Hitman Holla Net Worth & Achievements

What is Hitman Holla Net Worth?

Net Worth:$3 million
Source of Wealth:Rapper and Actor
Date of Birth:March 29th, 1988
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Hitman Holla Net Worth: Gerald Fulton Jr., popularly known as Hitman Holla, is an American battle rapper and actor with an estimated net worth of $3 million.  He was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He is popularly known as a battle rapper in the Rap Battle League in Battle America.

He reportedly makes over $30,000 per show and has emceed numerous significant battle rap events, including “URL’s Summer Madness” and “Smack/URL’s NOME.” At the moment, Hitman is valued at $3 million.

Early life

Gerald Fulton Jr., popularly known as Hitman Holla, was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Sue Fulton, both African American. He was born on March 29th, 1988.

He has a younger sibling who goes by the name Showout. His brother is also an upcoming battle rapper. Showout became famous through a rap battle video of his that became viral on a video-sharing website called WorldStarHipHop.

Hitman rode on a full scholarship to California State University, Northridge. He joined the basketball team in college but was later drawn to rapping and started his career journey in rap.


Hitman started his career back in 2008 as a battle rapper. He started singing at a young age and shared how Mookie and X-factor gave him the inspiration he needed. He became a part of the flight club league and battled with Remy D as a beginner. He defeated Bill Collector in a battle, gaining him popularity.

He went on to participate in many more rap battles, including SMACK URL and Battle America, which allowed him to develop his art while also gaining more popularity. He even became popular for the slang he used to end every battle. It was either “Yett Yett” or “Ball Game” or saying them together.

Hitman became a Battle American Fight Club member but was later fired on the grounds of posing a danger to a co-worker after he posed a threat claiming he would assault one of his co-workers called Norb. He joined the Wild N’ Outcast in their 6th season. He was the second battle rapper ever to join the show after Conceited.

Hitman branched into the music industry and released his first song, ‘ Diddly diddly,’ featuring Jeff. His latest project is a movie that he filmed with Nick Cannon as the director and co-writer. The project is an independent film titled ‘Sheball.

Hitman Holla net worth is estimated to be $3 million as of 2024.

Career Highlights

URL Battles

As a consistent competitor in URL battles, Hitman Holla has a profile that belongs among the top battle rappers in the battle rap league. Hitman has faced off against several well-known battle rappers and triumphed in numerous matches, garnering the respect of other battle rappers and followers.

“Wild ‘N Out” appearances: Hitman Holla was featured on multiple episodes of the renowned MTV program “Wild ‘N Out,” during which he displayed his sharp sense of humor and dazzled viewers with his freestyle rap skills.

Music releases

Hitman Holla has a profession in battle rap and has also put out several records and mixtapes. He gained many devoted fans interested in his music and valued his distinctive approach and narrative skills.

Social media popularity

Hitman has a sizable fan base online, especially on spaces like Twitter and Instagram, where he engages with followers and posts details about his professional life.

Personal Life

He is presently dating online sensation Cinnamon, who was named a brand ambassador for Lash U Studio, an eyelash brand. The couple frequently publicizes photos of themselves and vlogs to their shared YouTube channel and Instagram account.

Holla is a father to a boy child named Jeremiah Fulton; he has yet to reveal his baby mama’s identity.

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Awards and Achievement

Hitman Holla has received a lot of recognition and has been awarded many awards; he has also reached significant milestones as a battle rapper:

In 2013, Hitman was awarded the URLTV.tvChampionship. In 2014, he won the Total Slaughter Championship and the Grind Time Championship. By 2015, he was the King Of The Dots (KOTD) Championship winner and was also ranked the No. 1 rapper by the Rapper Ranking that same year. In 2017, he was the winner of the World Star HipHop Awards. He won the Ultimate Rap League (URL) Championship the following year. In 2019, He was nominated for the BET Hip Hop Award for Best Hip Hop Online Site/App category.

He posts his battle raps, interviews, and vlogs on his YouTube channel, which has over 500k subscribers. His YouTube account has received over 10 million views, displaying his fame among rap enthusiasts.

Hitman Holla Net worth

Hitman Holla net worth is estimated to be $3 million. Being considered among the most well-known battle rappers worldwide, Hitman Holla has been capable of charging some rather high prices for his performances.

According to reports, he earns more than $30,000 per performance and has hosted several important battle rap events, such as “URL’s Summer Madness” and “Smack/URL’s NOME.”

He makes a substantial income from acting and product sales in addition to his fees as a performing artist.

Notable Hitman Holla’s Quotes

I don’t care about what you think about me; I just care about what you think about my raps. Hitman Holla

Haters are just motivators in disguise. So I take their hate and turn it into fuel to keep me going. Hitman Holla

If you ain’t got money, you ain’t got power. If you ain’t got power, you ain’t got nothing. Hitman Holla

I’ve always been the type to believe that there’s a way to do anything. You gotta figure it out. Hitman Holla

Life Lessons to Learn From Hitman Holla’s Success

There are some key points to note from the life and career of Larry Elder, which may be beneficial when applied to our job.

1. Passion

Hitman found his passion for rap and built a career out of it at a young age. It shows that we can create something out of that passion we have on the inside. We have to go for it.

2. Determination

Hitmen’s determination was what got him far in his career. He was determined at a young age and even left basketball to pursue his rap career.

3. Diversification

As career people, we must also not limit ourselves. Hitman branched out of rap to be an actor, and He did both jobs pretty well.

Frequently Asked Questions – Hitman Holla’s Net Worth

What is Hitman Holla’s current age?

Hitman is 34 years old; he was born on 29th March 1988

How much money is Hitman worth?

Hitman offers an estimate of $30K to be paid per performance. He is estimated to be worth $3 million.

For the MTV show Wild N’ Out, Is Hitman a cast member?

In the show’s 6th season, Hitman was cast, and he was the second rapper to have ever been cast after Conceited (the first rapper to be released)

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Final Thoughts

Hitman Holla can be classified as one of the most well-known rappers who found fame and recognition quickly. Due to his distinctive and great style, people now follow and adore him. Along with being fans’ favorite, he also experienced success. His revenue and personal assets are thus rising annually.

As of 2024, Hitman Holla net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

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