Greg Locke Net Worth & Achievements

What is Greg Locke Net Worth?

Net Worth:$150,000
Source of Wealth:Pastor and Author
Date of Birth:May 18th,1976
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Greg Locke Net Worth: Greg Locke is an American pastor and author with an estimated net worth of $150,000. He has shown great commitment and devotion in preaching the message of Christ.

He gained attention because of his fearless preaching and teaching style. Greg uses an approach that is easily relatable, plus his charismatic character while preaching which is accepted by millions of people globally. Slowly and steadily,  he grew to become a highly celebrated Christian figure.

Early Life

Greg Locke was born in 1967 in Nashville,  Tennessee to a devoted Christian Family. His father was able to provide a robust Christian foundation as a Baptist pastor for him.

His decision to chase a career in ministration began when he was still a teenager after experiencing a spiritual awakening.

By the time Greg was done with his High School education he enrolled in Rhema Bible Training Center, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He went on to Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia where he gained a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies

Greg Locke was ordained as a Baptist minister in 1996 at a small church where he started his ministerial career.


Greg Locke is a cofounder of Grace Fellowship Church in 2002, in Brentwood, Tennessee. Under his administration,  the church strived and attracted millions of audiences because of his intriguing sermons and teaching on the importance of a practical Christian lifestyle.

His preaching style is said to be distinct, honest, bold, comic, and relatable making him leading to the fame he gained on social media platforms.

Greg’s confidence and passionate preaching style led to the growth of the church and increased its impact on Christian societies.

Greg Locke net worth is estimated to be $150,000 as of 2024.

Career Highlight

  • 2002 – Greg Locke co-founded Grace Fellowship Church, Brentwood, Tennessee.
  • 2015 –  He was listed by Time Magazine as one of the Top 100 most influential People in the World.
  • 2017 – He earned the National Religious Broadcasters Association’s “Christian Leadership Award”.
  • 2019 – He received the Tennessee Baptist Convention’s “Pastor of the Year”.

Personal Life

Known as the bold and fearless Global Vision Bible Church’s pastor in Mt. Juliet, Greg Locke gained large attraction because of the fierceness of his sermons, conventional beliefs, and different controversial issues.

It is no longer a secret the story of his addiction challenges and how he found faith when he was still a teenager.

Greg Locke got married in 1996 to Melissa Biggers whom he had four children with, though two were adopted. He met her at Good Shepherd Children’s Home when he was still a state’s ward and Melissa was staff in the facility. The marriage passed through some challenges despite nurturing a Christian family which led to a divorce in 2018.

It wasn’t long before he got married to Tai Cowan McGee, his church assistant In a wedding led by his son sparking lots of indictments and criticisms of inappropriateness.

His personal life has revolved around lots of controversies including being accused of verbally and physically abusing his ex-wife, who had a mental illness.

These controversies raised eyebrows and criticism questioning his leadership qualities and good conduct. He had gained national media attention on different occasions due to his powerful political opinions and bold personality attracting both accolades and criticism.

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Awards and Achievements

In 2002, Greg Locke co-founded Grace Fellowship Church in Brentwood, Tennessee. He was named by Time Magazine as one of the Top 100 most influential people in the World in 2015.

Greg Locke was recognized by the National Religious Broadcasters Association through the “Christian Leadership Award” in 2017.

In 2019, the Tennessee Baptist Convention glorified him with the “Pastor of the Year” award. Greg Locke has written numerous books such as Christianity for the Cynical” and “Come On, Let’s Talk About It”.

He was a famous speaker at several United States’ events and conferences and a radio program host of  “Grace Fellowship Radio”. Greg Locke is one of the most influential ministers of his time.

Greg Locke Net Worth

Greg Locke net worth is estimated to be $150,000. He is an American pastor and author, known for founding the Global Vision Bible Church located in Tennessee. His income is primarily derived from his role as a pastor, along with earnings from book sales, speaking engagements, and his significant online presence.

Locke also makes money from his line of women’s and men’s apparel and has authored several books, which contribute to his net worth. Additionally, he has a substantial following on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which likely generate ad revenue and sponsorship deals.


Greg Locke with the support of his wife is dedicated to assisting different charitable organizations based on wealth, education, and humanitarian actions.

Global Bible Church, his church also carries out community outreach programs and supports charitable organizations.

Real Estate

According to history, Greg Locke is said to own numerous properties across Tennessee which includes an enormous estate in MT. Juliet and a vacation residence in Gatlinburg. The total worth of Greg’s real estate properties is evaluated to be running into millions of dollars.

Greg Locke net worth is estimated to be about $150,000, this is inclusive of his wealth in real estate.

Notable Greg Locke’s Quotes

The greatest weapon against the enemy is your story. When you share your story, you give hope to others who are going through the same thing.- Greg Locke 

God is not looking for perfect people; He is looking for people who are willing to be used by Him.- Greg Locke 

Faith is not the absence of doubt, but the belief in something greater than yourself.- Greg Locke 

Life Lesson To Learn From Greg Locke’s Success

1. Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Greg Locke’s early life was marked by challenges, including legal issues and a complex family dynamic. His ability to overcome these difficulties and find solace in spirituality is a testament to the power of resilience. This teaches us that no matter how difficult our beginnings may be, there is always a path to recovery and success through perseverance and faith in oneself.

2. The Power of Communication

Locke’s significant impact as a pastor and author demonstrates the power of effective communication. He has used his platform to express his views and engage with a wide audience. This highlights the importance of honing communication skills, whether it’s through public speaking, writing, or social media, to effectively convey ideas and influence others.

3. Controversy as a Double-Edged Sword

Locke’s career has been marked by controversy, bringing both attention and criticism. This serves as a reminder that while taking bold stances can raise one’s profile, it can also lead to scrutiny and backlash. It’s crucial to be mindful of the impact of our words and actions, especially when in a position of influence.

Frequently Asked Questions – Greg Locke Net Worth

How many kids does Greg Locke have?

Greg Locke got married in 1996 to Melissa Biggers whom he met at Good Shepherd Children’s Home when he was still the state’s ward and she was a staff in the facility. They had four children together, two of which were adopted.

Who is the pastor of Global Vision Bible Church?

Greg Locke is the head pastor of Global Vision Bible Church, who had gained national attention for controversial remarks regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, hosting the ReAwaken America Tour, and Book Burnings. In the past, he was banned from Twitter.

What does global vision do?

Founded by Terry Clifford in 1991, Global Vision is a nationally recognized non-profit charitable organization. Global Vision engages in raising young citizens of Canada through education and other schemes in a bid to nurture leaders who can make an impact in their communities, country, and the world, at large.

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Final Thoughts

Greg Locke has created an unforgettable footprint in Modern Christianity, attracting followers through his bold views, relatable preaching, and faithfulness to spreading the message of Christ.

Aside from preaching to audiences from his pulpit, he has been able to reach numerous people through various social media platforms.

As of 2024, Greg Locke net worth was estimated to be $150,000.

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