J Hus Net Worth – How Rich is He?

How much is J Hus Net Worth?

Net Worth:$150 Thousand
Source of Wealth:Professional Rapper
Age:23 years old
Nationality:United Kingdom
Last Updated:2020

J Hus Net Worth: J Hus is a British rapper and singer who has a net worth estimated to be around $150 Thousand. He came into the limelight in 2015 after the release of his song titled ‘Dem Boy Paigon’. He is also popularly known for his works on the song ‘Did You See’ which was later certified platinum.

Early Life

J Hus was born on 26, May 1996 in the city of Stratford, London. After birth he was given the birth name Momodou Jallow, however, he is popularly known by his stage name J Hus.

He was born into a Muslim family and by Gambian parents. His mother had relocated to England when she was 25 years of age.

J Hus is British by nationality and of Fula and Akan heritage as he is a Muslim by religion. He was raised by his single mother in Stratford district, London where he was born.

While growing up, J Hus initially had the intention of being an actor when he grows but at the age of ten or eleven, he was willing to be anything the future holds.

At the age of 15, J Hus was expelled from school, according to him, it was because he started getting into a bit of trouble.

However, Sometime in September 2014, J Hus was advised by his childhood friend, Moe to try and music and concentrate on chasing a career as a rapper and singer.

Following the advice, J Hus childhood friend Meo decided to be his manager and Meo went ahead to establish a management company alongside his brother which they called 2K Management.

According to Momodou Jallow, the name J Hus originated from a combination of the first letter of his name ‘Jallow’ and the first three letters of the word ‘Hustler’.

He went further to explain that while he was in secondary school he does buy a pack of doughnuts and sell them one after the other to get profit, which brought about the word Hustler.

As of 2020, J Hus Net Worth is estimated to be $150 thousand.

J Hus Career


J Hus started his career in music with several freestyle recordings. He had recorded and released online, several freestyles which include GRM Daily freestyles, StreetHeat freestyles, and Bl@CKBOX freestyles.

Thereafter, with the beat of French Montana’s music “Don’t Panic” J Hus recorded a freestyle which he titled “#Rated”.

He had also remixed Kojo Funds’ song titled “Want From Me”, this got him more popularity and was viewed by many.

He went on to release the music “Dem Boy Paigon”, a music that was said to be a mixture of Afro-beat sound with lyrical rap by Ajay Rose. She also said that it was capable of turning any dance upside down. Thereafter, J Hus came through with the songs “No Lie” and a Warm-Up. Session.

In 2015, J Hus worked in collaboration with MoStack in the release if “Westwood Crib Session”, and later on, still in 2015 on the month of May J Hus released the hit single titled “Lean and Bop” which featured DoccyDocs. The song was a success and got over 10 million views.

During this period J Hus also released a single under GRM Music which he titled “Daily Duppy”. And after that, he officially released his first mixtape titled “The 15th Day”.

The following year, 2016, J Hus song was nominated for the 2016 Mobo Awards, a single which he had released earlier that year titled “Friendly”.

Also in 2016, he released “Solo One”, which appeared on the brotherhood soundtrack, “Liar Liar” remix and “Playing Sports”.

2017 was another great year for J Hus, he had featured in various renowned rappers albums including Nines album titled One Foot Out in the track “High Roller”, In Stormzy’s album Gang Signs & Prayer on the track “Bad Boys” which reached #22 on the Uk Singles Chart, and finally J Hus featured on Dave’s song “Samantha”.

Still, in 2017, J Hus released the lead single for his debut studio album Common Sense titled “Did You See” which peaked #9 on the Uk Singles Chart.

J Hus debut album “Common sense” was released on the 12th of May 2017. It featured various popular music stars in its tracks including Tiggs da Author, MIST, Burna Boy, and Mo Stack.

Thereafter, J Hus went music silent after being arrested and sentenced to eight months in prison for walking around carrying a knife.

J Hus bounced back immediately after his release by making a surprise appearance at Drake’s London concert on stage having being released a few hours earlier.

In addition, sometime in December 2019, J Hus made an announcement saying that he has no intention of going on tour for the next three to four years.

He included that he was not going to feature anyone in his upcoming album but stating his intentions of wanting to collaborate with 21 Savage and also Burna boy.

J Hus Net Worth

J Hus net worth is estimated to be roughly $150 thousand as if 2020. He was able to acquire this much through his career as a rapper and singer.

He has over been in the music industry for a few years now and has made a name for himself with his music singles as well as an album. He is an uprising superstar and at this pace, his net worth has a high tendency to increase in the years to come.

Awards and Nominations

So far in J Hus career, he has won one award and has been nominated for four awards. In 2018, J Hus album “Common Sense” won the VO5 NME Awards 2018 for the category of Best Album of the Year. The album was also nominated for Mercury Prize in 2017 for the category of the Album Award.

Still, in 2018, J Hus got three nominations at the Brit Awards. His album common sense was nominated for the category of British Album Of The Year, his single “Did You See” for the category of British single Of The Year, and himself for the category of British Breakthrough Art.

J Hus Famous Quotes


“I didn’t really have any expectations, but I had certain goals that I wanted to achieve. I wanted to show everyone that I am one of the most diverse artists in the UK; that even though I do all these crazy melodies and that, I can still rap… I wanted to make good music, and have certain songs with good messages in there, like “Spirit.” – J Hus


“They only respect violence Badman move in silence The fakers form an alliance But the real will always triumph They only respect violence”- J Hus


“We really put work, he’s a storyteller How many times we went war together? The way I back it out, wash a nigga Come like Arnold Schwarzenegger I’m not a man, more like gorilla She like my ting can my portion bigger”- J Hus


“The way I tell you everything, I was genuine You had red-eye, that’s why you never win I won’t even say a word, I just pepper him How can a man judge me, like he never sinned?… Lookin’ for your soul it got blown in the wind. You have seen this paperwork and you rollin’ within, I wanna fix the world, don’t know where to begin They ain’t see me in so long, they like, “Where have you been?”.- J Hus


“I don’t wanna make friends, I don’t wanna break the ice…I think about my life and I analyze The gunman was aimin’ at me but he wasn’t precise. I look down the barrel of the gun and saw paradise. They don’t wanna see us win, they wanna sabotage. The next time they see me in the flesh, I be camouflage”- J Hus

3 Notable Lessons from J Hus

After a thorough review of J Hus net worth and all that is to know about his career so far, below is some notable lesson that is to be learned from him and his success story.

1. Accept Your Mistakes

Accept your mistakes and learn from them. Mistakes are most times inevitable and what you do after you make them is what matters the most.

2. Music is the Greatest Form of Art

Music is a unique gift to man, it passes varieties of messages across and good music is always appreciated by all.

3. Consistency

Consistency leads to perfection, so keep trying and keep working hard until you achieve what you desire.


J Hus is a British rapper who rose to fame despite all the tough times he had to go through. He had sold doughnuts during his childhood but today he is one of the young successful British rappers.

As of 2020, J Hus Net Worth is estimated to be about $150 thousand.

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