Keke Wyatt Net Worth & Achievements

What is Keke Wyatt Net Worth?

Net Worth:$5 million
Source of Wealth:Singer and Songwriter
Date of Birth:March 10th, 1982
Country of Origin:United States
Last Updated:2024

Keke Wyatt Net Worth: Keke Wyatt is an American popular singer and songwriter with an estimated net worth of $5 million.

When she was ten years, she started recording a song called “What If” for an Indianapolis-based company called R.H. Duncan. The song was later featured on a gospel compilation CD.

Keke is also a TV personality who has earned many recognition and awards.

Early Life

Wyatt was raised in Indianapolis but also spent some of her time in Texas and Kentucky. She completed her high school education at Shortridge. During her time in the school, she joined the Wrestling team, and she was the only female wrestler.

Legendary R&B artists like Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, and Ella Fitzgerald are thought to have influenced her musical style. She started singing when she was two years old, and her 1st performance took place three years later when she was about five years old.

She has two brothers named Keever and Kendall. Their parents are Lorna and Keever. Lorna is a vocalist, while her father Keever was a vocalist and also an organist.

The birthplace of Wyatt is Indianapolis, Indiana. She was born in March 1982 and her full name is Ke’Tara Shavon “Keke” Wyatt.


Wyatt’s CDs have largely been promoted on billboards due to her huge fame.

Rated Love is her most recent record, which she released in 2016. In 2011 she released her 3rd album, which is titled Unbelievable. She released her 2nd album titled Who Knew.

The debut album was titled Soul Sista. This album was released in 2001 while Her first album, My First Love, was released in 2000. Wyatt has always been good at songwriting from an early age. She wrote the song “What If” at the age of 10. She had a successful singing career.

Keke Wyatt net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of 2024.

Career Highlight

  • 2017 – “Summertime.”(Album)
  • 2013 – “You & I.”
  • 2009 – Love Over Board.

Personal Life

Wyatt married multiple times. Her third and most recent husband is Zackariah Darring. They were married in October 2018. He was her childhood friend, and they had once dated in previous years. They have two children together and are currently expecting their third child.

Wyatt got married twice before Zackariah. Her 2nd husband was Michael Jamar Ford. They were married in 2010. She had four children, Kendall Miguel, Ke’Yoshi Bella, Wyatt Michael, and Ke’Mar Von, during his time with Ford. She also joined Ford to raise a child he had in his previous relationship. However, they divorced in 2018.

The first man Keke Wyatt married was her previous road manager. They were married when Wyatt was 18 years old. She had three children Ke’Tarah Victoria, Rahjah Ke’, and Keyver Wyatt, during their time together. Unfortunately, they were divorced in 2009 when they noticed things were not working out anymore.

Awards and Achievements

Keke Wyatt sang a song with Avant, “Nothing in This World,” which was nominated for Best R&B/Soul or Rap New Artist at the 2002 Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards.

Keke Wyatt Net Worth

Keke Wyatt net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Keke Wyatt is an American popular singer and songwriter who lives in Indiana. Her net worth comes as a result of her career in the music industry.

Keke Wyatt has released some notable albums which equate to the rise of her net worth.


KeKe Wyatt supports numerous charities, including the Whitney E. Houston Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, the Red Carpet Charity Event, and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Real Estates

Wyatt does not talk much about cars but she owns a good number of expensive cars. She owns different models of cars, some of which include BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, and a few more.

She is the owner of a sizable number of real estate assets. She also owns homes in New York and Los Angeles in addition to her Indiana residence.

KeKe Wyatt net worth was estimated to be about $5 million, this is inclusive of her wealth in real state

Notable KeKe Wyatt’s Quotes

Pray and seek God. He’ll be your friend. You ain’t gotta worry about all these people. The good thing about it is nowadays; it’s more people like myself are being born every day. Everybody should be accepting of each other no matter what.- Keke Wyatt

People can think whatever they want to think because I’m steadily making my checks to the bank, steadily putting food in my babies’ bellies, and raising them the best that I can. I’m really getting to the point where I honestly don’t care what people think because they probably wish they were in my shoes.- Keke Wyatt

I’m not the crazy chick that people think I am. I am truly a human being; I’m not just this suspicious character in a magazine or book; I’m a real person. Be a little more gentle, be a little more kind.- Keke Wyatt.

I think that people think I’m crazy, like really mentally crazy. People think I’m uncouth and trashy, but I’m not. I don’t think that I’m any of the stuff people say that I am, and I know that I’m not. This whole mentally crazy thing, if I was mentally crazy, I wouldn’t be allowed to have all these children and take care of all these children without it being an issue.- Keke, Wyatt.

Life Lessons To Learn From KeKe Wyatt’s Success

We were able to discuss Keke’s life, profession, and personal life in-depth, which allowed us to reach some significant conclusions that can help you and your career.

1. Focus

In as much as Keke didn’t have a stable relationship, she never allowed it to interfere with her work. She always found a way to keep her focus and remained committed to her work.

2. Talents

Keke is an extremely gifted artist. She became well-known due to her incredible stage singing and talent. She is an American actress, singer, rapper, and songwriter.

3. Have a Passion For What You Do

Keke has a strong commitment to her work and is constantly seeking opportunities to advance her career. She did more than just act. She also became passionate about singing. It’s simple to succeed at something you love to do.

Frequently Asked Questions – KeKe Wyatt Net Worth

Who is the father of the child Keke is currently carrying?

Keke Palmer, who is expecting a child, shines while on a romantic getaway with her boyfriend, Darius Jackson.

What illness is Keke’s child diagnosed with?

Wyatt has been frank about the difficulties she encountered while pregnant. When learning that baby Ke’Zyah had Trisomy 13, a rare genetic disease, the mother of eleven decided against terminating the pregnancy (also known as Patau Syndrome).

What are the ages of Keke’s children?

Keke gave birth to Kendall in 2017; she is turning 5. She also gave birth to Ke’Yoshi in 2015, Ke’Mar in 2010, Wyatt in 2012, and Ke’Tarah in 2008.

How many former spouses does Keke Wyatt have?

Keke previously wed Rahmat Morton in 2000, and they divorced in 2009. After her 2010 marriage to Michael Jamar Ford, which lasted until 2017, she wed Zackariah in 2018.

Final Thoughts

Wyatt has performed advocacy work while working for a number of charity organizations. She has excelled in both her personal and professional life. She has appeared in a number of TV shows. Her passion for theater made her achieve great success in her career. She is known worldwide for her outstanding performance. The singer, actress, songwriter, & television personality Keke Wyatt is a highly well-known and prosperous woman.

As of 2024, KeKe Wyatt net worth was estimated to be $5 million.

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