Jo Koy Net Worth & Achievements

What is Jo Koy’s Net Worth?

Net Worth:$5 million
Source of Wealth:Actor & Comedian
Date of Birth:2nd June 1971
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Jo Koy Net Worth: Joseph Glenn Herbert Sr. (also known as Jo Koy) is an American actor and standup comedian with an estimated net worth of $5 million.

His parents separated at a tender age, and his mum had more time to pay close attention to his needs and that of his other siblings, thus, the discovery of his talent as a performer.

Jo Koy is an exceptional standup comedian who has amassed wealth in his career and has been featured in some TV shows like BET’s ComicView.

Early Life

Joseph Glenn Herbert Sr., also called Jo Koy, was born in Tacoma, Washington, US. He was born on 2nd June 1971 to a US Air Force father and manager of the rock band Filipino while they were in Spanaway.

Due to family complications, they moved to Tacoma. He began his career in the entertainment industry as an actor and standup comedian. He completed both his elementary and high school education at Tacoma.

After his parents separated in 1984, his mother moved out with his siblings. School is not for everyone, and Joseph is one of them; he dropped out of college to pursue his dreams. Joseph’s mum was very particular about all her children, and they turned out to be successful.

His mum put in more time to pay close attention to his needs and that of his other siblings, thus, the discovery of his talent as a performer.

In most of his shows, he has mentioned some of the stories of what it was like, to have a supportive parent. Joseph loves and adores his family, both extended and nuclear.

In addition, he got the name “Jo Koy” from his relatives when he was an adult. This was made public towards the end of 2019.


The entertainment industry was at its finest in the 1950s and years after it. So many talents were born, and to make it better, it was as though the universe knew that greatness would be attained.

It was during this period that Jo began his career as a young boy, approaching the age of puberty, with the guidance of his loving mother.

There were numerous times when she took it upon herself to make sure he registered for talent shows in his school and similar activities too. Most successful performers had a point when they were nothing but eventually had a breaking point. His own was when he consistently performed in a show “Catch a Rising Star at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.” Afterward, he moved back to Las Vegas, NV.

He got a role from the Los Angeles talent coordinator, which was a boost for his career in the entertainment industry. Almost immediately after, he worked with BET ComicView for some time before featuring in other TV shows like Jamie Fox Presents, LaffaPalooza, etc.

He was very determined to put his best in any role he got. At different points, he received awards and recognitions for his outstanding performances. He had his way with words, and this led to his being called as a guest for Chelsea Handler’s Round Table.

Also, as a sign of praise, he has received resounding applause and a standing ovation as a comedian on the show “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. ” He has been recognized globally and has also gone on worldwide comedian tours; sometimes, the reason is for him to feature in a show and other times for relaxation.

During a USO tour, he exhibited his talent. Jo once hosted a weekly podcast for the Adam Carolla Show. Later on, he took part in a comedy on Netflix, “Jo Koy: Life from Seattle.” He performed successfully at the Wheeler Opera House in 2019. His career got more intriguing the next year when Netflix rolled out a comedy special, Jo Koy: In His Elements, where people of all works in life were featured.

As of 2024, Jo Koy Net Worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Career Highlights

1994 – Catch a Rising Star

2005 – The Tonight Show

2012 – The Michael Yo and Jo Koy Show

2017 – Love from Settle

2018 – Virginia (Movie)

2018 – Wake (Movie)

2019 – Anastasia: Once upon a Time (Movie)

2022 – Easter Sunday (Movie)

Personal Life

Jo had an interest in building a family; therefore, he went into a good number of relationships that did not last for a long time. He and Angie King (an actress) dated for some years, got married, and had a child in 2003.

Their son was named after Joseph. They got divorced after a while because they were better off as friends than as a couple. Divorce was a better option for them as they were still friends. In 2019, he made his relationship with Chelsea Handler (a comedian) public.

However, a lot of credible news blogs think that they have been together longer than 2019. Also, in 2021, they revealed being in a serious relationship.

Achievements & Awards

Joseph is a famous comedian and has, at some point, appeared on Apollo. In 2018, while in Montreal, he was awarded Canada’s esteemed Gemini Award in 2018 Simply For Laughs Comedy Competition “Stand-Up Comic of The Year.”

Jo Koy Net Worth

Jo Koy Net Worth is estimated to be $5 million. Joseph has acquired wealth in his career as a standup comedian and performer during tours.

Most exceptional individuals in the entertainment industry tend to obtain endorsements and recognition. It is safe to say that wealth attracts more wealth.


One needs not wonder why people love him because he loves being of assistance to people in need and participating in community services.

In 2009, he formed Hilarity For Charity from the Jo Koy Foundation, a charity event for the less privileged. This was his first one, and he even performed during the event to keep people happy. He takes it upon himself to ensure that everyone is happy.

Real Estate

Jo adores his family, and they live in Los Angeles, a downtown city. His place of abode costs over 1.2 million dollars, and he is currently building a standup outlet somewhere close to where he lives.

As of 2024, Jo Koy Net Worth is estimated to be $5 million, this includes his real estate.

Jo Koy Quotes

Comedy is just an unspoken language. Everybody understands it. Funny is funny. When it’s not funny, they’ll let you know. – Jo Koy

Whatever I talk about onstage is just my story. My fan base is broad… We all have the same mom; it’s just that ours has an accent. – Jo Koy

Whenever I talk about my culture, I want to shine a light on it. Even though I’m having fun, I want to make sure it’s uplifting. I’m proud of it, and that’s always been the foundation of my jokes. – Jo Koy

My mom raised us like we were still in the Philippines. She tried to cure everything at home like a real Filipino woman. You had to die to go to the hospital. My mom cured everything with Vicks VapoRub. I should’ve died nine times when I was a kid! – Jo Koy

Notable Lessons to Learn from Jo Koy’s Wealth

Having reviewed the success story of Jo Koy, we have been able to come up with these notable lessons from his fame.

1. Mothers Support

When it comes to support, mothers always lead. Your greatest support is more often than not your mother. Jo Koy mother was his inspiration and motivation.

2. Passion

Most people are being discouraged when they want to follow their passion, and more often than not they end up doing something they do not love. Follow your passion; it mostly leads to right destination.

3. Knowing your Audience

Understanding your audience gives clarity and helps you perform better.

Frequently Asked Questions – Jo Koy’s Net Worth

What is Jo Koy’s estimated net worth?

Jo Koy has a $5 million net worth.

What year was Jo Koy born?

Jo Koy was born on the 2nd of June, 1971, in Tacoma, Washington DC, U.S.A., and was 51yrs old as of 2022.

How tall and how much does Jo Koy weigh?

Jo Koy is approximately 95kg or five feet eleven inches tall (180.5 cm) and (209.5lbs).

Final Thoughts

In the world of comedy, you can seamlessly mention Jo Koy to be amongst the best there is and there has ever been.

Jo has thrived in the entertainment industry and has been featured in different TV shows and as well as stand-up comedies.

As of 2024, Jo Koy’s Net Worth is estimated to be $5 million.

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