strategic investments, leadership roles, and active political participation have significantly contributed to his financial growth, positioning him as a notable figure in both the business and political arenas.

With a solid foundation and ongoing endeavors, Farmer’s wealth is poised for continued growth, underlining his status as a successful entrepreneur and investor​.

As of 2024, George Farmer net worth is estimated to be $180 million

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