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Kristina Sunshine Jung daughter of George Jung is an American actor, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed poet. She is better known as the daughter of the famous drug-smuggler George Jung who has his name on America’s blacklist. She is also the daughter of Mirtha Jung, George Jung’s ex-wife.

She started getting some recognition after the release of the movie ‘Blow’, an ‘Oscar’-nominated 2001 movie which was based on the life of her father George Jung.

kristina sunshine jung

The movie showcased the disturbing and tumultuous relationship between Kristina and her father, George. Although the movie portrayed an unhappy ending to Kristina and George’s relationship, in real life they seem to be getting along pretty good.

She reconciled with her father George and they are now partners in a clothing business and they both own the clothing line, ‘BG Apparel’.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Wiki Facts

Full NameKristina Sunshine Jung
Net worth$150,000
Date of BirthAgust 1, 1978
ParentsGeorge Jung and Mirtha
HusbandRoman Karan
BoyfriendSidney Crosby
ParentsJohn and Judith Leutner

Kristina Jung Bio, Age, and Early Life

Kristina Sunshine Jung is 42 years old, she was born on Agust 1, 1978 to George Jung and Mirtha. She had a very difficult childhood void of parental care because both her father George Jung and heer mother Mirtha had criminal pasts. Due to this, they were mostly never around.

Her mother, Mirtha, was hard into drugs and was a drug addict until Kristina was about 4-years old. She consumed a lot of drugs even when she was pregnant with Kristina. She was jailed for possession of drugs when Kristina was still a toddler.

At that time, she was already divorced from Kristina’s father George. George Jung, at the same time, had been imprisoned for drug smuggling. Such conditions resulted in making the early childhood of Kristina Sunshine Jung  very difficult.

George Jung daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung was raised by her grandparents, Federick and Ermine Jung. Their thorough and immense effort to raise Kristina played a major role a bit of stability to her childhood. They took it upon themself to take care of Kristina Jung and would send her a big box full of clothes, accessories, and toys. They did this regularly at the beginning of every school year, on her birthday, on holidays, and on every special occasion they were celebrating.

Unfortunately, this ended after the death of Kristina’s grandfather. She was then sent to stay with her aunt Marie Jung, where she stayed until she turned 18. Kristina displays her gratitude and love for her aunt and grandparent often through her ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram’ posts

Kristina Jung mother, Mirtha Juang, while in prison, made several efforts to stop her consumption of drugs. After completing her jail sentence, she quit drugs and has been clean since then. Her father, however, continued smuggling drugs.

Kristina Sunshine Jung’s Father, George Jacob Jung.

Kristina’s father George Jacob Jung was born on August 6, 1942, with the birth sign Leo in Weymouth, Massachusetts. He didn’t quite have the perfect childhood mostly because his father despite being a hard worker, didn’t make a lot of money. This brought some friction between his parents and they would fight regularly.

Kristina Sunshine Jung and George Jacob Jung

As a result, George Jun vowed never to be poor. He shared a frank and detailed account of his life in an interview in 2016 with Unbridled Publishing. After high school, George attained admission into the University of Southern Mississippi where he studied marketing and philosophy.

He had average grades and was distracted a lot by girls. He was also good at football. After dropping out of the University of Southern Mississippi he went to the University of Tennessee. That didn’t work out either as he was a lo into drinking and partying.

In 1967 Jung crossed path with his friend from childhood, known as Tuna, who had also been kicked out of the University of Colorado. They both took off for Long Beach, California, and soon after they arrived, they took their first joint which changed their lives irreversibly.

They both decided that normal jobs were not meant for them and that they could make a lot of money selling marijuana. After a while, they decided to increase their revenue by smuggling the drugs to the east coast.

They partnered with a Californian hairstylist, Barille who was the distributor and Jungs stewardess girlfriend who transported the drugs in her suitcases. They did the smuggling through suitcases until the demand for their drugs grew and soon, they were flying cannabis from Mexico to cape cod. George Jung initially learned how to fly planes and flew the planes himself.

At the time, it was reported that Jung and his partners were making about $250,000 on a monthly bases at the peak of their drug smuggling operation. This stopped when Jung was arrested in 1974 for smuggling 660lbs of drug.

While he was in prison, he got acquainted with Carlos Lehder, Known mainly as Diego Delgado. Jung saw a lot of potential to make more money if he joined an alliance with Diego so, as soon as he was released, he began smuggling cocaine with Diego and his partner for the notorious Medellin Cartel.

Jung was known in Colombia as El Americano or Boston George and he was the main player responsible for the massive influx of cocaine into the united states. This went on to explode into a huge trend in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

During this period, Jung met with Mirtha, whom he married in 1977 when she was 24 years old. Kristina Sunshine Jung was born a year later. George Jang had a step-daughter who was born by Mirtha in her previous marriage named Clara Pearson.

Mirtha Jung
Mirtha Jung

Clara was well kept under the radar, although Jung mentions once that his relationship with Clara was better than his relationship with his daughter Kristina.

In 1980 when Kristina Sunshine Jung was 3 years old, Mirtha threw a big party for her husband at the time, Jung, to which she invited Jungs business associates, the members of the Medellin Cartel. They all, including Jung and Mirtha was arrested that day.

After Jung’s arrest, his partner Diego went behind his back and eventually cut him out of the business. Before his arrest, Jung had amassed a fortune of $100 million which he kept in the Panama Bank. This was all expropriated after his arrest, so Jung lost everything he had earned as a drug-smuggler.

George Jung and Mirtha divorced in 1984. This further estranged the relationship between Jung and Kristina. When he was released,he made some efforts to stay clean and try to fix the relationship between himself and his daughter.

The idea of staying clean and out of crime didn’t last long for Jung as he soon became desperate for money. This made him decide to go back to drug smuggling which was an unlucky move for him as he was re-arrested in 1994. He was then sentenced to 60 years in prison.

George Jung had had his sentence reduced after testifying against Diego (Carlos Lender). He served his sentence in the high-security prison, Otisville, and was set free on June 2, 2014.

His last know brush with the law was in 2016 when he was arrested for a month for violation of his parole when he gave a speech.

He appears to have recently married Ronda Clay Spinello, who played a major role in campaigning for his release in 2014.

The Movie ‘Blow’

The movie ‘Blow’ which tells the story of George Jung was produced with a budget of $53 million. It was released in 2001 and made up to $83 million at the box officer.

Georg Jung was played by Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz played the role of Mirtha, cliff Curtis played Pablo Escobar, and Fred Jung was played by Roy Liotta.

The role of George Jung daughter was played by Emma Roberts and Jaime King acted as the older Kristina. The movie basically portrayed a man who achieved way more than he dreamt of financially and then lost it all but more so, he lost the most important thing to him which was a relationship with his daughter Kristina.

Jung played an essential role in writing the script for the movie which was directed by Ted Damme. Ted Damme became a friend to Mirtha and Kristina and supported them. The family was struck with grief when Ted Damme died in 2017.

Kristina Jung initially played a little part in the movie, but her part was deleted upon request by the government. Her scenes however can still be seen in the DVD version of the film.

After the release of the movie, Barile, also known as Derek Foreal was not pleased with it. Before his death in 2011 due to liver cancer, he told his neighbor that he wasn’t happy that he was portrayed as a homosexual. He said that he did date girls and had a child.

The movie also showed that Barile cut Jung off the business behind his back, but he stated that “… everyone was just afraid to do business with him (Jung) mainly because he was an idiot and they were afraid he would take all of them down.”

George Jang and his father Fred Jang were always close despite his life of crime. Fred however disapproved of George’s drug-smuggling activities and expressed that he had lost his son when George Jung went into Cocaine trafficking.

Here is a thriller.

Some emotionally-charged moments could be seen during the movie and the most being when George writes a heartfelt letter to his father just before his death apologizing.

Also at the ending when Kristina comes to the prison to visit George and they have a conversation but it was all imaginations. Nothing has been said to verify whether Kristina visited her father in prison or not, but on all accounts, it appears that she didn’t.

According to reporters who have been in interviews with George Jung, he is charismatic and charming. He however acknowledged that some facts in the movie were exaggerated and he was also known to have overplayed several aspects of his life.

Personal Life Of Kristina Sunshine Jung

George Jung daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung is said to be married but little is known about her husband whose name is Roman Karan. Information about their marriage and its status is not known.

Kristina Jung is also believed to have children but just as it is with information about her husband, their names and number are not know except for one of her daughters whose name is believed to be Athena Romina Karen.

Kristina Jung Net worth

Kristina Sunshine Jung net worth is something people have shown some level of concern towards. It is believed that after her father was arrested and imprisoned, she has been in charge of managing all of his ill-gotten wealth and resources.

With such rumors and speculations, people assumed that she would have a high net worth. However, after an evaluation of her income and assets, she is believed to have an estimated net worth of $150,000.

Her income comes mainly from the clothing line which she runs with her father. They launched the business in 2016 after his release with the name BG (Boston George) Apparel & Merchandise Inc which has the cheesy catchphrase, “I can’t sell dope anymore so now I sell dope clothing.”

The business which is based in Santa Rosa, California also has an online shop which they use in promoting and selling books and different types of T-shirts and other types of clothing with George Jung’s image. Some slogans are also used as designs for the clothing brand such as “El Americano”, “Cocaine Express”, “The Boston George” and so many others.

Kristina Sunshine Jung

The brand has an Instagram account with the username “Smuggler’s Daughter” it has about 3,103 followers as at early 2020. Kristina also earns an extra income from her books and also from acting in movies.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Social Media

Despite the reputation of her father Kristina Jung has quite a number of following on her social accounts. She is active on both Instagram and Facebook. She has nearly 26k followers on Facebook and 36k followers on Instagram. However, her Instagram profile is set on private.

Facts About George Jung’s Daughter, Kristina Jung.

  1. Kristina Sunshine Jung is the daughter of a popular drug dealer.
  2. Her father George Jung has been incarcerated several times
  3. Kristina Sunshine Jung is a writer who also does a bit of acting.

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